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The Aftermath

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The day after the party. Things with Rachel and Gee progress.

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A/N: Okay! So here is the 12th chapter, I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Thank you so much for all the rates and reviews on the last chapter, and go check out the new story I started its a sequel to my first one! But I'll shut up now and let you all get to the reading (:

Chapter 12: The Aftermath
Frank’s POV:

I woke with a pounding in my head, which felt like I was taking a brick and smashing it against my skull. I went to get up and realized someone was cuddled up against my chest. I looked down and moved the auburn hair away from the girl’s face and saw that it was Rachel. I watched as her stomach moved up and down as she inhaled and exhaled. As she lay with her head against my chest, I felt that it was just right. Our breathing was in sync, and I am pretty sure if it was anyone else lying with me I wouldn’t be as comfortable as I was. I felt her rub her face around my chest as she sat up and cracked her eyes open, and looked just about as confused as I was that she was next to me.

“I thought I went to sleep on the futon?” she looked up at me as she rubbed her eyes.

“Yeah me too…But I am guessing you probably moved when those two came up drunk out of their minds.” I nodded my head up motioning towards Laura and Mikey. Who looked like they were attached at the hip.

“Ha that’s probably what happened.” she smiled as she stretched out, her legs overlapped with mine, and her hand flew into my face.

“Ouch that hurt.” I groaned as I moved her hand down.

“Oops my bad. I forget how spatially challenged I am sometimes.” she said apologetically as she sat up on the edge of the couch and rustled her hair around. I stayed lying comfortably behind her.

“So I don’t wanna make anything awkward but I feel like we should talk about last night.” she said as she slid her hands in her hair.

“Rachel I told you it wasn’t a big deal we were both really drunk.” I pushed myself up so I was leaning against the arm rest.

“Are you sure? Because I really don’t want this to affect our friendship.” she got up from the couch and started pacing around.

“Rachel I’m sure. Stop being so anxious.” I rubbed my head trying to focus. I was glad there wasn’t any light in the room or else I would be dying right now.

“Yeah. Okay. But I should probably get going.” she smiled awkwardly as she headed for the door. She as about to grab the handle, but she turned back around. “Uhm Frank, no one can ever know about this.” she said seriously.

“Yeah of course.” I smiled. “Our secret.”

“Great. I’ll see ya.” she said tiredly as she walked out the door.

“Fuck fuck fuck.” I whispered to myself.

Of course everything wasn’t okay. It wasn’t peachy, last night was so awesome. I had such a great time being around Rachel. Then that kiss, was…fuck. If Mikey hadn’t have walked in I don’t know what would have happened. I ran my fingers through my shaggy black hair and sighed. I couldn’t say that I wanted more, because I promised her we would just stay friends.

“Frank you gotta stop.” I heard a voice say over Mikey’s snoring.

“Laura? What are you talking about?” I asked, even though I already knew. But I was hoping she was talking about something else.
“You know exactly what I am talking about.” Yeah I was wrong. “You need to just leave Rachel alone for a little bit. Distance yourself, let her and Gerard have a chance, and if he fucks it up. Which I know he will, then go for it.” I saw her emerge from the futon. As she gathered her things.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It just bums me out..I guess.” I sighed.

“I know Frankie, I know. I think you two would be a great fit together. But that’s not the way things are right now so deal with it.” she said bluntly.

I loved that about Laura she was so honest with everyone, and if something was fucked up she’d set it straight. I know I have to give Rachel her space, and that’s what I was going to do.

Rachel’s POV:

I stumbled into the door of my house as quietly as I could. I had no idea what time it was. I had no idea who was home, all I know is I just wanted to make it to my bed, and sleep for an eternity.

“Sweetie is that you!” I heard my yell from the kitchen. However from how hungover I was it felt like the scream of a banchee.

I gripped my head and walked into to the kitchen, all I could think about was trying to act normal.

“Where have you been? It’s nearly two o’ clock.” she said concerned.

Oh that’s what time it was, but shit what was I gonna tell her. ‘Oh yeah mom I was just out partying all night, and making out with this boy.’ Yeaaaah, no.

“Mom I told I slept over at my friend Laura’s last night.” I said convincingly, and she bought it.

“Oh yes that’s right. I’m glad you’re making friends dear. Any boys?” she asked as she pulled out some celery and started cutting it.

Each time the knife hit the cutting board it sounded like a rock hit the pavement over and over again.

“Uh I have headache we can talk later okay?” I said.

“All right sweetie, I remember when I hung out with my girlfriends when I was your age. Oh the things we used to--”

“Later mom.” I said a little annoyed.

“--do. Oh we used to cause such mischief. Your mother wasn’t so squeaky clean.” I heard her ramble on as I got to my room.

