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My Name On Your Lips

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They know her, She tries to hide it, Some mistakes are made, He helps her, She runs away, They go on tour, Does she go along with the love of her life?

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The sun was just set, showing not-so-vibrant colors around the scene as the sun had disappeared to the other side, but they were fading quickly to dark blues. A girl was
walking down the street, with a dress that went to her ankles in a fringe.

It was black, and had a halter style to it. It tied in the back and she had on black heels to match it. Her hair was done in an up-do, almost perfectly made besides a few pieces of hair that had escaped the hair spray and framed her face. Those pieces of hair are what her mom had called her 'emo bangs'. That was, before she died.

Stumbling in a crack on the side walk, the girl wiped a few more tears that made her eyeliner run from the corner of her now-dull green eyes to the bottom of her cheeks.

Cursing silently, she continued on her way to... Where ever she was going. She put a hand up to her black hair, moving it slightly as the clip was becoming looser as she
walked, showing a few faded green streaks.

Her hands were kept busy, playing with the sash that had belonged to her mother. She twisted it slowly around her wrists, letting it slide through her fingers, feeling the
softness of the material. The pace she was walking at itself was slow.

Though, the few people that were walking the streets as the lights came on hadn't minded one bit
as they walked around her. Some looked back over their shoulders, to stare at her one more time. There was no reaction when she got cat-calls from passing cars, she
just simply bit her lip and wiped more tears away.

/Because there is nothing left she can do/.

As she made her way past the Cold Stone Creamery that was in her town, a group of people came out of it behind her. Talking and laughing, she could tell they were all
good friends. Then the group seemed to become more subtle as they passed her, some looking at her with small smiles but two guys in the front of the group were
pushing eachother and yelling.

/Fall Out Boy/.....?

The realization hit her after Patrick Stump had tripped from behind her and stumbled into her. Just as she fell, she was caught. Looking up as she dared herself to open
her eyes, she was met with warm hazel ones, looking at her with a sorry expression on his face.

/Pete Wentz just saved me from falling/...

"Sorry, Patrick didn't mean it. He must have tripped over Joe since it was supposed to be like," Pete laughed as Patrick shook his head and pushed a laughing Joe into the
street after a car roared by them, "revenge, I suppose." He helped you stand up and looked over as Joe flipped someone off, because they swerved at the last minute.

You laughed with the rest and a girl by Andy smiled. "I'm Lexa, this is Claire, and she is Charlene." She pointed to the girl whose arm was linked with Patricks' now and
a girl that was standing next to Claire, looking out at Joe. Smiling she nodded a hello to you. "And this is Andy, Clumsy, Tripper, and... Superman." Laughing Joe and
Patrick stuck their tongues out at Lexa.

"Nice to meet you... Clumsy, Tripper and Superman... And of course Andy." You smiled to them all and looked down at your hands. Where had your mother's sash gone? Silently, you started to panic, though you looked calm on the outside, showing no fear of what you had lost.

"My name is P-A-T-R-I-C-K... pat.. rick. Got it?" He spelled it out to Lexa, as though she didn't understand how to say or spell it. You rolled your eyes, noticing Pete had
done the same.

"Yeah!" Joe added for effect, "I'm J-O-E... You know, like a good cup of JOE, which I could seriously use right about now!" He laughed as he realized they had already
passed a starbucks. Pete bent down, though to you it seemed he was tieing his shoe. Looking at the ground as well, your mother's sash slipped past your leg in the wind.

Reaching down to get it, a hand passed by yours and caught it before it left from around your heel. You had already started to bend down to get it as to say you had your
hand on it about the same time as well.

Looking up, you were once again almost breathless by a pair of hazel eyes, staring into your dull-green ones. Wiping away wuickly at the eyeliner around your eyes [only to
cause it to smear even more] you pulled it through the loose grip he had and stood up.

"You don't look happy, what's up party girl?" Charlene said, on account you hadn't said your name to the group yet. Not really wanting to go into detail as you just met
them, you shrugged your shoulder and smiled, "Just a bad night to follow up a bad week that just followed a horrible month." As you said that, you sighed and looked
at Pete one more time, breifly from the corner of your eye.

/Shouldn't have done that/...

You caught him looking at you and that made you blush almost crimson. The grip you had on the sash tightened as you moved your eyes back around the group.

Andy nodded, "Yeah... We get the a lot. Soooo, what's your name?" He asked, as others nodded, showing it was your turn for an introduction.


But that wasn't you. Wondering why you didn't get to introduce yourself to the group, everyone had turned to look at Peter Lewis Kingston III.

Your name had escaped his lips...

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