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strolling down the streets of new york

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Maybe strolling down the streets of New York wasn’t such a good idea for Abi. Not everyone you meet is friendly but even if they are merciless, they are still humans.

Abi was bored. All her friends were on holiday half way around the world and she was stuck in Sicily. Looking around her room she noticed a piece of paper under the door.
“I know you’re sad that your friends left you, Abigail, so I’m letting you go to America. If you want to.” The voice made her jump but she was really excited now. She opened the door and her father was standing by the staircase next to her bedroom door.
“For real?”
“For real.” He assured her and she ran over to him to give him a hug. Her head pressed against his chest for a couple of seconds then Abi pulled away.
“Thank you so much. When do I leave?”
“Well, all I can say is to pack your bag in under an hour if you don’t want to miss the ferry.”

Chapter 1

The ferry had only taken two days to arrive in Manhattan. This was very fast at the time. Abi carefully grabbed her bag and stepped on the hard concrete. Her blue eyes scanned the dock and she immediately noticed the cab her father had called for. She smiled at the driver as he opened the door for her. She swore that man had touched her ass as she got in.

The cab parked in front of a hotel, hitting the curb harshly. Nearly hitting a young man, who started swearing at him. Abi didn’t want to get involved so she climbed out and walked to the front door of the hotel.
It wasn’t what she expected at all. The white, wooden walls had been covered in fishing nets with plastic animals trapped in the treading. A real sail fish had been hanged up behind the front desk.
“Excuse me.” The receptionist looked up from the paper work laid in front of her and gave a friendly smile.
“Would it be possible to get a room?” She gently asked.
“Of course.” The older woman turned round to grab a set of identical keys and handed it over to Abi. “Here you go. It’s on the second floor, darling, if you need anything else just ask.” Abi gave a thankful nod and headed for the stairs.

She turned the key and pushed the door open. Abi looked around the room curiously.
In the middle of the room was a double bed with side tables equipped with lamps and alarm clocks. Without thinking she closed the door and lay down on the bed, waiting for sleep to take over.

It was just 7am and Abi had already strolled down the streets of New York City for about half an hour. A cab had taken her there and she was desperate to go shopping, like any teenage girl in the world. She walked into a bank to cash some money when she heard:
“Everyone up against the wall, unless ya wanna get filled with lead.” She had walked into the middle of a robbery. Abi panicked and ran towards the exit only to be pinned down by two strong men. “You too, darlin’” She could barely breathe from the weight of the men on her ribcage. She then lost consciousness and collapse onto the floor.
“Idiots, she can’t breathe. Get off her, we need her alive.” Those were the last words she heard until her vision went out completely.

Chapter 2

Abigail was frightened, no other word could describe how she was feeling. The robbers had taken her to an abandoned warehouse and had handcuffed her to the nearest metal crate. When she had woken up she had nearly broken her arm trying to get up.
The door leading to the staircase opened up and three men walked in. Two had Tommy guns.
The first one was quite young, maybe in his 20’s, and he talking to the third man. He was wearing an expensive looking suit that seemed to match his grim expression.
Now the second one. He was also quite young with short blond/light brown hair. His clothes were simple, a white unbuttoned shirt with black jacket and pants. He kept stumbling his way down the stairs. Of course, he was drunk.
The third one was wearing a hoodie and dark clothes. He was probably the one who had shouted the orders back at the bank.

