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Before It Got This Bad

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Mikey finds out what's been going on

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Second Chapter! Sorry If this is really bad I've been scared to update it because I thought people would hate it hehe

"Tell me everything"

Those three words swam around my head for what seemed like an eternity. What did he mean everything? Everything about what? Frank? Lyndsey? ...Bandit? The possibilities made little black butterflies flutter around my gut making my stomach feel tight. I felt uneasy. Sick. Anxious. What was it that he wanted to know? How much his older brother had fucked up his life again? The back of my eyes started to burn as they welled up with tears, a few streaming down my face. The cold droplets cooling down my hot skin.
There was a stabbing sensation in my heart like it pained me to think about all the things Mikey could be asking about. But they couldn't hurt me. They were my thoughts thats not even possible... is it? That's when I recognised that feeling that I had experienced so long ago. The feeling that brought me to my own self destruction. The booze, the drugs: my own chemical romance.
I couldn't tell Mikey that this was starting again. He would be so upset and disappointed, i couldn't stand to see those eyes filled with disappointment. All because his older brother is slipping back into the same old situation.
I'd been thinking so long I forgot to answer him in the first place. I managed a tear filled "about what Mikey?"

He let out a small sigh and gestured towards Ray's bunk to sit down as his other hand wiped the tears from my cheeks. We sat down and he sighed again looking me in the eye.
"I want to know what happened to you and Frank. You were so happy, what happened?"

Without even a thought I burst into floods of tears collapsing onto Mikey's chest and soaking his anthrax T-shirt that held all those happy memories. The times when Frank would kiss me sweetly, take me out on cute little dates and show me off to everyone proudly stating I was his. But that was the old Frank, now I don't know what's happening with him. One day he'll be my Frankie that I fell in love with and the next he's this monster trying to hurt me. I remember that bruise on my arm that I told everyone had been from falling over somewhere. Yeah, falling into Frank's fist more like.
My cries become louder and more uneven as everything starts building up inside me. I can hear my brothers heartbeat as he wraps his arms around me into a warm embrace. I try and mumble something but I get cut off by a gentle "shh". He knows when to keep me quiet I think.

There's a faint merry whistle coming from the shower thats so out of of tune and time I can't help but giggle and smile a bit.
" Did I just hear a little Gee Gee giggle?" Mikey said smiling and poking me in my side like I was 5. I couldn't help but flinch and giggle a bit more. He kept it up until I was sprawled out on Ray's bunk shaking from laughing so much. He always knew how to put a smile on my face at the worst of times. He thought he was useless but really he was the best person ever and always knew what to do.
He took advantage of me smiling and asked me the same question again.
"Gerard, please. Tell what's happened with Frank."

I told him everything. How Frank keeps putting me down and calling me worthless. How he shouts at me and hurts me when I do the slightest thing wrong or out of line. How he beats me when no one is around and tells me to lie about the cuts and bruises... How he's no longer the Frank that I loved but somehow I can't let go because when that happy, lovely side of Frank comes out I just remember why I love him. The Frank that kisses me sweetly, the Frank that tells me how beautiful I am, the Frank that is proud to call me his own.

Mikey listens to every word processing it in his mind knowing how much of a problem that I'm in. I don't have to worry about what he'll think because he's my little brother and will always be here. But then I see a tear roll down his cheeks and it makes my stomach tight and sick.
" Mikey! I'm so sorry, I know i'm messed up. Please don't be angry." I said so quietly it was almost inaudible.
He let out a shaky sigh and wiped away his tears "i'm not angry Gee. I'm just upset that this was happening to you and you never told us...we could've helped" He looked down at the bruises on my arm and as I tried to roll down my sleeve he stopped me delicately rubbing the 3 bruises that were there, "Before it got this bad"

TADA! Chapter 2 is done! did you like it? R&R please :) would be muchly appreciated. Oh and sorry it's short again i suck at writing long chapters
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