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No Needs!

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Mia? Child? Has everything gone to the dogs? Wait a minute! Ryoko has a sister does this mean double trouble? Ayeka says yes in No Needs! R&R!

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No Needs!

Saylor- hi all of ya people! I hope you like this chapter. I do not own Tenchi and Co.!

Chapter one- No need for death


"When shall the specimen be ready for the final transplant, professor Miatakahasi." Asked a deep voice, the face was shadowed but the mouth and perfect white teeth could be visible.

Professor Miatakahasi was a recent galaxy academy graduate, who was once a student of the famous Washu. But that was over 5,000 years ago before she disappeared, her teacher that is called her Mia for short; she had big brown eyes hidden behind her long locks that were a deep shade of emerald green. Mia was lean and tall, and to most men quite a beauty.

"What do you mean, sir?" she asked somewhat confused by his question.

He gave a deep chuckle, "Why professor don't tell me you don't know that the final procedure is death for the specimen, but unstoppable power to rule the galaxy even the universe for me."

His grin was so evil it wasn't normal or un-normal. Mia was taken back, "Sir, that wasn't part of the agreement, you said no lives would be lost, no one would be killed!" Mia said quite alarmed.

He gave his little chuckle, "None worth losing, professor."

Mia was appalled. The last 16 years she spent working on this project, this girl, the specimen, was living.

She knew she shouldn't grow attached, but she couldn't help it. The screen went off, as Mia walked over to the tank holding a young girl with three gems on her body. One on each wrist and one on her throat, the red gleamed in the clear tank.

The girl's naked body was curled in a fetal position, and Mia shivered, she could have sworn she saw the girl's body shake as if she was afraid.

"I can't let this happen, she's part of Washu," she thought quietly.

Then she knew what she had to do to save this child, she had to find Washu. Mia went over to the computer console, 'maybe I can buy you some time, little one' Mia thought as she erased information and started putting security blocks on all other non erasable information.

She then gathered her things and tried walking not to quickly out of the corridor.

"Stop! Stop her before she gets away!" yelled an unknown voice. 'Shit my cover's blown' Mia thought as she ran to the escape pods.

All of a sudden Mia felt a sharp pain at her side; she reached down and felt her warm blood gush from her wound. Mia was then hit with another pain in her right shoulder blade.

She could hear the guards gaining on her, she saw a pod open, she
had only one choice so she sprinted sixty yards and hit the escape pod button that closed the doors and she was shot into space.

Before Mia blacked out, she saw the coordinates on the graph; she was heading to earth, then darkness.

~ The Mind of Child~

I'm scared, what is going to happen to me? Who am I? What am I floating in? Who is that, or what is that creature standing in front of me? Why do I feel alone?

~End Mind of Child~

~Misaki Residence~

Everyone is in the wash-house, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Ayeka, and Washu are drinking some sake as Sasami Ryo-ohki are playing a game of Marco- meow.

"Marco!" yelled Sasami as she splashed around feeling for Ryo-ohki.

Ryo-ohki was in her adult from and was very happy "Meow" she meowed, narrowly dodging Sasami's lunge.

But to Sasami's dismay she knocked the sake into the water. Sasami opened her purple pink eyes and answered "oops."

Out of all the girls came an angry cry, except from Washu, who was asleep. This happens, after drinking too much.

Meanwhile, Tenchi was too embarrassed of his dad and grandpa who were spying on the girls.

Both came back with tissues up their noses after watching the naked girls like the perverts they were and had a nose bleed.

"I can't believe you two, why," but Tenchi was cut off by a huge explosion outside.

~Back to the Professor~

Mia was awakened by a huge impact, she tried to stand up but couldn't. 'Damn that impact must have broken my legs' then something caught her eye, red was flashing in the room, she had
to get out before her pod blew up!

She used her only good arm and tried dragging herself out. She was surrounded by fire and blood was everywhere. 'I can't do it, I'm sorry child.'

