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The Deal

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Gerard finally receives an explanation, but it leaves him even more exasperated than before.

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A/N: Hey man, I said nothing HORRIBLY bad happens to him. And by that I mean he doesn't simultaneously get raped & blinded/doesn't get AIDs/isn't forced to eat feces or drink piss.

Chapter Two: The Deal

Gerard paced the small area that was apparently his bathroom. He had to get out of here. He had to get out. He had to find his way back. He had a life he needed to get back to! Gerard was still holding on to the idea that this may be just some insane dream. All he needed to do is just wake up...wake up...

"Feeling better?"

Gerard jumped ten feet in the air as he heard the voice behind him. He spun around and saw a man standing in the bathtub. A Caucasian man, who was tall and lanky, skinny and pale. Still, he had a pleasant demeanor as he wore a pinstriped suit, bow tie, dress shoes, and wore a winning smile. Slicked back light brown hair. He reminded Gerard slightly of Bob Saget.

"You!" Gerard screamed as he pointed a finger at that man, as though there were anyone else in the room he could have been referring to, "You're the one who got me into this fucking mess!"

The man chuckled. "My dear boy, you're the one who agreed. I was only doing you a favor."

The man spoke in a calm tone, but there was something in his voice Gerard didn't like. Something that sent chills down his spine.

"Y-- you put things right! Send me back! Right now!" Gerard demanded, trying to sound stern.

"I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. You're stuck here for at least the next two months." the man told him.

"What doesn't work that way? What is this? What the fuck did you do to me?!?" Gerard screamed.

"I didn't do anything apart from what you asked for, Mr. Way. I took away the fame and the fortune. All of this, is simply what would have happened had you never become famous."

"Bu -- I --- " Gerard stammered. There was no way this was seriously happening. The man smiled at him, and Gerard got the feeling he was enjoying this.

"Mr. Way, I assure you your absence is not even noticed in the other reality."

"You mean the real reality." Gerard argued, "So you're saying my wife and my brother -- they're not even noticing I'm gone?"

"Well, they're not noticing because they themselves are not there. After all, what is reality other than whatever we're perceiving at the present moment? One can't have two realities. While you are here, Mr. Way, this is your reality. The other one does not exist."

"So wait... you killed my other reality?" Gerard gaped. "The one with my daughter? And my wife? And all my fucking possessions?!?"

"Oh don't be so accusing." the man scoffed. "I merely -- put it on hold. In a sense. To make way for your new, better reality."

Gerard made a face at the word "better".

"Give it two months, Mr. Way. However, in two months, if you still disagree -- you have a way out." the man then pulled a handgun from within his suit, than instantly made Gerard take three steps back. "All you have to do is kill yourself."

"You're joking." said Gerard.

The man laughed. "No, no, quite serious. Kill yourself --- in any way you like. You won't really be committing suicide, of course. You'll die in this reality -- but you'll wake up in your old one as though none of this had ever happened. You'll be back to all your riches, and power, and glory." the man checked his watch. "...Well I really must be going Mr. Way. Busy, busy day ahead of me!"

"Who are you?" Gerard finally asked.

The man smiled at him. "You can call me Kenneth."

Kenneth then grabbed the shower curtain and swished it around the tub. Gerard stared for a moment before he stepped forward and pulled the curtain back. But Kenneth was gone.


Gerard walked downstairs to find Frank -- or at least this "bizarro Frank" -- sitting on the sofa a living room, watching TV. Gerard took in the living room. Like the rest of the house, it was cozy and quaint looking. Although it looked as though it was more suited for an 83 year old grandmother than two 30 year old men.

Gerard then saw that Frank was watching Two and A Half Men. Gerard hated that show. He sat down next to Frank anyway, eyeing the bag of Doritos Frank was putting away.

"Hey honey." Frank smiled at him, noticing his presence. Gerard winced a little. While he and Frank had always been close, Gerard wasn't sure how he felt about Frank calling him things like "honey" or "baby" every time he addressed him.

It wasn't that he would be opposed to dating Frank, but being married to him was moving a bit fast. Especially seeing as he was so used to treating Frank like one of the guys --- just a really great "dude" he's always hung out with.

"Hey... sweetie." Gerard said with extreme awkwardness. "So... just out of sheer curiosity here...does the name My Chemical Romance ring any bells for you?"

"Um, well yeah... why?" Frank blinked.

Gerard's heart skipped a beat. Frank knew what he was talking about. Perhaps MCR did exist in some shape or form?

"What..." Gerard was trying to word things in a way that did not sound very strange, but it soon became obvious that this was impossible to do. "..what do you know about it?"

Frank was now giving him that same concerned look he had given him before.

"It was the band that you and Mikey started years ago. It was how we met."

"So... so are we still in that band now?"

"No, Gerard. We started dating and we all decided that we should quit the music scene after you started drinking too much. The band was heading nowhere anyway. Are you seriously telling me you forgot how we first got together?"

"Uh..." Gerard did not know how to answer that question without sounding like a total jerk. If he told Frank the truth, he'd sound like an absolute lunatic. Gerard just sat there pouting instead, not knowing what to say.

"Gerard, you tell this story all the time." Frank said quietly. "You were acting weird this morning too... I mean, I was willing to let that slide, but this is just... are you sure nothing's wrong?"

"I don't know..." Gerard said, burying his face in his hands. Frank looked at him sympathetically.

"Oh.." Frank remembered, "Also, Ryan from work called. He wanted you to fax him those papers today."

"What?" Gerard stared, now looking even more miserable than he did before.

"The records...from work... he wants you to fax them."

"Oh. Where do I work, again?" Gerard tried to ask as innocently as possible.

"Are you fucking with me, Gerard?" Frank raised an eyebrow.



"Never mind."

Frank now looked irritated. Gerard smiled at him apologetically, but when Frank's expression did not change, his smile turned into a frown. He fiddled with his thumbs.

"I'm serious Frankie. I just.. I'm having a really bad memory day."

"Gerard, a bad memory day is forgetting where you put your keys and then forgetting to turn off the stove. You forgot where you work and how we met?" Frank looked at him with disbelief. "No, this is serious, Gee. We have to call the neurologist. I'll make an appointment now."

Frank got up from the couch and left Gerard alone to dwell. Gerard noticed that there were papers on the coffee table in front of the television. It had looked as though Frank was looking at these before he came in. Gerard leaned over and picked one up.

Gerard's eyes widened. These were forms from an adoption agency. Were they adopting a child together? He scanned the papers quickly, and on the last one, he very clearly could see his own signature on the dotted line.


Next chapter: Gerard meets up with Mikey and sets out to find the missing links.
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