I looked around still noticing that I hadn’t unpacked my room. I didn’t dare switch the light, I knew I would die from pain. I looked at my bed and for some reason it looked less appealing than I thought it would. My feeling of tiredness disappeared, because my room looking like …well nothing. I walked over to one of the cardboard boxes in the corner of the burgundy red wall. I found my handy dandy box cutter and slashed the box open. I started picking up pictures of my old friends, my ex boyfriend. I don’t even know why I packed it in the first place. He was such a fucking tool. I looked at the picture and into those blue eyes that I once loved, I traced Chase’s jaw line with my finger. I remember this was the one picture I was happy with him, this was before his blue eyes turned ice cold and he decided not to care about me anymore. But rather that he’d care about Mandy, a bimbo with fake boobs and fake hair.

“I’m better off without you anyway.” I whispered to myself and tossed the picture back into the box.

I heard my phone go off and noticed a text from Laura, it said “OMFG we have to talk.” Fuck I knew she knew about Frank and great now my mind trailed off thinking about Frank and what happened last night, I couldn’t believe I let things get that far. If I wouldn’t have stopped him they would have gone even further. There was no lie that I had feelings for Frank, but there was something about Gerard that pulled me in. I didn’t know if it was the messy raven black hair, or that I couldn’t figure him out, sometimes I thought I was just attracted to his vulgar humor.

I continued opening up each box until I found what I had been looking for in the small cardboard box near my couch. I reached and pulled out an old composition notebook that I had used for my journal for the past year. I figured I should just write out everything going on with Frank just to get it out of my system and hopefully get some perspective on the whole situation. I looked up out the window and saw Gerard sitting on his roof across from me smoking a cigarette. He immediately saw me and glanced up and motioned for me to open the window. I pushed the window up and leaned out.

“Well hey you.” Gerard smiled as he leaned his back against his window.

“Hey.” I smiled.

“So you disappeared last night. What happened to you?” he asked, ah shit I knew this would happen.

“Well Bob, Frank, and I were playing drinking games, and I just got lost and woke up on a couch. You know the usual.” I joked with him. That’s one of the many things I liked about Gerard we were able just to joke around with each other.

“Oh yeah. I was surrounded by a pile of girls when I woke up this morning.” he smirked at me.

“Ha. Ha. Gerard funny, girls should no better than to touch you.” I smiled crudely but he knew I wasn’t serious.

“Ouch… so what are you doing later tonight?” he changed the subject.

“Well I did plan on finally unpacking my room. But I know I won’t do it. So catching up on sleep mostly.” I was tired of standing so I finally rested my knees on my couch while I leaned out my window.

“Well…when you’re finished with that…wanna come over and watch a movie in my basement…with me. Like our second date.” he said nervously flicking his cigarette off the roof.

“Yeah that sounds really nice.” I smiled happily. Just the thought of another date with Gerard sent my stomach swirling.

“Okay, I’ll see you at 9ish yeah?” he smiled widely and flipped his hair away from his face. It was all Justin Bieber like.

“Yeah, see ya then.” I smiled and pushed my window down, threw my journal to the side, and decided unpacking my room could wait a little longer.

I felt the tiredness from last night creep back up on me, and suddenly my bed looked appealing again. I dragged myself over to it and laid down, I felt my eyes close and for the first time this week I went to sleep without thinking about Frank.

Later that Night

Gerard’s POV:

I was just finishing getting everything ready for tonight. I made sure my Mom and Dad were out of the house and that Mikey and Laura stayed in his room. I wanted another perfect date with Rachel, I was really eager to spend more time with her. Especially since last night she went MIA, and she looked amazing last night. But it was just a party so I figured we would both branch off in different ways. I kind of like that she wasn’t all over me. That way when I did flirt with other girls she couldn’t get mad. But I don’t think she would, its not like we’re officially dating. But maybe some day we would be. But right now I saw myself as half single, and she should too. But tonight was going to be awesome, and I was stoked. I heard the chime of the doorbell upstairs and rushed up to get it but I saw Laura open the door, so I strayed back.

“Hey Rachel! What’s up?” she answered the door with a smile.

“Nothing much, I had a lot of fun last night, is Gerard around?” she smiled politely.

“I bet.” I saw Laura giggle. Then Rachel blushed, that’s when I decided I should step in.

“Well Laura I think you’ve harassed Rachel enough, and if you don’t mind I’d like to steal her away for a little. Well the rest of the night actually.” I smirked mischievously, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel giggle.

“Well my lady if you are ready we can adjourn to my basement.” I smiled slyly, and led her to door.

I didn’t know what to think about tonight, but all I knew was scary movie plus girl equals a good time for Gerard Arthur Way.

“Wow, it’s really dark down there.” Rachel jumped a little as I pulled the door open.

“Well you see there are these things called lights, and they make it so you can see.” I said to her sarcastically as flipped the light switch on, hoping she’d take it as a joke.