Abi kept quiet to listen to what they were saying,
“OK, I caught the girl, so where’s my money?” The robber was starting to get on the men’s nerves but he was silenced soon. Abi noticed the drunken man holding the trigger of his Tommy gun close, ready to kill someone.
A bullet pierced the cold air and struck the man between his eyes. He fell back on the railing and stumbled on the crate below.
“Nice shot.” The first man commented.
“No prob.” He smirked and finally noticed the girl in the corner of the room. Her bright clothes were the only thing that brought joy to the warehouse. The dark walls, the stained dusty floor.
The second man walked over to the door by Abi’s feet.
“Move.” His voice was smooth but still aggressive and she didn’t want to get on his bad side. She didn’t want to get hurt. Not again, anyway. Abigail moved a little so he could open the door.
The man walked in and lay down on the couch in the corner of the room. The room was a little nicer than the one she was in. Abi hadn’t noticed that the other man was standing in front of her. Fear began to take over her mind and body. But to her surprise he bent down and took the handcuffs off her. He got back up and dragged her into the room. She heard the other man groan as she walked in.
“Why is she here?” He looked up at the girl, his gaze went straight to her chest. Now he knew why she was in the room, he couldn’t help but grin at the thought. Abi noticed the man close the door.
He turned to face the poor girl, looking at the other’s expression first then to her.
“She’s not here for that, Johnny. Not yet, anyway.” Johnny glared at his partner but was glad to hear the last part. He wouldn’t mind having to wait, as long as he got what he wanted in the first place. The other man looked around the room.
“Here, this is your bed.” He pointed to the bed in the other room.
“But that’s my bed.” Johnny exclaimed as he noticed his partner stare.
“I know. You’ve earned yourself a little treat.” They both looked back at the girl, both grinning evilly. Abi knew from the beginning she would get hurt and now it was gonna happen.
“I don’t know ‘bout you but I think it’s past my bedtime. See ya in the mornin’”
“It’s only 2o’clock.”
“Don’t care. Come on babe.” He grabbed her arm and dragged her into the other room. Johnny locked the door quickly and jumped on the bed.
“What are ya waitin’ for? Start stripin’” Abigail looked around the room and she finally met his glare. “You’re not gonna do it, are ya?” She nodded weakly and sat next to Johnny.
“What are you going to do to with me?” She could feel his strong arm around her shoulders. “Are you going to kill me?”
“No! Where on Earth did ya get that idea?”
“I don’t know, I’m just really scared.” Warm tears started to flow down her dirty cheeks so she buried her face in her hands.
“Don’t be.” His warm hand stroked her back and went up her t-shirt, grabbing her bra and unlocking it at the front. Abi turned round to meet his chocolate brown eyes and she knew she didn’t have any choice. She wiped her tears away and got comfortable.

Chapter 3

Johnny couldn’t get out of bed without waking her up. After 20 minutes she finally broke away from her dream and turned to face him. To her surprise he leaned in to gently press his lips against hers. The kiss didn’t last as long as Abi had wanted it to last but she didn’t do anything about it.
“Was I too rough for ya last night?” His voice was smooth and calm unlike yesterday.
“No, not enough.” Her words caught Johnny by surprise, did she just say that he was too kind to her. “Tonight I’ll be ready and you will never expect that it was me.” His grin returned to his puzzled face.
“OK.” He watched her put her clothes on and leave the room, still puzzled about what happened last night and what was gonna happen tonight. But a knock on the door brought him back to reality.
His partner, Tony, walked in grinning at Johnny.
“Was she just smiling? No girl ever smiles after getting fucked by you.” He was nearly as puzzled as Johnny was.
“She just told me I wasn’t rough on her. Can you believe her?” Tony shook his head and looked at Abi who was examining at his Tommy gun.
“No. Do ya want somethin’ to eat.”
“Nah, I’m fine.” With that Tony left and Johnny started getting dressed.

Abigail was lying when she said that he wasn’t rough enough for her. He was way too strong but she didn’t want to hurt his feeling. And now she was gonna get really hurt. Getting pregnant was the last thing she wanted plus her dad would kill her. Dad. She had completely forgotten about him. Abi had to call him before it was too late. Desperately, she looked around for a phone. After a while she found her own phone and turned it on, immediately pressing speed dial.
“Dad, it’s me.”
“Oh, hi sweetie. How’s New York treating you?”
“Not good, I was kidnapped during a robbery. I’m still at their warehouse and I need you to call the police.”
“Of course. Just hang in there.”
“Thank you so much.” She heard footsteps coming from the staircase. “I’ve got to go. I’ll call you if I can.” She turned the phone off and placed it in her pocket just as the door opened.
“Hey, Babe. It’s getting late, so ya wanna…” He gestured the bedroom and a smile danced in the corner of his lips.
He dragged her into the room, locked the door and sat in the middle of the bed.
“Come on then.” Abi thought she was insane to go with the plan but she still went with it.
She took her t-shirt and jeans off, making sure not to get him too interested. Abi climbed on the bed, making sure not to lose eye contact. But before she could do anything she was thrown on the bed, under Johnny. Abigail knew she would regret it but she didn’t care.
She ripped off her bra without a care in the world and leaned in to kiss him passionately.

Chapter 4

Abi woke up realizing she was completely naked so she started to get out of bed. A pair of strong arms wrapped around her hips to pull her back. She looked deep into his eyes and she would regret it but she still pulled away, out of his grip. Abigail grabbed her clothes and got changed into them inside the bathroom.

