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where's lucy?

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Where’s Lucy?
As the sun started to rise over the beautiful city of New York the residents slowly got up for work and the streets soon filled up with cars and people. Shops started to open for business and by noon the city was filled with traffic; young women would be seen holding tons of bags filled with summer clothes.
Just from his apartment he could see nearly all of NYC, all of the streets and apartments. That was the reason why he rented this place, so he could spy on his next victims.
His phone started ringing and bought him back to reality. He quickly grabbed it off the bed and placed it to his ear.
“Johnny. It’s me, Lucy; I want to know when you’re gonna come home. We really miss you.” Another voice came on soon after.
“Daddy, I really miss you. Come home.” The sound of shuffling could be heard on the other side.
“Michael! Say something to your dad. Oh and be nice.” He chuckled when he heard the insult from his wife.
“Ciao papà, come va il lavoro?” Michael knew English very well but he didn’t want his mum to hear about his job. “Qualcuno ha ussico recentemente?
*A/N Michael is speaking in Italian. He said “ Hi dad, how’s work?”and “Killed anyone lately?” LOL.
“No, not yet. Listen michael, your mum doesn’t know about all of this so please keep it that way, OK?” It was true that his wife didn’t know that he was part of the Mafia, he didn’t want her in danger. “Promise?”
“Promessa.” With that done he hanged up and sat on his bed.

It had been about a month since Johnny had spoken to his wife Lucy. Michael had paid a couple of visits to him but he just wanted to hear more about the Mafia. He didn’t understand why he was so curious.

Nicolas was bored, really bored. He had to stand outside the Don’s house to make sure unwanted guests wouldn’t come. Even if it was an honor for the Don to request him at his mansion it was still boring. What was he even ment to do? Nick please guard to front door, we don’t want this occasion ruined by the cops.Do we?
Suddenly the bushes started moving and a tall figure came out holding a gun.
“Who’s there?” Nicolas was scared but he kept his finger on the triger. His grip was so tight his knuckles went white from the pressure.
“Relax Nicky, it’s just me. Matt.” He immediately knew he wasn’t the person Don Luigi was talking about. His grip loosened but he still held the gun firmly. Nicolas walked up to him so he could see him better, still gripping the gun.
As if they had the same reflects they both aimed their guns at the person standing by the iron gates that blocked the world from the mansion. The same gates that once were opened up for one of the greatest mob boss to drive through. Yes, young Al Capone had visited the mansion once for important matters. But back to the man standing there.
“Who are you?” Matt wasn’t guarding the mansion but he wouldn’t let an univited guest crash the party. Not on his life.
“It’s me Michael. I was told my dad, Johnny Torrio, was here. It’s urgent.”
“Fine.” With just a push of a button the great gates opened for one man or should I say one kid.

Michael was greeted by many people he didn’t even know but they knew him very well. He had been told that his father was quite famous in the Mafia world. He didn’t know how but he was proud to be his son for sure.

After a while he found Johnny, who, of course, was surrounded by young woman. His shirt had been opened making more girls come to him.
“Hey dad!” He turned round to notice his 13 year old son standing in front of him.
“What the Hell are ya doin’ here!” Johnny was shocked but he kept that look on his face that said “son you’re grounded for a month’.
“It’s Mom. I can’t find her anywhere and I checked everywhere. Plus her car and other stuff that she takes with her is still at home. I didn’t know what to do, please help me.” Tears started to flow down Michael’s perfect tanned face.
“Wait, are you serious? You checked everywhere?” His only answer was a nod.
Johnny shooed the girls off his laps and started to make his way to the Mustang parked outside. He didn’t even bother to check whether his son was behind him.
Fear started to rise inside of his body and mind. Lucy, please be at home when I get there. He thought.

The car was going way past the speed limit and cops had started to chase him down the streets of New York City.
The sirens from the police cars made Michael nervous. He had stayed at the Don’s mansion since he didn’t want to get involved when his dad was scared for his family.
Only once had their neighbor decided to flirt with Lucy. After Johnny had found him in bed with her he had beaten the crap out of him. It had been so painful that the guy changed his face, his name and had left the country for good. Nothing would stand in the way of his family’s safety.

Johnny had reached the house in a nick of time and hadn’t stopped for the police. Fortunately they had given up on catching him. He looked around the house but there was no sign of his wife. Michael was right, her belongings hadn’t been touched and the car was still there.
Who would have done this? The right question was who would have DARED to?
A name popped into his subconscious, Tony Russo.

The car fled the city as fast as it would go. Maybe 150 m/p/h but it wasn’t fast enough for him even 600 m/p/h wasn’t good enough.
Johnny finally saw the famous sign saying ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’. He was 100% certain that Tony was there.

The car grew to a halt in front of the Caesar’s Palace. This is it he thought.
As the mobster made his way over to the back room, mobsters always go there to make sure people don’t see something they shouldn’t see.
He was right. Tony was seated on a lounge chair whilst his men had to stand up to guard Lucy. Lucy!
She was slightly bruised but she was OK. Johnny felt some of the fear that had built up inside of him flow away.

Tony wasn’t frustrated when his men fell to the floor. Some dead, some scared that Johnny would kill them but Russo hadn’t moved an inch. He finally stood up and walked over to his arch- enemy. Only to be greeted with a bullet to the head, making him fall back and onto the floor.
“Rot in Hell, ya fuckin’ dum’ ass.” He spat on the dead body’s face and ran over to Lucy, who was cowering in the corner with the other mobsters. He helped her up and leaned in kiss her but she turned her head. His lips brushing past her cheeks sending shivers down her spine.
“What’s wrong, babe?” She finally looked into his chocolate brown eyes, telling him she knew everything about him. His secrets had been revealed to her by her kidnapper, Tony.
“Why didn’t you tell me about all this?”
“I didn’t want ya to know ‘cause they would hurt ya.”
“But I still got hurt.” She mocked, a slight smile dancing in the corner of her strawberry red lips. “What do we do with them?” Lucy pointed out to the two men still cowering in the corner.
“What do ya mean by ‘we’?” She smirked. “Either way, ‘we’ kill them.” He said darkly. He lowered the barrel down to the man’s head but Lucy tugged on his arm like a child. “What is it?”
“I think the Don should decide.” He gave her an odd look.” I do know a lot about the Mafia, you know.” His mind settled a little, to know that she would know a bit about his life was good news.

The couple walked of the casino followed by the two mobsters. They got in the midnight black Mustang and drove back to New York City.
“Johnny, where’s Michael?” Lucy asked as they drove past the famous Las Vegas sign.
“I left him at Don Luigi’s mansion. Don’t worry, he’s in good hands.” The last part calmed Lucy down a tad.
“I hope so.”

Michael’s worries about his mother were gone. What he was now worried now was that she came through the door.
He was sitting at the bar, drinking and smothered by girls.
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