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Will he find out? Or will someone run away.

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He turns away.
"gee... Please... If you don't want to tell me then fine but you have to let us help you stop this girl" I sit down on the brown peeling wood put badly together to resemble a bench, Gerard flinches away from me on the bench at my presence, if only you knew, the words have echo through me like I already do know like some how I remember something but I just can't see it.
" frank, you can't help, it's not fair, trust me Eva is dangerous, I can sort it on my own!" he stands up forcefully throwing his coffee in front of the on coming traffic as he walks of up the steady incline.
"Gerard wait!" I run after him and grab securely onto his shoulders not letting his get away this time. " Gerard! If you think that you can fight Her then fine! Go ahead and get your self fucking killed, seriously Gerard! If she has survied death once then she is a lot stronger than you think, I am not going to sit around while you go walk into suicide and I don't think Katie will either even if we have only known each other a few hours, I feel like we have a bigger bond than that, Gerard your the first person that knows everything about me, everything I've gone through and more importantly your the first person who sees through the gay emo vampire that I am. We are in this together if you like it or not!" through out my speech Gerard face drops from angry, to shock and worry, I can tell he cares so much for mikey and is so scared that Eva will take him away from him like she did with the rest of his family, I always though i was unlucky with my problems but it make them seem so Small and irrelevant compared to what Gerard is going through.
"he's right you know, I won't let you go on your own either Gerard" katies voice makes us both jump out of our thoughts and land back into the busy town high street.
"thank you" Gerard says shakily his eyes full of tears, " I just don't know how we will all get to new jersey" Gerard goes quiet again knowing we have a hard trip ahead of us.

August 3rd 2010
Help me please. What is happening to me. I can smell things that no one else seems to be able to, since it happened strange things keep happening to me, like my body is changing, am I going insane? Am I dying? I'm to younge to die.
I had my daily beating from the homophobic, emophobic chavs but no bruises, and still no blood, no pai--n. FUCK! why do I keep breaking pencils. It's like I have found a very hidden strength, something that has been in a cave some where in my being has emerged, making me become strong, why now? And not during the first of the beatings, I would of missed so much pain so much blood, so many bruises that I would try to conceal from my mum.
Why can't I remember what happened? What am I turning into? I want to know but at the same time I don't. I mean what if I find out I'm dying, what if I'm sick and I've only got weeks, I shouldnt be sad now but I truly believe that this is the worst thing to ever of happened to me... What if I type it into the Internet? All the symptoms I'm witnessing? Or will I find out something I really don't want know. Screw it. I have to....
NO..NO..NO.. Please tell me the screen is wrong, please little book, please, they don't exist, it must be a mistake, it must be. please.

With that the number 100 bus turns up.
"come on let's go home, at least we can think it through" we step into the cool surroundings of the bus paying the driver as we hear Katie shout from the pavement.
"I'll see you guys later, I'm going back to school" and with that she's gone.

This one is slightly longer which I'm happy about and I found out I still have at least one reader :') I'm touched that someone is still here.
Katt x
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