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Chapter 29

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Ray tries to dye his hair again with terrible results...

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Ray's POV...

"Hey!" Tatiana greeted, walking into the bathroom.
"Have you ever heard of knocking?" I asked angrily, turning to glare at her.
"Well I knew you weren't using the toilet, you've been in here for ten minutes!"
"I could've been having a shower!"
"I couldn't hear it."
"I could've been having a bath."
"The hot water doesn't work for the bath."
"I could've got water from the tap, put it in a jug and emptied it into the bath!"
"You'd have been in here a lot longer than ten minutes."
"I could've had a cold bath."
"It's winter."
"Shut up Tatiana!"
"Shut up Tatiana!" She mocked, smiling "What are you doing?"
"Dying my hair black. I'm sick of everyone making fun of me."
"Oh we're not making fun of you, we're just teasing. We loved your red hair."
"No you didn't, you thought I looked like Ronald McDonald!"
"There's nothing wrong with Ronald McDonald..." She giggled "Yeah I think you'd suit a darker colour better."
"I guess I agree," I replied "Do you think it'll look okay?"
"If you've put the dye in right."
"Well you managed to dye it once."
"Actually, I got Gerard to do it." I admitted "This is my first time dying my own hair..."
Tatiana shook her head at me "This is your first time dying your hair and you've chosen BLACK? What if it goes wrong? Black's a really harsh colour!"
"I'm sure it'll be fine."
"But what if it isn't?" Tatiana teased "What if it looks terrible?"
"Does it matter?" I asked "Girls don't like me anyway so I guess this one thing won't make a huge difference."
Tati sighed and sat on the bath opposite. Not in the bath, she sat on the edge of it. "Charlie apologised didn't she?"
"Well yeah but that doesn't cancel out the bad thing she did. Otherwise everyone would've forgiven Romy, right?"
"I think what Romy did was a little worse than what Charlie did to you."
"I did forgive Charlie."
"I know but I think you're giving her a really hard time."
"To be honest Tati, I don't want to give her an easy time." I checked my watch "Can you leave me alone now please? It's time to wash out the hairdye."
She left and I got into the shower to wash out the dye. It started running everywhere but I already knew it would because of the red hairdye.

Tatiana's POV...

I was sitting in the kitchen reading a Kerrang! magazine when I suddenly heard a scream upstairs. I ran upstairs and into Ray's bedroom. And burst out laughing.
I couldn't help it.
"Don't laugh!" Ray yelled at me "Where's my hat?"
"Dude, what did you do wrong?" I laughed "I didn't even think this was possible!"
Ray's hair certainly hadn't gone black. Somehow, it had gone green.
"How do you manage to get green out of black hair dye?" I was still laughing "Oh come on, how does that even happen?"
"I don't know but I need my bloody hat!"
"I think Dad binned it..." I told him.
"I might've mentioned that you always talk to it..."
"Still, why!?"
"Well Dad thought it was just strange and he wanted you to stop. So he binned the hat."
"So why did you tell him?"
"For fun!"
"Well now what I am supposed to wear!?"
I stood there for a minute before running off and coming back with a santa hat "Here you go!" I shoved it over his head. He glared at me so I giggled and said "At least they won't be calling you Ronald McDonald anymore?"

Romy's POV...

I didn't give up. The next day I walked over to Kerri's house to apologise again. I'd had her address and phone number for a while but I'd never bothered to use either of them before.
I knocked three times on the door. Kerri was the one to answer the day.
She slammed it in my face and said "Fuck off."
But it's okay. I have an idea.

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