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Challange Accepted

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How long had we been watching eachother before a move was finally made? (Frerard)

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Challenge accepted.

He knew I was watching him. He always knew. Every damn time I walked into this filthy bar, he fucking knew. It was routine by this point. Everyday around six, I would show up, plop myself down at the bar and order a beer. Fifteen minutes exactly after I got my beer he would show up.
Frank Iero.
God damn. I don’t know what it was about him I was just so… so absolutely drawn to him. I wanted him, more than anything.
Frank would always sit three seats away from me whether it was to the left or right, it was always three seats away from me. I knew after the first week he did this on purpose. He would get a beer, turn in my direction, smirk at me, and then take a sip from his cold beer.
Tonight had been different though. When Frank showed up he sat two seats away from me and he never smirked at me when he got his beer. I brushed it off not thinking about it too much in depth. I looked at a clock on the wall. It was six thirty, my usual time to leave. After throwing a couple crimpled bills on the bar and taking one last glimpse of Mr. Iero, I walked outside as perusal.
I stood outside against the brick wall, looking up at the sky. It looked like it would rain soon. Sighing, I reached into my pocket to retrieve a box of cigarettes. I took one of the cigs out and placed it between my lips just as Frank walked out of the bar. Usually he would just leave but today, he leaned up against the wall next to me. He took a box of his own cigarettes and took one between his lips before placing the box pack in his pocket. His lips looked unnaturally dark against his porcelain skin.
After putting my box back in my pocket I searched for a lighter, swearing when I discovered I had left mine at home.
“Need a light?” Frank murmured with a slight laugh.
I was shocked that he actually had spoken to me. Snapping out of the instant trance he had put me in, I nodded as a sheepish grin spread to my face along with a light blush. He smirked and I melted. After lighting his own cigarette with a red lighter, he held the flame up to mine.
I inhaled. “Thanks.” I said, blowing smoke from the small gap in-between my lips.
“Sure.” Frank answered.
We stood there in silence smoking our poison. After a few long minutes, Frank flicked his cigarette butt to the ground and turned to me, a smirk on his face. He took the cig from my lips and let it fall to the ground. He was standing directly in front of me. He was a few inches shorter then my but I was instantly captivated. His gray eyes had a green tint framed with long eye lashes. A sliver ring was around his nose and lower lip. His hair was long, almost hanging in his eyes. A pink tongue darted out of his mouth to slide around his sliver lip ring.
“I want you.” He said as his smirk grew.
Then he closed the distance between our lips. My heart began racing as my lips moved in pace with his. My mind seemed to detach from my surroundings. My lips parted, allowing his tongue an entrance. He bit my bottom lip, forcing a moan to escape my lips. As he slid his tongue across my lip, I placed my hands on his lower back and pressed him closer to me. He moaned my name.
“Let’s go somewhere.” I said against his lips.
He nodded. I grabbed his hand and dragged he back to beat up car. The ride back to my apartment was absolutely silent. As soon as we were in the door, we were kissing again. Clothes were getting dropped on the floor and we were making our way to the bed room. Once we were in the bed room I pushed him down on the bed and kissed his neck, biting it lightly.
“Gerard-“I cut him off with my lips as my fingers slid down to unbutton his pants and slide them down.
Lips colliding, skin touching, names being moaned, heavy breathing, bed shaking.
I could feel my muscles tense as I neared my orgasm. I began thrusting faster. Frankie screamed my name and a smile swept across my face. My muscles began spaziming as I reached my orgasm.
“Frank,” I whispered, leaning down and kissing the back of his next. “You’re amazing.”
I flopped down on the bed next to him and pulled him close to me. He was pressed up against my bare chest and I could feel his hot breath on my sink.
What he said next was very abrupt and caught me off garud, “Would you ever be able to havea relationship with me?”
The question had made me smile. How many times had I watched him walk into that bar and wanted nothing more them him. I wanted to be able to call him ‘mine’.
“Yes.” I whispered.
He looked up at me with a surprised look on his face. “Really?”
I nodded, kissing him gently on the lips.
“So date me.” He challenged.
“Do you consider this a date?” I smirked.
“No this was just casual sex.” That comment made us both laugh and I realized how beautiful his smile was. “I want a real relationship.”
“Challenge accepted.” I murmured, kissing him once more.
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