After two days things got interesting.
It was 10am and Abi was starving, cold and miserable. The morning when she hadn’t gone back in bed with Johnny things went from good to terrible. Johnny had told his partner what had happened and they had decided to punish her physically.
The men had beaten her till she could barely stand up then they would lock her up in a dark and wet room, not the bathroom but a room were their enemies were murdered. The floor had large blood stains and it reeked of rotten bodies.
Abigail had many bruises and cuts all over her body. She even had burns where Johnny had pressed lighted cigarettes against her skin. The burns had started to heal but sometimes Tony would ‘accidentally’ drop whisky on it making it sting even more. Sometimes she wondered whether her dad had called the police or not.

The men were playing Poker when they all heard police sirens. The door was soon knocked off its inches and lying on the floor. Cops ran inside and pointed their guns at the two.
“Hands in the air, now.” The men set their cards down and did as they were told. “Search the building until you find her.” The officer called out as he stepped out from behind the cops who had started searching, leaving the exit clear.
“Officer Jones, what’s goin’ on?” Johnny asked with a boyish voice.
“Don’t play dumb with me, Johnny, I know you kidnapped her.”
“What the Hell are ya talkin’ ‘bout? There’s no one here but us.”
“Sir, we found her.” They all looked towards the cop who was helping Abi out of the room. The two glared at her as she grinned.
“You were saying?” The officer mocked barely looking at the two startled men. Johnny spotted the exit and made a run for it, followed by Tony. No one had noticed their departure apart from Abi, she didn’t want them in jail just yet. To keep everyone looking her way she pretend to faint and everyone rushed over to her side like she had planned.

The two rushed out of the warehouse and headed for the black Mustang parked out back. Fortunately for them there wasn’t a cop in sight and it was easy from then on.

Chapter 5

They sped out of New York and after an hour or two they reached Chicago. After a while they found a decent hotel and parked the car in the private parking, they didn’t want the car to get stolen.
The hotel had a strip club inside so men stayed downstairs for a while. After they went upstairs they found out that the room had a double bed and nowhere else to sleep.
“Great. Just great.” Tony exclaimed as he noticed the bed.
“I know. It’s the perfect opportunity to do this.” Johnny grabbed Tony’s shirt to pull his down to his height and pressed his lips against Tony’s. Understanding that Johnny wasn’t drunk he loosened up and kissed him back. Finally they pulled away and Tony stared into Johnny’s chocolate brown eyes.
“Are you….?”
“No, I’m not, I’m straight, I think.”
“I was gonna say drunk but OK.” He walked to the shower without looking back at his partner.
“Why are ya angry with me?” He stopped dead on his tracks.
“I’m not, I’m just confused that’s all.” He could hear Johnny climb on the bed so he turned round to see what he was doing. Tony was right, Johnny was sat in the middle of the bed.
“Le’ me help ya then.” He spread his legs a little and he noticed him grinning. Tony walked over to the bed and placed a hand on Johnny’s shoulder.
“No thanks.” He patted his shoulder a little but was thrown on the bed, under Johnny. “Don’t even think about it, mate.” His tone was dark and serious but he knew it wouldn’t work on him well. Johnny slipped his hand up Tony’s shirt and unbuttoned it, leaving his perfectly toned chest exposed. “Johnny, don’t you dare!” This time it worked, he backed away.
“C’mon Tony, you know you want to.”
“No I don’t, Johnny, I’m not you.” His voice was dark and grim. “You’re addicted to sex, money and God knows what else. I will never have sex with you no matter how much I’ve been drinking. Never. Got that?” His only was response was a nod and Johnny lay down on the bed. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. The only man he had really loved had turned him down and insulted him too. This was the worst day of his life so far and he had gone through Hell and back before.
Sadness took over his mind so he closed his eyes to hide the tears streaming down his face. Sleep took over everything though and he soon fell asleep.

Chapter 6

The sunshine struggled to get through the closed blinds. But it managed to shine on Johnny’s face causing him to finally wake up. After he got dressed he immediately looked around for Tony but all he found was a note:
Met me at the Lucky Casino down the street
p.s. I sorry about yesterday but that doesn’t change anything.
One thing certain is that we will always be best friends no matter what.
Johnny smiled when he had read the last part.
He walked out of the hotel to meet up with Tony and finally found the Lucky Casino.
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