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Inspired by S.I.N.G.

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This is a sister fic to another one I wrote a while back, called "The Ghost of You":

Kobra turns around.
He can almost feel the cold of the gun against his own throat. He sees it pressed against his brother's neck, but he feels it too.
Kobra turns because he doesn't want to have to see the other half of himself getting killed. He doesn't want to see the blood and know it's Party Poison's.
Not now.
Not ever.
They're in this together, he can't afford losing him.
Without him, he's gone, he's nothing.
His brother's eyes meet his for a fraction of an instant and they both understand it's useless.
Useless to run. To fight. To try and save the world.
They've lost. They had lost right from the start.
But Kobra Kid turns around and runs, nonetheless.
And he screams. He screams to drown the fear and the pain. He screams to find the energy to go forward and shoot that gun and save him, try to save him.
Muscles working and blood pumping, he's running to keep his brother alive. Running to save his world, fuck everybody else.
Fuck everybody else.
Don't leave me.
Gunshots. Gunshots.
It's useless, little boy.
Party Poison crumbles to the ground.
Kobra's world burns to ash.
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