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Chapter 5: " We're friends right?"

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Meeting someone new and butterflies run riot

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My chest was tight as I watched Gerard come into the main foyer, his head down and his hands tightly gripping the cuffs of his blazer. My mouth felt dry, and any words that I wanted to say, refused to come out, so I stood there awkwardly, hands in my coat pockets and trying to make the butterflies in my stomach stop flying about like idiots.
" Hey, thanks for waiting for me!" In my concentration, I'd managed to miss the fact that Gerard was stood right next to me. I jumped and nearly fell through the open glass door behind me.
" Oh yeah, hi!"
" you space out alot," He smiled that cute smile again, " I just got to wait for my brother is that ok?"
" Yeah sure." Brother? Didn't know that. A thin boy with glasses and spiky hair came slowly walking towards us.
" Hey! Mikey! How was your first day?"
" mm.. it was okay. I'm so tired right now though.." he looked like he'd never slept a wink in his life. "Hi by the way.." this was directed at me.
" Hi.. you're Gerard's brother right? "
" This is Mikey. Mikes, do you want to go home? You look really tired. I'm going to walk home with Tasha. Is that okay? Tell mum I'll be home later."
The thin boy nodded and sloped off. I turned to Gerard, those damn butterflies setting off again. Jeez...I'd only known him one day, why was I like this already? Get over yourself Tasha..
" I live like, five minutes away so its okay, you don't have to walk with me.."
" I want to, we're friends right?" I nodded. Yup, thats all your going to be to him Tash...
I reached my house and turned to him, " there's a little park down the road, do you want to hang around there for a bit?" the park was skanky, full of loud kids and bitchy teenage girls, but at least we could be alone for a while. " Sure, that would be great. Can I leave my bag here? Would that be alright with your mum or..?"
" She'll be fine with it" I said as I shoved my key in the lock and dumped my bag in the porch, " pass me it and I'll put it here with mine" he took his bag off his shoulder and passed it to me. My fingers tingled at the thought of holding something he had touched. I put the bag down next to mine and left a note for my dad for when he got home at 6. I wanted to spend as much time with Gerard as possible.
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