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If Only You Knew

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The sequel to 'If You Only Knew'. This part is from Nikki's point of view.

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When I open my eyes it is still dark out. I check my watch to see that it's only three in the morning. The next thing I notice is the morning wood that I've been facing for a while now. Every time I dream about him I wake up to a massive erection. Oh well, I guess it's time for the same old routine that I go through just about every morning. I sit up and reach underneath my pillow and grab the picture. It's one that I tore off of one of our concert posters a few months ago. It's a little bit crumpled and torn, but it helps me get off. The person in the picture is just perfect in every way. God he's so hot when he wears his stage make-up, but without it he's just flat out gorgeous. It's too bad I can't get a picture of him without the tons of make-up and gallons of hairspray. I shrug slightly and place the picture onto my bed. Once my hands are free I undo the small necklace chain that is around my neck. I pick the picture back up and find the small hole that I made though the paper with a pencil. Once I find it I put the chain through it and lace the chain around the bar that is holding up the curtain to my bunk. Once I have the picture hanging directly next to my head I lie down and begin to undress. I strip out of my t-shirt and quickly slither out of my sweat pants and boxers. Once I’m completely naked I give my length a firm tug and bite my lip. I turn my head to look at the picture and slowly I begin to pump my cock. My breath starts to become short as I think of him and how it would feel to be with him. Oh the things I would do to him. I squeeze my eyes shut and suppress a moan. My breathing has turned into panting now that my cock is starting to leak and I can’t keep as silent as I’d like to be right now. I don’t really need Vince, Mick, and Tommy waking up to the sound of me jacking off. I let out a soft moan as I open my eyes to the picture of him again. God, what I wouldn’t give to get him off. I could make him feel so good and I know for a fact that he could do the same for me. He’s always been very talented when it comes to sexual matters. Suddenly I hear small sounds coming from beneath me that could be compared to soft whimpering. The bunk beneath mine is Tommy’s. The sounds that are coming from him are driving me up the wall and they are pushing me to stroke myself harder and faster. Damn, I wish I could watch him get off. The image in my head of him pumping and stroking his cock sends me over the edge. My orgasm hits me with brutal force and I struggle to keep my pleasured moans as quiet as possible. Beneath me I hear his breathing start to regulate. I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking about while he was jerking off. If only he knew that I use him to get me off. I use everything about him to get off. The thought of our closeness gets me off. The thought of him sweating and beating away at his drums gets me off. The picture of him that I have gets me off. The sounds that he makes at night get me off. Every little detail of his existence gets me off. It all gets me off because I have feelings for Tom that I don’t have for any other person on earth. If he only knew that then maybe things would be different between us. Even if he rejected my feelings it would still be better than being in the dark like this. I sigh and take the picture I have of him off of the chain. I put the necklace chain back around my neck and leave the picture on the mattress by the wall. Once the rustling coming from Tommy’s bunk stops I swing my legs over the side of my bed and jump down off my bunk. I might as well take a shower to clean myself off considering I haven’t taken one in a few days. Before heading to the bathroom I open the curtain to Tommy’s bunk, but only a little bit. He facing the wall and he looks like he’s sleeping. I try to keep the situation around my groin in check when I notice that he’s naked as well. I sigh lightly and pull his blanket over his body letting it rest on his waist. I gingerly lean over and press as soft kiss to his shoulder, right at the base of his neck. I wish I could do that to his lips. “If only you knew…” I murmur before closing the curtain and walking into the small bathroom. I turn the water on and sigh as it hits my sweat-damped skin. I lean my head into the water and get a handful of shampoo. Once I’m done lathering it into my hair I grab a bar of soap and completely submerse myself under the spray of the shower head. I clean myself quickly and once all of the suds and bubbles are off of me I turn off the water and grab a towel. I step out of the small bathroom and dry myself off before slipping into a clean pair of boxer shorts. I throw my towel somewhere and open the curtain to my bunk. When the curtain is halfway open I see something that surprises me. “T-bone? What’s up man?” I ask Tommy who is currently in my bed, not that I mind. I climb in next to him and get comfortable. “I’m lonely…can I sleep with you tonight?” I smile and get under the blanket with him. “Of course you can Tom.” I say before draping one of my arms over his waist. I’m a little bit nervous about this, but maybe he’ll take this as a hint. I smile lightly when he doesn’t push me away or try to move. I feel him lace his fingers through mine and I snuggle into his back. “Night Tom. I love you.” I say, giving his hand a firm squeeze. I feel him shift and unlace our fingers. My heart sinks a little bit. Maybe he got the hint and is about to reject me. I should have seen this coming. I scowl at my own stupidity until he turns to face me and says “I love you too Nik.” The next thing he does makes my heart skip a few beats. He presses a soft kiss to my cheek and then nuzzles my neck. I smile into the darkness and hold him against my chest. Then, I hear him say something that makes my heart want to jump right out of my chest. “Well I guess I know now…”
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