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If You Only Knew

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Just a little something I came up with :p it's told from Tommy's point of view and there will be a sequel told from Nikki's point of view.

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The sound of panting is becoming more and more noticeable as the night drags on. It started out as soft, short breaths of air, but now it has escalated to flat out panting. I draw in a shaky breath as I slowly slide off my plaid boxers. The situation in the bunk directly above mine has made me extremely and painfully aroused. I quickly check to make sure that the curtain on my bunk is drawn completely before continuing. It would be extremely awkward and uncomfortable if any of the guys saw me jacking off. Once I am sure that it is closed I wrap my hand around my throbbing erection. I start stroking myself at a slow and even pace that is in perfect time with my heart beat. Every few strokes I stop to thumb the head of my length and bite my lip as I feel the pre-cum start to leak out. As soft moan from the bunk above mine nearly makes me jump out of my own skin. That one sound drives me up the wall and I use it to get off on, along with the image of what is going on in that bunk. Small, strangled noises rip from the depths of my throat as I feel my climax begin to build up at the base of my spine. As I mercilessly pump my cock I hear a deep, guttural moan that sends me over the edge. My orgasm hits me with such force that it almost makes me go unconscious. I try to steady my trembling breath as I reach for my discarded boxers. I use them to clean myself and my bunk of any bodily fluids. Once I am done with clean up I throw the garment to the foot of my bunk and make myself comfortable. My tousled brown hair falls slightly over my face, but I'm way too exhausted to do anything about it. I turn on my side and face the wall as my breathing returns to it's normal speed. My blanket lays bunched up around my feet and I have the urge to pull it up and cover my naked body. Before I can will myself to do so I hear a thump outside of my bunk. It sounds as if someone got out of bed, and I'm tempted to see who it is. Suddenly the curtain to my bunk is opened, but only the slightest bit. I try my best to feign sleeping as I try to make out who it is by their shadow on the wall. While I try to think of who it could be and why they would look in my bunk I feel my blanket being pulled up over me. Then I feel something that sends shivers up and down my spine. The person presses their lips against my bare shoulder, right at the base of my neck. I hear him sigh and I smile sweetly as the voice of my long time friend and crush streams into the small bunk. "If only you knew..." his voice is warm and smooth like melted honey. When the curtain is closed I hear him walk away and step into the small bathroom. When I hear the shower start to run I swing my legs over the side of my bed and get up. I find a new pair of boxers to wear before climbing into bed. The only difference is that this time the bed is not my own. I crawl into the bunk above mine and make myself comfortable. When I move closer to the wall I feel something crumple beneath me. I sit up to see what it is and when I do see it I am shocked and confused. I pick up the worn out paper that I had laid on and smile. It's a picture of me that had been crudely, ripped off of a concert poster. Before I can even begin to think about why it would be in Nikki's bunk I hear the bathroom door open. I quickly situate myself in his bed and try to calm myself. I throw the picture somewhere by the bottom of the bunk and lay on my side facing the wall. The curtain opens half way and Nikki climbs into his bed. "T-bone? What's up man?" Nikki asks with an edge of concern to his baffled tone. "I'm lonely...can I sleep with you tonight?" I ask as evenly as possible. He gets under the covers and lays next to me. "Of course you can Tom." I smile and shut my eyes only to have them open a second later. I feel one of Nikki's arms drape over my stomach as he snuggles into my back. I adjust myself slightly so that I can lace our fingers together and smile when Nikki gives my hand a firm squeeze. "Night Tom. I love you." I feel his warm breath against the back of my neck and I smile. I unlace our fingers and turn in his arms to face him. "I love you too Nik." I say quietly before pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. It's dark in the small bunk but I can just barely make out a smile on his perfect lips. I smile back and nuzzle his neck. Once I am comfortable I start to drift into a peaceful sleep. Before slipping into a deep, comatose state I sigh. "Well I guess I know now..."
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