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The Toilet

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Never make Gerard put his hand down a toilet!

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"Dude, what the fuck is up with this toilet.It won't flush!" Frank yelled down to Gerard, partly discreetly.
"You gotta take the lid off, turn the water on with the screwdriver and let it run until it's full, turn it off again, put the lid on and flush, simple."
Mikey must've heard them."Did someone need a poopy?"
"Shut the fuck up man!" Came Frank's irritated reply as he heard the two brothers laughing downstairs. "Why can't you get a normal toilet?" He yelled as he turned the water on.
"I like my toilet!" Gerard yelled back, defensively,"You've hurt my toilet's feelings." He said putting on a sad voice, causing Mikey to start giggling.
"Dude you laugh like a girl," Frank yelled down. He sighed and rested on the side of the toilet, he let go off the screwdriver, assuming it would drop on the floor. SPLASH! "Oh shit!"
"What the hell are you doing up there?" Mikey yelled, obviously hearing the splash.
"Oh...Erm...Nothing,just waiting."
"By the way, be careful with that screwdriver, it's my only one," Gerard said."The toilet should have filled up by now." He heard the stairs creak.
"Hurry up Frank, I gotta go!"
"Just a minute Mikey!" Frank panicked. Mikey was now outside the door.
"Wow, dude, that fucking stinks!"
"Mikey, i gotta tell you something," Frank whispered.
"Yes," Mikey replied.
"I lost Gerard's screwdriver down the of the toilet...HELP!"
Mikey burst out laughing.
"What the hell are you guys doing up there?" Gerard asked,"Can i come up, or are you doing something i DON'T wanna see?" He said, half-jokingly.
"It's fine, Frank has something to tell you anyway," Mikey said.Frank shot him a "You're dead" look. Mikey burst out laughing again.
"Yeeeees Frank," Gerard said.
"Spit it out then!"
"FRANK LOST YOUR SCREWDRIVER DOWN THE TOILET!" Mikey laughed, not being able to help himself.
"That's okay," Gerard replied, Frank relieved and Mikey clearly disappointed at the reaction. Gerard turned and winked at Mikey. He then walked into the bathroom, put on a rubber glove and retrieved the screwdriver. He washed the glove and screwdriver, took the glove off and walked out."There."
"God, It's 02:00, better get to bed." Mikey said, surprised
"Okay, you know where the spare room is don't you Frank?" Gerard said.
"Yeah, alright, night night," Frank walked to the spare room and shut the door. As soon as Gerard was sure Frank couldn't hear them he turned to Mikey, his face full of anger and evil.
"He is so dead, i put my hand in his shit, IN HIS SHIT MIKEY!" He half whispered.Mikey stood there, struggling not to laugh.
"I'm now going to point out the fact that he is a deep sleeper," Mikey said, in between the giggles.
"I know, in about 1 hour we'll carry him down to the shed."
"Why?" Mikey asked, clearly confused.
"Well, he's afraid of spiders right..."
"Say no more." They exchanged evil looks and walked to their rooms.
Exactly 1 hour later they both re-emerged from their rooms. It was silent, apart from the loud snores coming from Frank's room. They nodded at each other. Gerard turned the handle and opened the door. It creaked a little but it didn't disturb Frank's sleep. Mikey grabbed his arms and Gerard grabbed his legs, they carried him down the stairs, out the back door and down the garden to the shed. Gerard put his legs down gently. He unlocked the door and opened it. He picked Frank's legs up again and they both placed him down gently inside the shed. They flicked the dim light on and saw spiders crawling around everywhere. They both walked out, took one last look at the sleeping Frank and closed the door.
"Mikey, hold the door, and get ready." Gerard walked over to the small window on the side of the shed, and banged extremely loudly on it. Frank jolted up. He looked round, a horrified look on his face. He saw Gerard at the window who was now laughing his head off, as was Mikey.Frank jumped up and tried to open the door. Mikey held it shut. Frank began banging on the door, yelling.
"You sick bastards, let me the fuck out!"
They held him in the shed for 5 minutes. When Mikey finally let go of the door, Frank stumbled out, in tears. "WHAT THE FUCK!"
"That'll teach you to make me put my hand in your shit then won't it?" Gerard replied, an evil smirk on his face.
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