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Written after seeing Motey. Our venue is in Mansfield, but everyone just calls us Boston. Weirdo's. Enjoy the fluff.

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Just by the way the crowd was cheering, I could tell they were digging Tommy's rollercoaster drum kit. I chugged down more of my Gatorade, wiping my face with towel. I didn't care about my face paint anymore, it was sweated off awhile ago. I peeked out around the curtains again, watching my drummer boy beat on his kit. I felt a smile pulling at my lips, I sure did enjoy watching him play like that. Even upside down.

"You know, it's rude to stare." Mick said behind me. I jumped slightly, whipping around to see him smiling smoothly. Cocky old bastard. Vince chuckled to the side of us, shaking his head as he watched. "You can't help yourself, can ya?"

I smiled devilishly, shrugging lazily. "You know how it goes." I smirked, avoiding his questions. Mick just sighed and stretched his arms again. I frowned and opened my mouth to ask if he was alright. He shot me a look that told me to can it and I did. Then I smirked even more, walking backwards towards my place. "Besides, you always stare at Vinny's ass when he runs around the stage."

Mick made a face between surprise and anger, Vince one of embarrassment. I ran across the backstage to the other side just to be safe and laughed to myself. I loved screwing with those two. Even after thirty years, it still had some fun left in it. I noticed Tommy climbing out of the back of his kit and knew it would be time to go back on soon.

Tommy jogged over to me, sweat dripping down his face. I handed him the bottle of Gatorade and towel with a smile. He took it happily, finishing it off in two giant sips. "They totally flipped for that shit. You see it, Sixx?"

I smiled, leaning back against the cool cement wall. I nodded, watching him try to cool off. "Of course I saw it. I always watch the solo's. I never miss 'em. Why start now?" I asked cockily. Tommy tensed a little, eyeing me carefully.

"You okay?" he asked, cautiously. He looked back at his kit, fingers itching to get back to playing. I heard Vince starting to kick off the next song and I stepped next to the curtain. Tommy caught my arm and stopped me before I could exit. "I felt you watching." he whispered, kissing my cheek and dashing back into his seat.

I smirked, hearing my name being called and darted back onto the stage. Time to rock and roll. We played a few more songs and now it was time for me to have fun with the crowd. "What's up, motherfuckers!" I shouted into the mic. The crowd shouted back, causing my face to split open in a smile. "You enjoying yourself?"

Another loud roar and I raised my hands, calming them down. "Alrighty, I want everyone to sit down. Like in church. C'mon, take a seat." I watched as the whole place started to sit, Christ they loved me. I saw one guy still standing, up close and pointed at him. "I said sit down, motherfucker. Now sit!"

Once everyone was seated and quiet, I started talking. "First off, drums aren't meant to be played upside down. Tommy your fucking crazy!" I cried, looking over my shoulder at my drumming lover. "You know, this band has been going strong for thirty fucking years. I got a call years ago, from Mick, telling me he had to get half his body replaced with steel. He underwent surgery and when he came out, he looked me in the eye and said, Sixx, we're fucking taking over this world. Come out Mick!"

Mick walked out, playing his guitar with a huge ass smile ripped into his face. I smirked, knowing our little tussle was forgotten. "See, for me, I've been in Motley longer than thirty years. It started when I was fourteen, drawing in my notebook. I saw myself in a kickass band, taking over the world. It a monster on guitar-" The crowd roared as Mick riffed again. "-An insane drummer who comes up with a rollercoaster drum kit." Tommy beat out a few moments and smiled.

"But-" I held up a hand, silencing them again. "But I needed the craziest, sickest singer I could find to front the band. We needed someone to make people want to stand up and sing. And man did we find some one. Vince get the fuck out here and get these moving. They're ready to move."

The crowd cheered as Vince came back out, his arms thrown in the air. I smiled, still kneeling on the stage. Once more, I quieted them down like a parent. "Now, I know how loud you fuckers can get. You guys produced Steven Tyler. Now on the count of three, everyone jump out of those fucking seats and fucking sing. Let us go to New York and tell 'em how loud Boston is. You ready?"

"One, two, FUCKING THREE!!"


I wiped my face once more with the towel and tossed it to the side, getting the fake blood off my skin. I could hear all the fans leaving parking lots and I yawned, feeling tired now that I was still. I looked out the window, smiling at the hordes of people stopping at the Sixx Sense bus to take pictures of it. I leaned back, sliding out of the black jumpsuit we always wore during Kickstart My Heart. I heard someone rushing into the bus but barely paid attention to whoever it was.

I peeled off my sweat sodden shirt and felt goosebumps rise up when the AC hit my sweaty skin. I grabbed a clean shirt and fresh towel and turned, jumping when I found Tommy stretched out on the couch. He was still dripping with sweat and his eyeliner was smudged. He smiled slyly, eyeing my bare torso. "How's it goin', killah?"

I smiled, rolling my eyes as I grabbed a bar of soap and opened the bathroom door. I frowned at the small ass shower stall but it was better than smelling like sweat. "It's going alright. I need a shower. Fucking hot as hell."

