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Romantic Notion

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Arriving on the island tensions grow.

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The flight had been long and the tension high. When Marcus and Casey returned to the front of the private jet Casey had seen the look that passed between Anna and Marcus. Anna could tell Marcus had fed his hunger but he had looked into her eyes and simply shook his head letting her know he had not bonded with Casey. He understood her concerns, she wanted what was best for Christa’s daughter and obviously she believed that was not him.

“Welcome.” Gerard said as they entered the large plantation style home.

Anna quickly spoke to their housekeeper arranging for Casey’s things to be taken to one of the guest rooms. When she was done she turned to Casey. “I am sure you are exhausted from the trip. Mrs. Carrol will prepare your room.”

Casey was tired so she nodded, “Thanks. I could use a nap.”

“I’m gonna head down to the beach.” Marcus announced. He had decided to sit on the warm sand and try to get his thoughts in order.

“I have to ask.” Casey said once the four of them were standing alone in the large entrance hall. “The direct sunlight doesn’t bother you?”

Gerard laughed, “It used to. But we’ve got shit we take that solved that problem. We can go in direct sunlight without it bothering our skin now.”

Casey smiled, “I’m sure that’s much nicer.”

Anna too needed to get her thoughts in order. “Come.” She said a bit abruptly to Casey. “I will take you to your room.”

Marcus and Gerard both watched as the two woman climbed the staircase to the second floor.

“Shit, she really couldn’t wait to get Casey away from me, could she?” Marcus muttered.

Gerard turned to him. “Anna was pretty shocked when you showed up with her.” He frowned, “Especially after she’d just lost Claire I think being reminded of Christa sorta got to her.”

Marcus sighed, “Yeah, I know and honestly I hadn’t planned on bringing Casey with me. Shit, I wasn’t even gonna talk to her. She spoke to me first.”

Gerard motioned for Marcus to follow him into the large living room. Once they were seated Gerard took out his pack of cigarettes and lit one. He was grateful he no longer had to worry about their long term effects.

Marcus looked into his eyes. “Just say what you’re thinking.”

After taking a deep drag Gerard spoke. “Why did you go to Ray and Christa’s funeral?”

“Anna asked me to make sure Casey was okay.” Marcus answered quickly.

Gerard’s eyes narrowed. “You could have done that without attending the funeral.”

Marcus couldn’t help but bristle. “You know I can do whatever I want and I wanted to go.”

“But you never told us.”

Angrily Marcus responded. “You and Anna both seem to think I have to clear my actions with you. Let’s not forget I’m a Pure.”

Much to his surprise Gerard laughed. “Marcus you never let us forget that fact. But the fact remains that we are close. I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell us.”

“It was no bid deal.” Marcus shrugged.

“Well it obviously was to Casey.” Gerard said softly. “Seems it made a big difference in her life.”

“So like Anna you don’t think I should bond with her?”

Gerard thought a moment. “I didn’t say that and to be honest I’m not sure what Anna thinks about it either. I just know she was shocked to see Casey. So tell me what happened.”

“What happened?”

“When she spoke to you.” Gerard clarified.

Marcus sat back in the wicker chair to get comfortable. “I went to the coffee shop where I knew she’d be.” He smiled, “She’s a creature of habit. Each morning she’d go to the same coffee shop, rain or shine. She gets a large black coffee then always sits in the same spot unless someone else had claimed it.”

Gerard grinned, “Seems you know a lot about her habits.”

“I’ve checked on her a few times.” Marcus guardedly admitted. “But for the most part she never knew.”

“So why?” Gerard asked looking into the Pure’s eyes.


“Why have you been checking on her?”

Marcus shrugged. “I’m not really sure. Just seemed like I should.”

“But this last time she spoke to you?”

Marcus thought a moment then decided to tell Gerard the truth. “I was getting ready to leave and as I was walking by my table she spoke to me.”

“What did she say?”

