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Face It, Youre Never Gonna Make It

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FRERARD! oneshot in frankies POV

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inspired by personal experiences (although it doesnt go quite like this) and tis my birthday today yay xD

“Yeah, but have you seen Gee?” Ray had laughed.
“I know. The size of a mountain right.” I had agreed.
He just stood there and took it then. We were best friends and this was the usual. They all took the piss of my shortness and we took the piss of ray hair. It's how it worked. But now it goes a little more like this.
“Wouldn’t you love to climb Mount Everest?” I randomly think aloud.
“Why don't you just stand on Gee?” Ray laughed.
“It’s higher.” Mikey agreed.
Gerard and I just stood there and smiled.
You see, no one else realised it, but I had changed. Only slightly. It was because I had come to the realisation that I was falling for my friend. I would have told him by now, but I didn’t know how he felt. And we were such good friends. If I tell him and he doesn’t feel the same way about me it could ruin the friendship.
So now I've taken a step down and I'm being nicer than I used to be. It was difficult at first because I'm used to insulting him, but I'm fine now. I had also planned that in the holidays, I would invite him to watch a film with me, just the two of us. It wouldn’t be too weird. We were friends after all. It would be a scary film of course, he knows I'm not good with them and I would have a liable excuse to hug him and use his arm to hide the scary shit or something like that. To be honest I was gonna wing it.
But back to now.
“Hey, Frank?” Gerard asked quietly so the other two wouldn’t notice. “Follow me.”
We walk away quietly.
“Yeah?” I ask once we are out of earshot.
“I just wanted to talk.” He smiled and sat down under the stairs that went up to the science block.
“Oh sure. What's on your mind?” I smile.
“Well, I like someone.” Oh, great news for me. “But I'm not sure how they feel about me. Got any advice?” he smiled that stupid shy smile that I loved so much.
“You should tell them how you feel. What's the worst that could happen?”
“Thanks man. I love you, you know that right?” he hugged me tightly.
“Yeah. So when are you going to tell them?”
“I already have.”
“What? When?”
“About ten seconds ago.” He smiled at me.
“Uhh?” what was that supposed to mean?
“You Frankie. You're the `them` I was talking about. I really like you. And I meant it when I said I love you. I have for a while now. But I was too shy to tell you.”
“Oh, Gee!” I throw my arms around his neck. “I feel exactly the same about you!”
“So, umm, would you like to go out?” he smiled the most lovely smile ever and I found myself incapable of speaking so I just grabbed his face in my hands and planted a kiss on his lips.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” He smiled before kissing me back.

i dont like this one. i think the best oneshot ive dine is the baby one. ive just been to busy to even think about writing them but please R&R
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