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Happy Birthday Frankie

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One shot! Mikey has always watched Frankie and Gee when they do their 'Frerard Moments' the crowds love and hates the fact that Gee hasn't noticed his own brother's little secret. R+R PLEASE!!!

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I sighed as Gee yelled at the crowd. “Good night everybody!” Frankie swung his guitar to his back and jumped on my brother, wrapping his arm around his neck like he was going on a piggy back ride.

Bob twirled his drum sticks as Ray shook out his fro, which had gone flat. I shook my hair into my eyes so I would go unnoticed as I watched Gee cart Frankie around the stage.

As me eyes tracked them, I wondered if Frankie was mad about having his birthday on the road.....again. I know he feels like we're his family, but it always pisses us off – even if its just a little bit – to have our birthday when we're touring.

I stalked off stage, the others not far behind. They were still pumped, but for some reason, I was drained. When I passed our dressing room, a voice stopped me.

“Mikey, you okay?” Frankie's voice trailed after me. I turned, grimacing slightly. Everyone was no watching me with worried eyes.

“Yeah I'm fine. Just tired. I'm gonna head to the bus.” My eyes met Gee's as he cocked his eyebrow at me. “Fine! Text me if you're so damn worried! Ya know there is a line between brotherly worry and being paranoid?”

His cheeks actually gained a touch of color as Ray and Bob chuckled at him. “Mikes, you're my baby bro. You know I promised Mom that I'd look out for you on tour. And even if I hadn't, you know I would anyway.”

I shook my head at his random moodiness. My eyes flicked to Frankie's face before I turned and left them. Once the door had clicked shut behind me, I broke into a sprint for the bus, running on and heading to my bunk.

Who knew how how long I had? I sat my bass down and grabbed the two boxes out from under my pillow. It was the second box I was unsure about.

The first I knew I was dead right about. A pair of fingerless skeleton gloves. But the smaller one....

I checked the time on my phone. It was 11:57 already?! “Mikey?” Frankie's voice made me jump about a foot in the air.

It sounded like he was still in the front, probably still by the door. I set the wider, flatter box on the table amongst the other guy's presents.

“Yeah?” I called, yanking my shirt off, spazing out when I got it caught on m glasses. I heard his light footsteps getting closer and realized the box was still in my hand.

“I came to make sure you were still okay. What's that?” he asked, spotting the box. He was worried? About me?? Just the thought made my heart squeeze and my cheeks burn.

“I really am fine Frankie. And you don't get to find out till tomorrow.” I set the box back on my bunk. His face lit up and he ripped his phone from the back pocket of his skinnys.

“Its 11:59. I can wait a minute.” he smirked up at me, looking more like a cute little elf than ever. I bit my lip and stared into his eyes.

I was counting in my head the whole minute. At thirty seconds I picked the box back up and at a minute, I pulled him into a hug. “Happy birthday, Frankie.” I murmured as he hugged me tightly.

His phone went wild against my back and I pulled away. He ignored it and reached for the box in my hand. I let him take it a little wistfully.

I turned away, bitting my bottom lip hard as my breath locked into place in my lungs as I held my breath. A moment later, he gasped. “Mikey!”

My eyes flicked to his face. When I saw his expression, I turned with a hopeful smile on my face. “Do you like it? If not you can take it-” he cut me off, throwing his small frame at me.

Because I wasn't expecting it, we fell to the floor. “I FUCKING LOVE IT!!” he shouted, holding the white gold skull necklace in his hand. “Can you put it on for me?”

I smirked and took it from him, placing the thin chain around his neck and clasping it at the end. “Glad you like it.” The small skull hung between us.

He beamed for a moment then his face fell. “Mikey, can I ask you something?”

I blinked, shifting my weight under him. “Yeah. Its your birthday. You can do anything you want today.”

A small smirk passed on his lips before he dropped his voice to a whisper. “Really?” I nodded. “I can do anything?” I nodded again. “Good.” The cold metal of the skull touched my chest before his lips were on mine.

He didn't move, it was more of a question. Which I answered with the truth. I was very okay with this.

I'd been dreaming of it for years now, actually. And this moment, as random it was, was blissfully perfect. His warm lip ring against my bottom lip, his nose brushing mine. It all made me smile softly while inside I was screaming like a fangirl.

His tongue flickered over my bottom lip, making me gasp and pull away. “Frankie is this just a random thing or what?” He put his hands on either side of my head and looked at me. “Besides, what about Gee?”

He heaved a sigh and locked his gaze with mine. “Gee and I are just friends. All that 'Frerard' stuff is just stage. This,” he touched his lips to my neck “is real. Mikey, I love you. Always have. Always will.” He bit my neck, making me moan softly.