Gerard was surprised when Marcus suddenly looked sheepish. “She said something about wondering if it was gonna be another two years before she saw me again. That’s when I realized she knew who I was.”

“It had been two years since you’d seen her?”

“No, but two years ago had been when she saw me.” Marcus stood and began to pace. “Shit, she really caught me off guard.”

Gerard laughed, “Something no Pure likes to admit.”

Marcus scowled at him. “You think this is funny?”

“Not funny.” Gerard answered. “But sorta amusing.”

“I don’t find it amusing at all.” Marcus answered trying to control his anger. “Shit, I don’t really now how I feel about this at all. She wants to bond with me.” He started to say more but stopped.

Gerard was watching him closely. “Don’t you wonder exactly what Christa told her about you?”

“Fuck yeah, I do.” Marcus admitted. “I can’t help but think she has some stupid romantic notion about me.”

Gerard’s eyebrow raised and he grinned. “Romantic notion?”

“You know damn good and well what I mean.” Marcus ground out.

“I know what you mean.” Both men turned to see Anna standing in the doorway. “And I agree. I am afraid she has a romantic notion about the Healer world.”

Marcus stated at her. “And we both know that it’s a lie.”

Anna remained silent.

“Shit, I’ll see you later.” Marcus brushed past her quickly.

Gerard was watching Anna closely. Their bond as Maker and child allowed him to feel her emotions. Standing quickly he went to her. “Come on, Sugar.”

Anna allowed him to take his arm as he led her upstairs to their bedroom. He believed he understood her feelings but more than that right now he understood what she needed.


Casey watched from her bedroom window as Marcus cut across the yard towards the beach. She sighed then turned away.

Moving towards the large bed she slipped off her shoes then stretched out on the soft mattress. For a long time she simply stared up at the ceiling thinking about recent events. While she understood Anna’s concern in her heart she felt she knew what was right for her. And what was right was at the moment having second thoughts about her.


Anna entered the bedroom then moved directly towards the nightstand. Gerard watched her a moment then quickly went to stop her.

“No, Sugar.” He said taking the black bag she’s pulled from the drawer.

“Gee.” Anna clinched her fists. “Not now.”

He wasn’t about to back down. “Anna, at times you drive me crazy. You know as well as I do that true blood is what you need right now. I can feel it and so can you.”

Her anger erupted. “I know what is best for me.” She spat.

They rarely argued but when they did it was always heated. “No, you’re wrong and you know it. You want to use the synthetic right now because you are angry. Once again you are angry at the truth of what we are.”

“How can you say that?” Anna’s eyes flashed. “I am not angry at what we are. We would not be together if not for what we are.”

“But you’re angry that Christa’s daughter is now involved with this. She reminds you of what you’ve lost.”

Anna shook her head. “No, that is not true.”

“Of course it is.” He was losing his temper and it felt good. Gerard embraced his Healer nature far better than Anna. “A part of you still doesn’t accept what we are, it doesn’t like it. You hate the pain you felt when you lost Christa and now Claire.”

Anna stared at him a moment then lunged towards him trying to grab the bag from his hand.

Gerard knew her well enough to know he had to taunt her to get the true response he was looking for. “Anna wants the fake shit so she can pretend she’s not a Healer.” He said holding on to the bag tightly.

“Shut up.” Anna screamed. She drew back her hand and slapped him across the face.

Gerard had been ready for her assault. He laughed causing her Healer blood to completely take over. Again she tried to slap him but he grabbed her hand. “No Sugar, you only get to hit me once.” He said as he lifted her body to throw it on to the bed.

Anna tried to scoot to the side of the bed but he was quickly on her. She struggled under his weight but as a Healer he was as just as strong.

“Get off me.” She screamed. “I do not want this.”