She thought crying, giving up.

Then out of nowhere a pair of arms picked her up and took her out of the fire. She looked up and thought it was the child.

"Little one?" she asked.


Ryoko was the first one out and saw the wreckage. Then she heard crying. 'Shit, why did someone have to be in there!' she thought to herself, as she flew into the death pit of flames.

Her amber eyes quickly found a woman lying on the ground, badly hurt. Both legs were broken so was an arm, she had a bad gash in her side and blood was everywhere in puddles and splashes around her.

Ryoko quickly picked the woman up and started to leave when she was startled when the woman asked "Child?"

Ryoko finally flew out of the wreckage and gently laid the woman on the ground, her emerald hair stuck together with her blood. Then the pod exploded, Ryoko quickly covered the injured woman.

Ayeka showed up with and quickly she shielded all three of them. Tenchi ran up along with everyone else they were all out of breath. Washu then very startled said "Miatakahasi?"

"Wow, do you know her, Washu?" asked Mihoshi, dumbstruck her blue eyes showed her confusion. Kiyone then said in a very official voice, "Aha, Miatakahasi is wanted for treason to the Jurai royal family, she had participated in many illegal activities."

Everyone was shocked, but Samsami didn't care and shot back, "But she's badly hurt," she was going to say more but she Mia interrupted.

"I don't have time for this. I'm going to die and no one can stop this, uhg, professor Washu. I did something I truly regret. You taught me everything you knew and," Mia coughed up blood. Her ribs were broken and slashed her lungs which were slowly filling with blood.

"Washu, your creation of Ryoko was successfully redone from your ova, and your notes and research. But he lied to me; the bastard told me no one would die. Washu, they're going to kill her, she's" more
blood came up.

"She's, you must feel her thoughts Washu, and she's like Ryoko, your child." She was loosing her strength and fast.

"Come, we have to help you, you need to rest." Tenchi said, while trying to help her without making the damage any worse than it was.

"No, damn mitt, it's too late for me, save her Washu before they cut her up and steal her power, I tried to slow down the plan and as you can see, this is my outcome. Washu, I'm sor.." but Mia died before she could say her apology to her teacher and only friend.

Sasami buried her face into Ayekas side and cried. Everyone was stunned; Tenchi's grandpa bend down closed her eyes and said a prayer for her soul to pass safely to the great beyond.

Mia was buried up in the mountains under a willow tree which was surrounded by wild flowers. Washu had engraved on her tombstone, 'Here lies Miatakahasi, Miko who was an excellent student and friend.'

Everyone left flowers on her grave said a prayer and went back to the house in silence.

That night Washu dreamt of her pupil Mia, she remembered how her
long green tussles would flow around her brown eyes sparkled with devotion.

Then she was young and innocent then after Kagato kidnapped Washu this pupil went down the wrong path. Washu was then standing in an open field with wild flowers that grew on Jurai, Washu looked around her she was wearing her galaxy academy uniform.

'Washu' a faint but familiar voice rang out to her. Washu turned and was greeted with big brown eyes

'She's waiting for you' she said.

'Who Mia who is waiting for me?' Washu asked with an arm
extended to Mia, but hesitated afraid if she touched her she
would disappear.

'Your daughter' she replied smiling 'But Ryoko I can see her anytime' said Washu a bit confused.

Then Mia frowned 'No not Ryoko Your baby, is alone she needs you Washu she needs her mother' then Washu blinked and looked at her
friend who looked like she had when she died 'save her Washu save her' she stated blood gushing from her mouth.

Washu woke up with a start her green eyes brimming with tears,
her red hair stuck to her body. She was sweating and breathing
deeply. Then she looked up and yelled "My baby!"

~end chapter one~

Saylor - dang, that's the longest chapter I've ever written. It took me 8 pages of notebook paper to write. Sorry sad, now before I write the next chapter I would like you readers to give me ideas please. But most of all R&R! Drop me a note! ^.^
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