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spending some time with Brendon can turn into a disaster

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Walking down the street on my way to meet up with Brendon at the park.
I was listening to my iPod and humming along to the song. I saw
Brendon standing in one spot lookin through his phone. I took this as
an opportunity to jump on his back. I ran and jumped. But since I
caught him off gard we fell onto the ground. I was under him and our
bodies were pressed againtst each other.
I looked up to find him starring deeply into his eyes. I noticed for
the first time that his eyes were a smoky shade of brown in which I
found myself starring intensely. For a minute I felt like no one else
existed but us two. And then he got closer and kissed me. He kissed
me. For a second I kissed him back, but then I remember that I had a
boyfriend. I gently pulled back and recieved a confused look from
" I'm still with Gerard." I almost whispered. He face was immediatly
changed from confused to hurt and sadness.
" Your still with him? After everything he did to you?!" He was angry.
" Wow. I thought I had a chance, but now I realize that he has you too
rapped around his fingers. Can't you see that he's only using you!!" I
was taken aback of all of what he had just said.
" Using me?! He was the one that came crawling back to me! You know
what I thought that today we could have had a nice time but now I
realize how wrong I was. " I started walking away. I didn't turn back
but when ibwas driving away I saw him just standing there.
Brendon POV
What the fuck just happened?
I know, I know small update, but i will post the nexxt chapter right after so don't get mad at me.
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