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But Does Anyone Care?

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And as always, innocent like roller coasters. Fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have no idea what you're up against because I've seen what they look like. Becoming perfect as if they wer...

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Well this is the final chapter, sorry if you don't like the ending but i felt it was the only way i could end this without it being too cheesy or predictable or not fitting in with the style i was going for. I just wanna say thanks to the MCRmy of Ficwad for making my first experience writing on here a enjoyable one. Thank you especially if you rated or reviewed, some of the stuff you people have said really touched my heart. So here's the last chapter, its sad to see it ending but i'm sure i'll be writing something as angsty as this in no time. You guys are awesome.

Third Person POV

Gerard Way, infamous rockstar, fell from the 9th floor of the 'Por Le Veine' hotel at 4:29am this morning. Sources close to Way have said the off the rails singer was intoxicated at the time of his attempted suicide. We have yet to hear a statement fr-

Mikey had heard enough. He angrily flung the remote at the tv, watching as the news report ended abruptly and he was left with a blank screen. The bassist groaned tucking his knee's to his chest and viciously tugging at his hair. It seemed impossible for someone to cry so much, he physically couldn't shed anymore tears. He didn't expect his friends to comfort him since they were all doing pretty much the same thing. After hours of stuck in the hospital waiting room...who could blame them?

The semi-famous punk super star Gerard Way, is still in hospital after he jumped from a hotel balcony yesterday morning. No statement has been issued yet but we have reason to believe that Way has been suffering from multiple health problems recently with the result of cancelling a concert mere hours before trying to end his own life.

Ray quickly turned off the television. They had had no news, nothing and it was tearing him apart. God only knows what it was doing to Mikey, and Frank had seen the whole thing. No one had got any sleep, they were too exhausted to do anything but wait and stare longing at the door.

We have reason to believe that front man for popular emo band ‘My Chemical Romance’ Gerard Way’s suicide attempt was due to problems at home. Rumour has it that Way is currently going through a divorce with Lindsey Ballato who has not been sited near the area where Way is hospitalised

Frank had almost punched a hole through the tv, but settled for shutting it off. 2 days and no word on how Gerard was doing. It had almost driven Frank over the edge. He began grinding his teeth thinking about what that ignorant news report had said. Lindsey wanted to be here, she was literally calling every 10 minutes. The airlines had been going haywire in the last week or so, she and Bandit couldn’t get a flight. He hated the tabloids lies and false statements that were flying round their heads right now, but they couldn’t say anything. They didn’t know what was going on. Frank touched his wet cheek realizing he was crying. He was doing it so often it was hard to tell when he had started. He refused to close his eyes because whenever he did he saw Gerard's blood splattered corpse strewn messily in the street and he heard a daunting voice in his head whisper "Your fault"...


They were now allowed into Gerard's room. He was in a critical condition and had undergone many surgeries and procedures to keep him alive. The band were shocked to see the amount of wires and tubes feeding drugs into his veins, there were more machines in his room than their recording studio. The only thing that kept them all from breaking down was the rhythmic beep of the heart monitor and the fact that they need as much information as they could get about their friends condition.

By the time the doctor was ready to talk to them, Gerard was awake yet a shell of himself. unmoving, unresponsive, barely blinking. He just stared into space with vacant eyes and expression. No one in the room dared do anything. They were too afraid of his reaction whether it be positive or negative. Not even Mikey said two word to him.


"Are any of you immediate family to Mr Way"

The doctor was fairly young, but his eyes told the trio that he had plenty of experience with death in his life. That in situations as grave as this, false hope would not be an option.

"I'm his brother" Mikey stood from the plastic seat, tears already beginning to form.

"How is he?". Frank was more or less demanding an answer. He had told this doctor everything that had happened that night, about the attack and Gerard's mental state. He put his faith in this man and he would be damned if it was going to be thrown back in his face.

The doctor gave a sympathetic glance, ignoring Frank's tone of voice.

"Mr Way has 4 broken ribs, broken collar bone, a broken leg, a skull fracture, 2 bones broken in his right arm, 1 in his left, punctured lung and severe internal bleeding." He took a look at the three men's shocked and tear stained faces. "of course he is lucky to have survived"

The room remained silent. The weight of the tragedy pulling like a weight on all there shoulders. Mikey remained gripping Gerard's hand tighter and tighter, to which he received no response.

"Another thing that had me concerned" the doctor continued "was the fragility of Mr Way's mind"

This comment made every head in the room turn.

"From what Mr Iero has told me from recent events leading up to Mr Way's hospitalization, starting with vivid waking nightmare's over a month ago, i think he is suffering from very severe 'Multiple Personality Disorder'. He has a double, or what he perceives as his past self, fighting for dominance. The condition's symptoms include night terrors, blackouts, extreme hallucinations, mood swings, and sudden changes in character as his other personality overpowers him"

The three now standing men in the room, gaped in shock. Gerard fit all the symptoms for a severe mental illness, one that kills. One that had been dormant for his entire life. One that had gone unnoticed. There was really only one question left, yet no one was willing to ask it.

"Is it treatable?" Ray stuttered out being the only one strong enough to ask.

The doctor sighed, preparing himself for what he was about to say.

"MPD can be treated but never really cured. That other person is always going to be there, at the back of his mind. Hopefully Mr Way will be mentally strong enough to fight him and control his own mind. There are drugs we can give to keep the mood swings and night terrors in check but that really just treats the symptoms. I advise electroshock therapy, its been proved very effective in the past with patients with cases far worse than your friend's. It is also my professional opinion that Mr Way be checked into a psychiatric hospital as soon as possible to monitor and see how progressed his condition is. Furthermore it would keep him protected from the attention his fame gives him, i'm sure the paparazzi will get their hands on this somehow and i don't think any of you want to be around for that"

There was deathly quiet as Frank, Ray and Mikey let this information be absorbed. Even the machines seemed silent. Mikey had tears streaming down his face as he shakily nodded to the man in the white coat and asked what kind of hospital he recommended.

Gerard sat there, unfocused. The word's being spoken around flowing through his brain but not being processed. To him they were empty. His pupils darted round the small white room. The surface sparkled with cleanliness and walls so immaculate they practically blinded you. He knew that he was alive. He had to be. His heart was definitely pumping with the help of these cold machines, his skin chemically numb and his blood still flowing and creating huge patch of red on his hospital gown.

He was definitely alive.

Not dead, alive.

Not dead.

He kept repeating that, trying to convince himself. He was still here, his mind intact.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark clad figure. Haunting raven hair and coal colored eyes he knew all too well. Blood splattered suit and tie. Pointing a barrel of a gun at his own head. The look of malice he gave pierced through even the most splintered of souls. He cocked the gun and smirked. Because he would always be at the back of Gerard's mind. The hard frozen steel aimed at his temple.

then he pulled the trigger....

And as always, innocent like roller coasters.
Fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have no idea what you're up against
because I've seen what they look like.
Becoming perfect as if they were sterling silver chainsaws going cascading...
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