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The doctors and the nurses...

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Rachele's POV
I woke up suddenly in some white building.
Looking around, the place seems familiar. It seems like I've been here before.
"Well look who's awake now..." someone drawled behind me.
I stood up, turned around and saw Chloe smiling at me happily.
"Chloe! Where are we? Why are you wearing white? I thought you hated wearing white dresses..." I asked while Chloe was shrugging, "You're also wearing a rose on your head..."
"You too, Rach." I looked down as Chloe giggled, "I don't know where we are, but it's getting clearer..."
I played with the rose on my head and looked at its petals.
"Rach, I know where we are." Chloe suddenly said.
I looked at her, wondering.
"We're in the hospital." Chloe said.
You can't imagine the puzzled look on my face.

30 minutes later,

Chloe and I walked on the lobby. The doctors and nurses were just passing by, being ignorant of our presence. They made me feel more uncomfortable with them walking hurriedly, hiding their emotions. Did someone give birth? Did someone get this disgusting wound? Did someone die?
I looked away, seeing Chloe look at the designs the pillars.
"Chloe, Chloe, there must be some reason why we're here. Maybe Frank pranking us again." I said.
"No, Frank can't be this good at pranking. The hospital is the one near Helena's house." Chloe said, "Remember?"
I didn't, but I nodded anyways.
"Let's walk." Chloe said.
We went well, exploring around the hospital. There was a mother holding a baby, and it was the sweetest thing I ever saw. Her husband kissed her on the cheek, proud of their baby, not wondering who he or she might be. I awwww'd quietly.
We reached the top floor and Chloe opened the first door of this floor.
"Oh My Gosh, Frank! Hi! Why are you-" Chloe suddenly became cheerful to shocked. I looked inside, saw Frank holding roses, about to place it on the girl on the bed, but right next to me.
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