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25 years later

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25 years later after the doom series, the bikers all want to see each opther again. will they ever get the chance.

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Yu Gi Oh 25 years later

25 years later after doom series Amelda sits in his room on his laptop, he hadn\'t aged a bit, he still had his hair style and wore the clothes he wore in doom. He was looking at a old photo album of him with the other two bikers, he hadn\'t seen them in years, the last time he saw them was at Rapheal\'s and Airtos wedding.

Amelda is married to a young girl called Vanessa they have two children together

Vanessa walks in his room and puts her arms around him

\"What is it honey\" Vanessa asked

\"I just miss, Varon and Rapheal, I wonder what their doing now\" Amelda puts the book down

\"Mom, Dad, I\'m home and so is Hikaru\" AJ shouted

AJ looked a lot like her father, she is 13 years old, she has red hair and gray eyes, she wore a school uniform like Tea\'s.

Hikaru was only 5, she wore a school uniform like renies from sailor moon. She also had red hair and gray eyes, but her hair was longer than her sisters.

Vanessa leaves the room

\"I\'ll find you guys, one day\" Amelda looked out the window in his room

Somewhere in domino

Rapheal is sitting down with his news paper, he had so much on his mind lately he is also happily married to a young girl named Airtos. And they have three children

It was really quite, the only thing could be heard was little RJ studying for school his other too children where out side in the back garden.

RJ looks a lot like Rapheal when he was a kid

Sonia, looked a lot like his little sister he lost

Julian is also looks a lot like his little brother.

Rapheal felt really happy when they came along, because it made him fell that he got his sister and brother back.

Another part of domino

Varon is a single parent with two kids, he took them both to mc Donald\'s

VJ looks a lot like his father

Videl she looks like renie from sailor moon but with brown hair and blue eyes

\"I wanna see the mc Donald\'s clown\" Videl complained

\"You baby\" VJ said back

\"Stop it you too\" Varon was angry with the two all ways fighting away all the time.

To be continued

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