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Chapter 2

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Chloe is worried about meeting Franks parents, Hollie goes on a date with Mikey, Becca comes over to Lucys house.

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Chloe's POV...
"Ray wants us to what?" I asked Hollie, not sure if I'd heard her correctly.
Hollie told me again patiently "Ray wants us to help him get a girlfriend. I don't want to help him alone though. So you have to get involved."
"Why can't we just not help him?"
"I'll feel guilty forever! Come on, what harm could it do?"
"Did he tell you who he wants to go out with?"
"No but he does have his eye on someone."
"What if that's me?"
"I think Ray's already learnt his mistake about crushing on you," Hollie told me gently "It'll be fine, trust me."
I sighed heavily "Okay fine, but you owe me."
"Owe you what?"
"A new All Time Low tee-shirt!"
"Don't you have enough of them already?"
"I've only got five!" I complained "Hey, where's Lucy?"
"The park with Bob, Becca and Gerard. Remember?"
"Why wasn't I inivited?"
"You were. You insisted you had better things to do."
I laughed "Sounds like something I'd say. And it wasn't a lie, I've got a date with Frank. He's taking me out for dinner with his parents."
"That's nice."
"Why didn't you go to the park?"
"I've got a date too. Mikey's taking me to see the last Harry Potter movie."
"That's cute." I took a deep breath before asking "Hollie, what if Franks parents don't like me?"
"Frank loves you so I'm sure his parents will," She re-assured me "Our parents love Frank so..."
I was releaved "Good because I'm dead nervous. Will you help me choose what to wear?"
"No way! I've gotta find something to wear too!"
I burst out laughing and threw one of the sofa cushions at her. She laughed too and threw it back at me. We had a weird pillow fight for about ten minutes before I yelled "Crap! I need a shower!"
I got up and ran up the stairs to the bathroom long before Hollie could say "Oi! Me too!"
I had a quick shower, dried my hair and slapped on some make-up. Then I stood there in my bra and knickers, going through my wardrobe, wondering what to wear.
Hollie came in a few minutes later with her hair soaking wet and a towel wrapped round her "Can I borrow your red converse? And could you put some clothes on please?"
"I don't know what to wear!" I told her, frustrated. I found my red converse and handed them over to her "What will they like?"
"Chloe, if Franks parents judge you for your clothes then they're not very good people, are they?"
"I don't care if they're good or bad people, I just want them to like me!"
"Chloe!" Hollie snapped "Get a holf of yourself! You've always said that if someone is a bad person then they're not worth your time!"
I nodded "But this is different. If they don't like me then they might convince Frank to break up with me."
"I don't think that'll happen. Mikey's parents liked me."
"Mikey's parents like everyone!" I said meanly.
Hollies smile faded and I instantly felt bad. She was only trying to help after all.
"I'm sorry," I apologised "I'm just stressed about meeting Franks parents."
"Don't be, they'll love you!" Then she left to go get ready for her own date.
Downstairs, the front door opened and slammed shut again "I brought Becca here to see our house!" Lucy yelled up the stairs to me and Hollie.
"Don't bring her in my room!" Hollie cried "I'm naked!"
"Me too!"
Both girls burst out laughing downstairs. Lucy invited Becca up to her bedroom while I continued to try and choose what to wear.

Hollies POV...
"Sorry I'm late," I gabbled to Mikey in the queue for tickets "I was calming Chloe down. She's worried about meeting Franks parents tonight."
That wasn't the only reason I was late. I'd taken ages trying to find something to wear. Mikey looked so effortlessly cool that it depressed me. He was wearing an Iron Maiden tee-shirt, skinny black jeans and Gerard's leather jacket. I'd ended up borrowing one of Chloe's five All Time Low tee-shirts, red jeans and red converse.
"It's okay, at least you get here. And you look really nice too." Mikey said, taking my hand "Besides, I can see why Chloe would be worried about meeting his parents."
"What do you mean?"
"His parents are like dead religous and dead strict."
I thought about this "So why is Frank so..."
"Crazy? Not sure. But he's dead sensible around his parents."
"Oh god... Chloe's mental!" I started worrying "They're gonna hate her!"
"I'm sure Chloe can be sensible for one night in her life!" Mikey tried to re-assure me "Come on, don't worry about it. Chloe can take care of herself."
"I'm the worrier!" I giggled as we got to the front of the queue "The world wouldn't work if I didn't worry as much as I do."
Mikey laughed as someone called us to the ticket stand "Two tickets for Harry Potter please."
I pulled out my money but Mikey paid for me. I thanked him about a million times. "Did you think I was crazy earlier?" I asked him as we found our seats "When I ran up to Becca screaming?"
"I didn't think you were crazy but I was pretty confused."
"I just can't believe she's here!" I bounced in my seat "It's gonna be SO cool! I reckon she'll end up going out with Bob. That'll be awesome!"
"Ray will be the only single one."
"We'll find him a girlfriend too!" I said happily "Then we can all go out on group dates. It was fun with you, me, Lucy, Gerard, Frank and Chloe but Ray and Bob must've felt left out. And now they won't need to!"
The lights went down and the screen flickered into life so me and Mikey stopped talking. The film was good and halfway through Mikey put his arm round me. Sitting in the cinema with Mikey, I never thought to consider what could go wrong.

Lucy's POV...
"So, what do you think of America so far?" I asked Becca, leaning over to my CD Player and pressing play. Justin Bieber boomed out of the speakers.
"It's a lot louder than little old Telford." Becca giggled "I can't believe you and Hollie have boyfriends! Chloe wasn't much of a surprise to be honest."
We both giggled "Hollie and Mikey were the first to get together. Then Chloe and Frank. It took forever for me and Gerard to get together."
"Why's that?"
I shrugged vaguely "We didn't want to rush into anything."
"Fair enough."
"Excuse me a second," I got up off my bed "I need to pee!"
When I got back from the bathroom Becca quickly excused herself and went home. Weird.

Chloe's POV...
"I like your dress," Frank complimented as we walked down the street to his house. His parents had agreed to drive us "Very sensible choice."
"What are your parents like?" I asked him innocently.
Frank looked up at his house which we had just arrived at and mumbled "Sensible."
Suddenly Franks door burst open and both his parents stood in the doorway, staring at us. I gaped at them. I was screwed...
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