“Yeah, you do.” His fingers clawed at her blouse sending buttons sailing. Once the material was open he tore the bra from her body. Anna continued to struggle against him. “That’s it Anna. Fight me. Let go. Let all the hurt and anger you feel come out.” He whispered as he lowered his mouth to capture her nipple between his lips.

Anna’s hands gripped his hair painfully but he ignored that pain as he began to gently suckle her breast. “Stop.” She ground out. “Just stop.”

He ignored her.

Anna understood what he was doing but she continued to fight against his plan. She tried to wiggle out from under him, tried to ignore the pleasure his mouth was causing.

Gerard lifted his head. His topaz eyes bore into hers. “This part of us ain’t bad, Anna. It just is.” As he watched her eyes turned like his. “I love you.” He whispered. “But this is a part of who we are.”

Anna knew in her heart he was right. She suddenly went completely still.

Gerard was watching her closely. “What do you want, Sugar?” He whispered hoping for the answer he wanted disparately.

“I want my husband to fuck me hard.” She answered letting her Healer blood speak.

Gerard grinned, “Yeah, your husband wants to fuck you hard and quick.”

“Then do it.” Anna ground out.

His fingers shook as they lowered the zipper of her jeans. As soon as the denim was removed he tore at her panties. At the same time Anna’s fingers had yanked the material of his shirt apart. She then lowered her hands to his zipper. Their movements were frenzied, their need overwhelming.

When they were nude they found themselves kneeling, facing each other in the center of the bed.

“Hard?” He ground out, his eyes flashing.

Anna nodded. “Hard.”

She didn’t have to ask again. He quickly reached out to pull her legs out from under her. A moment later she found herself straddling his lap. Gerard looked into her eyes, positioned her body then slid into the waiting wetness. Anna wrapped her legs around him tightly as he began to thrust roughly into her.

“Oh yes, Gee.” She threw back her head. “Harder.”

He was only too happy to oblige. Again and again he thrust into her. Suddenly she sat up straighter to wrap her arms around him. As the feeling began to build, just as it was about to overtake her she bit into his neck. His blood sang to her filling her with strength.

Gerard exploded inside her as he lowered his head to her neck. Together they fed from each other until the passion subsided.

“Sugar, I love you.” Gerard whispered as he licked her neck to stop the blood flow.

Anna did the same to him then whispered the same words of love. Slowly she climbed off his lap then lowered her head.

“Anna.” He started to speak but she stopped him.

“Gee, I know what you are going to say. You are right, this is what we are and I am not sorry for that.”

“Then tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours.” He urged.

“Our love is beautiful.” Anna said looking up. “But it is not the normal love of our kind.”

Gerard finally understood. “You are worried for Casey.”

Anna nodded. “Marcus is a Pure. He can not offer her the kind of love we share. She deserves this kind of love.”

Gerard stretched out on the bed then pulled her down to lie beside him. “You know I’m not really sure about that.”

Anna gave him a confused look. “Gee, you know what I say is true. A true Pure can not feel human love as we do.”

“He’s very drawn to her.” Gerard said slowly.

Anna sighed, “He is drawn to her because she is Ingredior Utriusque.”

“I’m not so sure if that’s true.” Gerard said thinking out loud. “He’s been watching over her for a long time.” He decided to share something Marcus had told him. “Actually he had no plans to interact with her. She spoke to him first.”

Lifting herself up onto her elbow Anna looked down into his face. “She spoke to him first?”

Gerard nodded. “Yeah. He told me he was about to leave the coffee shop where she was when she spoke to him.”

Anna sighed, “I honestly do not know what to think.”

“Me either.” Gerard admitted. “But Casey is a grown woman who seems to know her own mind. Seems to me the decision is up to her.”

Lowering her body Anna snuggled up to him. “I pray she makes the correct decision.”


“This is stupid.” Casey muttered as she climbed off the bed. She was exhausted but sleep would not come. Slipping her shoes back on she crossed over to the door having made her decision. Now she just needed to find Marcus.
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