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Next Morning
I wake up the next to Maria. Nobody else is up but they did stay which is nice. Mike is lying, stretched out over a couch under the window and Tré is asleep in a chair in the corner.

I smell like shit. Knowing I should really go home and take a shower I glance down at Mia. Her hand is curled up in a ball, resting on my chest, her head as close to my arm as she can get it. If I move I’d disturb her and she looks so peaceful. I’ll stay.

Looking over her broken figure I feel the anger swell up again. God damn it! Why the fuck did this have to happen to her? I really wasn’t ready for this; I don’t think any of us where especially Mia. At least I was able to bring her some happiness last night making fun of those people.

Mia stirs a bit. We're gonna have to make sure she's okay and check up on her everyday now. Will the guys kill me if I’m a bit over protective? Maria’s like my little sister even though we’re like the same age. I’ve got a right to want to protect her. I’d like to punch the shit out of the guy who did this.

Unable to hold in my feelings anymore I just yell, “Dickhead! Fuck face! Cock – smoking, mother – fucking asshole! Dirty twat! Waste of semen, I hope you die!”

“Someone’s angry,” Maria observes, looking up at me under her eyelashes.

“A little, my sweet Mia,” I answer with a smile.

“If anyone should hold that much anger inside right now it should be me,” says Maria with a weak smile. She still looks worn out.

"I know Maria.”

I’ve got a right to be mad too but I’ll let her think she’s right for now.

"Help me sit up," Mia demands, trying to push herself up on one arm.

Jumping from the bed I fumble with the switches getting the bed to sit up. Her feminist attitude gets on my nerves sometimes but now it just makes me sad seeing her wince in pain trying to do things herself.

“Thank you, Billie,” she smiles causing her lip to rip open again.

“Uh…” I place my middle finger on the rip, reaching for a Kleenex, “There.”

That familiar twinkle I love leaks back into Maria’s eyes as she presses the tissue to her lip, soaking up the blood. She motions for me to sit down on the bed and, being the good friend I am, I do it, wanting to keep her happy.

Mia’s thin hand slides up my back and intertwines with my hair. Fingers slide through it; nails occasionally brushing my forehead or ear; even when hurt Mia knows how to turn a guy on.

I’m just about to say something when two cops walk into the room. Shit, I should have known this would happen but I was kinda wishing I’d been gone by then. Cops aren’t my friend.

"Um, are you Miss Maria Ann..." the cop says, trailing off.

"Maria Ann Dirnt," Mia says as Mike walks over to her. Tré is still asleep.

“We need to write up a report so we can help you with what happened last night," one cop says holding out a clipboard. Mike goes to take it but I snatch it way from him.

"Okay," answers Maria, giving me as stern look as she pries the board out of my hands. I just don’t want her forced into anything.

The cops ask for Tré, Mike and me to leave but I can tell from the horrified look on Mia’s face she wants at least one of us in the room. I pass her hand off to Mike before leaving. Maria’s pretending to be his sister anyway. She looks up at Mike and smiles at the stupid confused look he’s got on his tired face.

I pace, hands behind my head, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth trying to stay calm. I’m now being overly protective. Mike’s a good guy; he’s completely capable of keeping Mia safe. She’s his best friend too.

“So, dude, you like her right?” questions Tré, leaning up against the pea green wall.

“What? Who? Mia, she’s my best friend,” I answer coolly. Where is Tré going with this?

“Oh, alright so you wouldn’t mind if I asked her out.”

“Of course I would. She’s just been raped you dickhead. You can’t ask her out now.”

Well I’ve just blown my cover, but how could Tré not know I like Mia? Most people who’ve know us for a while know I’ve liked Maria.

“Right, I’ll back off.”

Taking a breath I let the police pass me before walking back into the room. Mike is sitting on the edge of the bed, his chin resting on his hand. Maria has that table thing that slips over the bed pulled up close to her, she’s drawing.

Never able to sit still long enough for Mia to draw me fully I’m a bunch of half drawn pictures in the back of her notebook. I wonder if one day she’ll be able to finish one.

“Mia, I’m gonna go home, shower, than I’ll be back. You’ll be alright without me for a bit?” I say standing in the door way.

“I was without you for the last twenty minutes and I’m not dead, a few more shouldn’t hurt,” she answers looking over at me for a brief second before turning her attention back to Mike.

I stand in the door way for a little wondering if I should go over and hug her or just leave. Eventually I peel my gaze away from the concentrated face of Maria and head down the hall.

Let’s see. I need to go home, take a shower, get clothes, go to the store and get a flower and come back. This all has to be done in a thirty minute time period. I don’t wanna leave Mia alone for too long especially since I don’t know if Tré was being serious or not.
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