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Spider webs

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Nothing to do with D.N.Angel, plz read though!

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Spider webs

The road was cramped and seemed endless. We passed a couple of houses that nearly all had lighted pumpkins by the doors. Many small skeletons had been hanged by the nearest trees. Halloween must’ve been my favorite holiday ever. I was always amused by the kid’s costumes. But dressing as a vampire and buying fake fangs and Dracula outfits made me angry. Why did vampires have to wear a dark cloak with a raised collar? I didn’t wear that, I just threw on my black shirt and black skinny jeans. I also didn’t go around showing my fangs to everyone in the streets and asking for candy.
The car grew to a halt and I peered out of the window only to find that we had arrived to our destination.
Outside laid an old farm house. Fog rolled in as I stepped out of the vehicle. Every step I took made the hard gravel grumble. My senses picked up a pair of deep purple eyes staring my way. I turned round to find Lucifer looking up at the barn behind the house. The look in his eyes told me it was hard coming back to the only home he had ever had. Whenever I asked him about his life he would look at me as if, as if he was gonna be tortured if one word about it came passed his lips. I tried to stop myself from asking but I never could. Sometimes he would even leave the cemetery and go for a walk, he would return after a couple of hours. Lucifer really wasn’t the type of vampire to be open about his feelings and memories. Maybe I shouldn’t push him so much; this was hard for him to face his deepest fears.
I never knew Lucifer so well. We met at the local cemetery when he was feasting on my evening meal that wondered around trying to find his wife’s grave. Of course when Lucifer noticed me he thought I was a mortal. Suddenly I had felt a painful sting in my neck and soon I had to defend myself. Being a vampire had its advantage like super speed, higher jumping and skills with weaponry.
A sudden sound, like glass being broken, came from the barn. As if on cue Lucifer grabbed a gun and aimed it towards the doors. A pairs of crimson eyes glittered in the moonlight. The creature chuckled and walked out towards us. It wasn’t alone though, what seemed like five to ten others followed it. When it was about ten meters away from me I took my gun, which I kept in my pocket.
Something like wings shot out behind him. So he was a fallen angel, now we have a deadly creature from Hell in front of us.

Lucifer wasn’t injured but the angel was. He’s right wing had endured a serious cut and a
pool of crimson blood was starting to flow beneath his feet. I heard a bullet pierce the
moonlight sky. The creature had fallen to the floor and disappeared in thin air. His
‘friends’ had gone too. When I turned to Lucifer, the gun wasn’t even smoking. If he didn’t
kill it then who did. I turned to the house and noticed a machine gun placed on the
window ceil. A person climbed out of the window and landed gracefully on the ground.
He was wearing a leather jacket and black skinny jeans. His short hair seemed darker
then soul-sucking darkness. Lucifer was probably grateful for killing the thing but he still
aimed the gun between the man’s eyes. ‘Can’t be to careful’ that’s what Lucifer always
said. The man came closer to us and he took the safety off his gun. The sound made me
“Relax dude, I’m not gonna hurt you.” He had an American accent and seemed to be
very careful around Lucifer. He better be or his head will be filled with lead.
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