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Welcome Home

by Person 2 reviews

Rikku welcomes Tidus home in her own special way.

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Rikku was a little surprised when Tidus actually pulled himself away from Yuna for a minute to come and see what she was up to. Not that she didn't think he'd want to spend time with her now that he was back, after all, they were buddies, pals, vneahtc/, and, anyway, who /wouldn't want to spend time with a babe like her?

Still, it was his very first night back in the land of the living, and she'd kind of thought he and Yuna would be joined at the hip for at least a week.

"What'cha up to, Rikku?" he asked, plopping down next to her on the temple's stairs.

She grinned, but didn't take her eyes off the grenade she was carefully disassembling. She was a little rusty at mixing, and even though she was sure she was better at it than every other Al Bhed the desert had ever spat out (and if she'd never say that in front of any other Al Bhed it was totally because she didn't want them to feel bad about her superior skills, and not at all because the old folks who'd been around since before Home was even a twinkle in her dad's eyes would laugh at her and throw something together with two paperclips and a handful of spit that she wouldn't be able to make if she had five years and a workshop full of parts) she wouldn't risk it blowing her hands off if she took her eyes off what she was doing. "That is a secret," she told him.

Tidus raised an eyebrow as she dug a shining gem and an electro marble out of her bag and began grinding them up. "You're not planning on blowing up the temple, are you Rikku?"

"As if!" she exclaimed, rolling her eyes. "We just saved it from somebody else who wanted to burn it down a couple of weeks ago! Anyway, that would really suck as a surprise."

"Ah-/ha!/ So it's not just a secret, it's a surprise/!" He leaned forward conspiratorially, switching to the slow and strangely accented Al Bhed he'd worked so hard to learn during their journey two years before. "/Can you tell me if no one else can understand us?" he asked, his eyes twinkling. "Promise I won't ruin the surprise. Blitzer's honor."

"The surprise is for /you/, dorkmeister!" she said, poking him with her elbow. "Just wait a sec, it's almost done."

"For me? Hey, Rikku, you shouldn't have!" he said, though his smile said that he was really pleased that she had.

"Who'd you think it'd be for, Mr. Vanished For Year And Just Came Back? Well, I guess it could've been for Yunie for saving the world again too, except if there was going to be a surprise because of that it oughta be a surprise for me and Paine too, since we did just as much as she did!" She carefully poured her ingredients into the container she had ready for them. "All righty, Tidus, cross your fingers that this works!" she cried out, bouncing to her feet and tossing her creation into the open area in front of them.

It just sat there. "I don't think it--" Tidus started, sounding doubtful, but he was cut off by the container suddenly shooting into the air and exploding.

"Oh yeah!" Rikku cried out, jumping up and down and cheering as bright yellow bolts of electricity streaked all across the sky, the light from them being caught by the shards of the shining gem and being cast out again split into rainbow hues. "Who's awesome? I'm awesome!" She was aware of Tidus jumping with excitement himself beside her, of Yuna's startled and joy-filled laugh from where she'd been talking to Wakka and Lulu, of Vidina's sudden sobs... okay, maybe she should have thought to warn Lulu to take the baby instead before causing an explosion. And she felt a warm burst of pride as Tidus wrapped her in a friendly hug and thanked her. Now that was a welcome-back that people would remember!
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