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I just don't understand

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When something so fast happens beside you what do you do?

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I woke up to see my shirt and jeans on the floor. I looked around to see on the other side of the bed a rose vest and a pear of trousers. I sat up to get out of the bed but noticed something not pleasant.

“Oh shit” I thought to myself.

I saw something move on the over side of the bed so I just lay back down and acted like I was asleep.

“Fuck me” the voice said.
“I think I did” I said to myself.

I round onto my side to try and find my boxers on the floor but then the door slowly opened.

“Ryan you up?” the voice asked.
“No” Ryan said putting his head under his pillow.
“Yeah you are” the voice said walking to the bed.
“Really” Ryan replied.
“Who’s with you?”
“Who wants to know?” Ryan asked
“Me” said the voice.
“Who’s me?”
“Sorry don’t know you”
“Ryan we’re in a band together”

Oh Spencer the poor baby of the band. We always mess around with his brain.

“You can go Spencer” Ryan said.
“Ok” said Spencer walking out of the room.

I could hear Spencer close the door and Ryan get out of the bed.

“Are you up?”
“Are you dressed?” I asked.
“Yes” He said.
“I’m not”.
“I can tell”.
“No…I was in bed with you”

He went into the bathroom so I could get some clothes on. I put on my boxers, shirt and jeans and look around the room one last time just in case and something caught my eye out the window. I opened the curtains more to see my shoes on the telephone line.

“You little shit!”
“Yeah?” I heard Ryan shout from the bathroom”

I opened the window and thought to myself. Should I get my shoes back or not and get my shoe back was the biggest vote so out the window I went.

“Fuck, Brendon!” I heard Ryan scream.
“Busy” I replied.
“Get the fuck in”
“Busy two seconds”

I didn’t really get why he was all hsdfjkdhfkdakdjflkfhjkvg at me come on they are really nice shoes I got them when we went to Spain. That was amazing, the weather was great and…

“What I was thinking about Spain”
“Your hands”
“What about them?”
Brendon!” Ryan screamed I could hear Spencer and Jon run in.
“Brendon just take my hand”

I looked at him to see Jon with one arm around Ryan but let go to talk to Spencer.

“Spencer your not busy right”
“Made me a Pot noodle”
“What one?”
“Emmm what is there?”
“The green one or the yellow one”
“I’ll go with the green one”
Oh Jon”
“Hell no”
“Oh ok”

I could tell Ryan was scared and started to air dance you could call it when still hanging on the line.

“Bden” Ryan screamed hanging half out the window.
“Jon your Pot noodle” Spencer said.

Jon turned around hitting Ryan’s back making him fall out the window.

“Oh fuck” said Jon.
“Shit I knew the green ones are unlucky” Spencer said.
“Jon gave him a dirty look “Look what you did”.
“Me” Spencer asked.
“Yeah god Spencer get Brendon in”

I just hung on the line looking down at him body. I felt like letting go and falling to my death but something made me hold on probably Spencer holding my leg turning to get me in. I took another look and let Spencer drag me in.

“Ryan!” I screamed hugging into Spencer.
“Shhhh” Spencer said rubbing my head.
“Come on” Jon said grabbing my arm.
“Fuck off Jon” Spencer said.
“Brendon’s upset, all of us are so call an ambulance and go to hell”

I hugged into Spencer then let go of him and curled up on the bed.

“If he was really Ryan’s friend then he would go down and see him”
“Fuck off, Fuck off, Fuck off, Fuck off” I screamed “I love Ryan”
Jon looked at me “Love your gay?” He laughed.
“Yeah so was Ryan”.
“Oh god that’s funny”.
“What!” I yelled.
“He falls out a window and you yell out that he’s gay”
“Brendon your so young”
“No I’m not”
“Your brain is”
“You big kid you love someone so you kill them”
“Yes oh the doctors are going to love this”
“Are you sick?”
“No but you killed Ryan”

Hi guys this is just a little story I did hope you like it. xoxo
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