"I know you are." Tommy laughed, launching himself from the couch and wrapping his arms around me. I smirked, leaning into him. I didn't even care if he was sweaty, he still felt like heaven to me. I kiss the side of his head dangling next to me and he laughed. He pulled back, looking down at me. "You takin' a shower?"

I nodded, tossing my clean clothes on the small counter. "Yeah. I need too. Why?" I asked. I leaned in, twisting the knobs to get the perfect water temperature. Tommy just shrugged and I laughed, kissing him gently on the lips. "You coming in or what?"

Tommy smiled, face lighting up like the lights from the show. I dropped my boxers and stepped into the cool water. I felt a sigh escape my lips and I couldn't help my let my eyes close in happiness. It felt so nice to cool off. I heard Tommy's shorts drop to the ground and then felt the presence of him behind him. I smirked, making room for him in the cramped space. "You looked good tonight." he mumbled, rubbing soapy hands over my tense muscles.

I laughed, leaning into his hands. I just shrugged, leaning forward to douse my head under the water. I washed away the paint and blood with rough hands, feeling fresh when I pulled away. I leaned back, looking at Tommy softly. "I was playing onstage with my best friends and my lover. How could my night be bad?"

Tommy snorted, rinsing himself off. He gently pushed me out of the way, soaking his head like me and washing it quickly. I smiled, knowing that even though he washed it now, it would look dirty in twenty minutes. He had that kind of hair. I loved it. I rinsed once more and stepped out, grabbing the towel and covering myself. "Aw. I thought we'd have sex in here." he pouted, giving me the puppy eyes.

I couldn't help myself, I laughed and kissed him roughly. He wrapped his hands in my soggy hair and pulled me in more. I groaned and kissed deeper. I heard the bus door opening and pulled away slightly, not caring who really saw. Just more concerned with Tommy nudity.

"Pants, please men?" Mick asked, laughing slightly as he shielded his eyes. I smirked, walking over to my bunk and pulling on some clean cargo shorts. Loose and comfortable. Tommy just smirked and strutted to his bag, naked ass hanging out. He grabbed a pair of jeans and slipped into them, forgoing boxers. "Thank you."

"Welcome grandpa." Tommy mumbled, hopping into his bunk with his Ipod. I saw a quick pained expression on his face and frowned. I pulled on my shirt and walked down to the kitchen area of the bus. I grabbed a water for myself and a Jager for Tommy, knowing it would help him unwind.

Vince walked onto the bus, a smile on his face and red marks on his neck. I arched an eye, fighting the urge to say something. He sighed, sinking down next to Mick and laying his head on Mick's lap. "I hate raging drunk fan girls. I always get attacked."

I bit back my laughter and smiled sweetly. Mick saw it and smiled, eyes laughing more than I could. I just shook my head, walking back to our bunks. I pushed open Tommy's curtain and placed the drinks inside. Then with slight grace, swung myself up and inside. Tommy was curled up facing the wall, a sleeveless sweatshirt pulled up over his head.

I sighed, putting the bottles on the shelves above our head and pulling the hoodie off. His headphones were stuffed into his ears and I could hear fresh beats coming from it. I smiled softly, kissing his neck as I rubbed my hands over his back and shoulder. I recognized the look of pain and knew exactly how to get rid of it. It just a set of skilled fingers. I pressed into a tight knot and smiled when Tommy grunted.

"I pulled my shoulder during my solo." he mumbled into his pillow. He pulled out one headphone and rolled onto his stomach, head cradled in his arms. I frowned, getting comfortable and rubbing harder into his flesh. He moaned again, eyes half closed in pleasure. "I love the way you do that."

"I know what makes you feel better. I've been doing it thirty years now." I smirked. Tommy smiled, nodding his head. I kept rubbing until I was positive his body was completely relaxed. I laid down close to him, wrapping my arms around his thin waist. I yawned, tucking an arm behind my head. Tommy wiggled over and laid his head on my chest, snuggling close.

"You know, it's been a good thirty years. I've got you. I got the man from Mars. I got the blond princess. I got everything I need right here. Especially in this little ass bunk." Tommy mumbled, half asleep now. His voice was husky like it always got when he was sleepy and I smiled, kissing his head. "I love Boston. Loud fans. Aerosmith. Nice scenery. And I get to snuggle with you."

I laughed, shaking my head. "Okay, I get the fans. And Aerosmith. Scenery is nice. But you get to snuggle with me every night, Lee. We've been sharing a bed now for almost twenty six years. We always snuggle." I mumbled, feeling the bus starting to sway. On our way to New York now.

Tommy swatted tiredly at nothing. I smiled sleepily, dimming the lights. "I still love snuggling with you. You keep me warm. And block out Vince's snoring."

"I do not snore! And I'M NOT A BLOND PRINCESS." Vince cried from the front of the bus. I heard Mick laughing and a slap that I knew was Vince jokingly slapping his giggling boyfriend.

"C'mon princess, bedtime." Mick laughed, loud enough for us to hear.

"….fine. I'm a princess."

Tommy and I laughed, trying to contain it. "Love you, Frankie." Tommy mumbled, using my pet name. I blushed. He was the only one that I allowed to call me that. I sounded so nice coming from him.

"Love ya too, Thomas."
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