“Mmmm Frankie I love you.” I wrapped my arms around his slender waist, pressing him closer to me. He froze, pulling away from me this time.

Our eyes met. His filled with soft tears. “Really?” I smiled, pulling his face back to mine.

He melted against me, moaning when I sucked his lip ring lightly. I groaned and pulled away before this went too far. The guys were gonna be coming on any time now.

“Happy birthday Frankie. Love you.” I kissed the tip of his nose and stood, pulling him with me.

I smiled as he pulled me back to him, wrapping his arms around my neck. “Love you too. Hey since its my birthday and you said I could do what I want. I want to sleep in your bunk with you tonight.”

Oh my god. I almost died from mass joy overload. “Well I guess so. Hope you're tired right now.” I surprised him, picking him up and pushing him into my bunk. I followed, closing the curtain and smiling at his bewildered expression.

“I could have gotten up here myself!” he pouted. I giggled and caught his face between my hands.

“No you couldn't have. And dammit you so fucking cute!” I kissed him before he could argue with me.

I smiled against his lips and roll in the small space, pulling him on top of me. He sighed and nuzzled into my neck.

We stayed like that for a while before Frankie said anything. “How long?” he murmured against my skin.

“Hmm?” I asked, running my fingers along his neck and down his back.

“How long have you loved me, stupid.” he sighed and giggled, shifting his weight and tangling his legs in mine.

“Oh. I smiled, kissing the top of his head. “I actually lost track. Lets just say its more than a few years.” I chuckled softly, making him bounce on my chest.

He nodded and relaxed against me more. His breathing got slower and deeper as he fell asleep. I must have nodded off as well, because I don't remember the guys getting on or leaving for our next venue.

But when I woke and found my sweet little Frankie laying on top of me, I thought I was still asleep. When I saw the skull, my memories from last night – AKA the best night of my life – flooded my head. Oh yeah, my best dream had come true. And now all I could hope for was that I wasn't going to do anything to fuck this up.

I put my arms around the still sleeping Frankie and reached for my phone that was sitting next to me. It was only 8:28. of course none of the guys were up yet. Frankie gasped and looked up at me, his eyes popping out of his head.

“Bad dream hun?” I asked, putting my phone back down. He shook his head and groaned.

“What time is it?” he let his head fall onto my chest. I laughed quietly.

“Nearly 8:30.” he groaned again and I shook him softly. “C'mon. Get up lazy ass.” he didn't move. “I'll make you pancakes and coffee.....” I bribed.

His head shot up and he smiled. He also must have forgotten we were in my bunk, cause he rolled over the edge before I could stop him.

The thud must have woken everyone up. I opened my curtain and looked down, seeing the guys copying my actions and looking down at Frankie. But of course, the guys all groaned and shut their curtains again.

I climbed out of my bunk and offered him a hand up. “You okay?” I whispered, wary of flying pillows and cussing band mates.

He took my hands and I pulled him to his feet. “No I'm not o – fuckin – kay.” he smiled playfully at me and the others groaned again.

“Worst joke EVER!” Ray shouted along with huffs from Gee and Bob. Frankie winked at me and whispered in my ear.

“Start breakfast. I'll handle these fools.” he tiptoed to Ray's bunk and threw the curtain open, jumping on Ray. “You gotta be nice to me Rayray!! its my birthday!” he giggled bouncing in pure joy. I laughed and headed off to start the coffee.

“OW Bob! Ow my head!” Frankie giggled loudly as Bob tried to push him from his bunk. The others finally gave under Frankie's power of annoyance and got up.

We set down, coffee in hand and presents scattered everywhere. Frankie sat cross-legged in the middle of the floor. The first box he grabbed of course was mine.

He opened it and peaked in. his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Once again, he threw himself at me. “Thank you thank you thank you Mikey!!” he shouted in my ear.

I smiled and nodded my head. “But how'd you know?” he asked, looking at me. That made me smile even wider.

“Cause I know you.” I flicked the skull that hung on his chest and pushed him off me carefully. Gee looked at the necklace and tilted his head.

“What's that Frankie?” he asked quietly. Frankie beamed and sat back on the floor.

“The second best birthday present I've ever gotten.” his hands tugged at his phone and his fingers flew over the keyboard. A moment later, my phone vibrated.


It was from Frankie. I smiled and put my phone back in my pocket. Everyone shot glances at me and their phones went off as well. My phone was just that awesome.

My phone went off again and I pulled it out. Another text from Frankie.


I replied.


For all my readers who are just wanting to kill me for not updating anything, here is my first one shot and my first Frikey. This should hold you till I get the rest of Calll me what you want written out lol. R+R like always

Hugs and Ramen,

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