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Vampire Mountain

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Okay, my friend made this for me, since my dad died and all. It's a get well present. I think she must've been smoking something when making this, but it's cute

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Vampire Mountain

Creplsey had dragged his 8 month pregnant wife and myself up to Vampire Mountain yet once again.

"You sure she's okay to travel?" I whispered in Mr. Creplsey's ear.

"Of course," he whispered back. "Though, she'll probably give birth on the way up."

"Uh, there might be a few problems," I said much louder.

"Oh? What would those problems be?" he asked back.

"1. The baby won't have any clothes! I'm sure the baby would freeze before we reached the castle!"

Mrs. Creplsey spoke up. "I've been sewing clothes since day one of this trip."

"See?" snarled Mr. Creplsey.

"Ok...2. Food," I said. "The baby will need food"

"Just milk and animal blood," said Mrs. Creplsey.

"Animal blood....not too hard to find," I said. "Milk...or did you bring some?"

Mrs. Creplsey looked at me. "You know Darren, babies don't have to be fed from bottles,"

"Darren, why are you asking all of these stupid questions?" asked Mr. Creplsey?

"Cause I'm concerned for the baby," I said.

"Aw!" cooed Mrs. Creplsey as she ruffled my hair. "Ain't that sweet? He's concerned!"

"We're here! Way station 2!" said Mr. Creplsey!

Mrs. Creplsey lit a fire. She sat in her coffin and began to sew. Mr. Creplsey sat in his too.

He just sat there, thinking. I crawled into Mrs. Creplsey's coffin. I now noticed that all the baby clothes were red. I picked up a sleeper. Pure red. "

That's cute," I laughed.

"Lots of babies wear those...nothing special about it," she sighed.

"No, the fact that it's red," I said.

"So?" she said.

"It's just like Mr. Creplsey's cloak," I said.

She held up what was left of his cloak. "I'm making the clothes out of his cloak"

My mouth hit the floor. Mr. Creplsey never let anyone touch his cloak. That was his favorite one.

Then, my leg felt wet. I looked over at Mrs. Creplsey. Her face went paler than paper. She clutched her stomach.

"Larten," she said.

Mr. Creplsey looked over at me and his wife. His face paled too. His mouth hit floor.

"What's going on?" I asked?

"The baby!" gasped Mr. Creplsey. "Darren get all the pelts and make a bed near the end of the cave!"

"I'm not sleeping on the ground!" I protested!

"It's not for you!" he snapped!

I hurriedly made one. Mr. Creplsey picked his wife up and sat her down on the pelts. He knelt beside her. I stood above them.

"OH GOD!!!" screamed Mrs. Creplsey.

"Darren you might wanna leave...this won't be pretty," said Mr. Creplsey who held his wife's hand as she strained.

I walked off, I could still hear Mrs. Creplsey screaming bloody murder.

I sat near the entrance of the cave, looking through my journal. (which went everywhere I went)

After an hour or two, Mrs. Creplsey's screams were no longer and all I could hear was a soft baby cry.

It had been born. I just sat there. Should I go back and congratulate the new parents or should I let them have their alone time.

Mrs. Creplsey answered that. "Darren! Come here!"

I walked over and sat next to Mr. Creplsey, who was holding the baby. "What is it?" I asked?

"It's a girl," cried Mr. Creplsey happily.

She had a tuft of black hair with a streak of orange through the middle. She was as pale as her parents.

She was sound sleep in her new red sleeper in Mr. Creplsey's arms.

"Larten," said Mrs. Creplsey. "Let Darren have a go."

Mr. Creplsey handed me the baby. I took her. She was quite light and smelled of blood. She woke up and yawned.

She began to fuss. Mr. Creplsey took her and stood up. I was half expecting to be yelled at.

"What wrong with baby?" he cooed? "What wrong?"

Still cried. "Did mean ol' Dawen do something?" he asked in baby talk.

I huffed. I didn't do anything wrong. Mr. Creplsey threw her over one shoulder and patted her back. "Ssh...dada's got you," he sighed.

She still screamed. I held my arms out. "May I see her?"

Mr. Creplsey handed me the screaming child. "Hi there!" I said happily. SPLAT! I knew the reason why she was so fussy. "EWWWWW"

"Someone isn't feeling good," giggled Mrs. Creplsey.

Over the next few days, we reached Vampire Mountain. We entered the room where you fed and offered new clothes. Waiting for us was Gavner, Kurda and Seba.

"Hey!" said Gavner. "You must be Mickey."

Mrs. Creplsey bowed. "Hello, Gavner san," she said.

Then, from underneath Mr. Creplsey's sweat shirt (he was wearing an extra big one), the baby (who was named Larna) cried. Seba, Kurda and Gavner's eyes all widen.

"What was that?" asked the old Seba.

"Uh...a...child," blushed Mr. Creplsey.

"Whose?" asked Kurda?

"Mine!" said Mrs. Creplsey. "Well, I mean...mine and Larten's."

"Ah! Adopted!" laughed Gavner.

"Noo," I said.

"Well, how else would y'all get a child?" asked Seba?

"You know," blushed Mrs. Creplsey. "When a man and a woman wanna baby and the man sticks..."

"WHOA!" yelled Kurda. "I don't need to hear that!"

"But Vampires can't bare children," said Gavner.

"Yeah, but a human can bare a vampire's child," I said. "I.E. Mickey and Larten."

"You're a human?" asked Seba?

Mickey nodded. Larna's cries got louder. Mr. Creplsey took her out of his sweat shirt.

"What's wrong this t wime?" asked Mr. Creplsey in baby talk.

"I think I know," I said plugging my nose.

"Someone made a mess," cooed Mr. Creplsey.

Mr. Creplsey handed Larna to me. "I'M NOT DOING IT!" I squeeked!

"I was joking," said Mr. Creplsey. Mrs. Creplsey took the baby and went to the bathroom.


O_o scary ain't it? She never quite finished it. Thank the lord O_o
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