“Fuck you.” she did. Then she started descending down the stairs. “This place is huge.” she said in awe.

“Yeah this used to be room. I would just sit down here and draw for hours and hours, once a couple days. But my parents felt it was unfair to Mikey, because he didn’t have much space. Plus it’s a really awesome place for everyone to hang out.” I said to her as I looked around my old room.

I looked around at the wood paneled walls, the tiny window that let the only beam of sunlight into the room, and the blood red carpet I begged my parents for when I was 13. Nothing had changed since I used to shut myself down here, except everything was much emptier. I liked where I slept now better, just because I could sit on my roof, smoke a cigarette, and just look at the sky and think. Sometimes I would even write songs, it was just something I did to pass time.

“Yeah it’s great, I would love to have a basement. So what movie are we gonna watch?” she asked as she took a seat on the black leather couch.

“Well I figured we’d go with a classic, Halloween. The original! None of that new age shit that ruins the movie.” I said proudly.

“I agree, Halloween is one of my favorites. I fucking love scary movies” she smiled.

I was a little bit surprised I didn’t know many girls who watched scary movies. But no matter maybe she would get a little jumpy anyway.

“That’s amazing. But let me break out the VHS, we’re gonna go old school tonight.” I let a laugh slip out of my mouth.

“All my favorite movies are on VHS, so hooray.” she cheered. I smiled back at her, pressed play. I adjusted the TV so it was at the perfect angle. Then I flicked the lights off and sat next to her on the couch.

Throughout the movie all we did was just laugh about how fake the killing scenes looked, but we both jumped a lot whenever Michael would just pop out of nowhere. Then we would laugh about that. About halfway through the movie I pulled the old fashioned yawn and stretch, and Rachel went along with it and snuggled up against me. When the movie ended it was around 12am, I flicked the lights on and joined her back on the couch and we readjusted into our original position.

“This has been great.” she smiled as she laid her head on my chest, and looked up at me.

“Yeah, it’s been pretty awesome.” I smiled back as I ran my hand gently through her hair, and this time I honestly met it. She moved her hand down my arm and grabbed my hand, and we just sat there quietly feeling each other breathe and hearing our hearts beat.

“So just a random question what do you wanna do with your life?” she asked me breaking the silence.

“I don’t know, I wanna do something that impacts peoples lives ya’ know. I know that sounds a bit cliché. But it’s what I want.” I said to her, no girl ever really asked me that. They just wanted to make out. This was much more refreshing. “What about you?” I asked her in return.

“This.” was all she said.

“Elaborate please.” I chuckled.

“This. I just wanna be with someone I can love and be comfortable with, and just lay with in silence and know that we don’t need words to prove that we love each other ya know. I mean career wise. I don’t know but I think that’s okay. But I know no matter what I know that I want this. This is pure happiness to me.” she smiled as she played with my hand until I intertwined our fingers.

“I think that’s great. I think I want the same thing deep down.” I looked down at her.

“In a way I don’t wanna grow up. I like this better, being young and reckless.” she said looking off into the wooden wall.

“Yeah, but we all grow out of that. I know I won’t be an arrogant prick the rest of my life.”

“Are you sure about that?” I laughed.

“Hey, not cool. As of right now we are feuding” I laughed playfully. As I moved to the opposite end of the couch.

“Awh, I’m sorry.” she pleaded and slid over towards me.

“Nope sorry.” I said as I turned my head away from her smirking the whole time.

“Gerard come on, there’s gotta be something I can do.” her voice lowered into a more sensual tone, which caught my attention.

“Well.” I said as I turned my head back towards her. “I’m sure we can work something out.” I smirked at her.

Once again I felt the urge to kiss her, all I wanted to do was kiss her. I wanted to feel her lips on mine, I knew fireworks would fly and it would make my day. I decided I didn’t have anything to lose so I leaned in, and this time she didn’t pull away. I leaned in even closer and our lips touched. Rachel quickly wrapped her hand s around my neck and deepened the kiss. I moved my hands down the small of her back and grazed her bottom lip for entrance, and she pulled away.

“What’s wrong I thought you wanted me to?” I was a little confused.

“I did… I do, I just don’t wanna move to fast you know. So I think I should go, because if I stay things might get out of hand.” she smiled at me hopefully.

“Yeah I understand. Here let me walk you out.” I said comfortingly. I really didn’t feel that bummed, that little bit of that kiss just made my night.

“No, you looked comfy I can find my way out. But call me tomorrow yeah?” she asked.

“I can promise you right now I will.” I smiled widely as I got up to hug her goodbye.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and wrapped mine around her waist and lifted her up a little bit.

“Oh and Gerard, I had a really great time.” she moved a piece of hair out of my face and kissed my softly on the lips one last time.

Then just like that she was gone. Once again.. Best. Date. Ever.
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