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Maude meets a few of the guys.

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I drifted in and out of sleep that night. For some reason I just couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in, my body seemed to have too much energy in it. Maybe it was from nervousness for the new school? Whatever the reason, I greeted my Aunt coming into my room to wake me up with a glare. She was already perfectly dressed, in a conservative looking dress for her office job. Her blonde hair was up in a shiny bun, while she had her make up on perfectly.

"Ooh, somebody's a little grumpy", she smiled, "Come on, you and Mel have to be ready for the bus".

I groaned, "And why can't we run or possibly drive?", I asked, pulling a pillow over my head and wishing her away. The pillow was taken off my head, "Because the two cars we have are needed for me and your uncle to drive to work, and as for running, we want to appear as human as possible and teens your age ride the bus", she smiled down at me.

I glared up at her once again, but got out of the bed and walked over to my dresser. She nodded, "Now that's better, the bus leaves at 7:45, I have to leave right now, so I'll see you when I get home". I nodded and waved one hand as she left.

I hated first days, I've moved around enough that I've had my share of them, but they were always the worst days. Humans were cruel little things, always judging one another, separating the 'normal' people from the freaks, and what not.

I went through my drawers and found an outfit to wear that reflected exactly what my mood was. A pair of black skinny jeans with a rip at one knee, a red studded belt, and a black t-shirt with, 'Do I Look Like I Care?'. Topping it off with my bracelets, and earrings, I looked okay, and conveyed the message, "Don't fuck with me".

I walked out of my bedroom and across the hall to the bathroom where Mel was currently residing, straightening her blonde tresses. I went right next to her and plugged in my own purple straightener and got to work with my black and red mess I called my hair.

After I got it straightened, I sprayed it with hairspray to keep it like that. Then I put a coat of black eyeliner around my eyes, put some red shadow on the top lid, and added mascara, and I was done. I stood back and watched Mel finish up.

She added a dab of mascara on and she was done.

"Come on newbie, to high school we go", she danced out of the bathroom. I went into my room and grabbed my jacket and messenger bag, and followed her down the steps and out the door.

And guess who was there waiting for Mel?

Indeed, Frank was just waiting on the sidewalk outside of our house. Mel smirked at him, "I hope we didn't keep you waiting".

He was wearing a green and black striped shirt with dark blue jeans and a black studded belt. And now that it wasn't sunset, I could see that he actually had a lip ring, along with a nose ring. His fruity smell washed over us as he stepped forward and laced his arm through Mel's.

"Oh sure, I've been waiting here all night, the anticipation of seeing how sexy you looked today was killing me", the sarcasm was evident, but Mel giggled and shoved his shoulder lightly. I rolled my eyes, this was going to be torture if I had to watch those too lovebirds all day.

"By the way, you look pretty good too Maude, you better watch out, I know a few single guys in our group who're going to drool over you", he joked. I reached over and flicked him on the head slightly.

"Ouch! What was that for? It was a compliment", he whined. I smirked at him, "Just felt like abusing someone and you were the unlucky person".

He frowned, but said nothing as we continued walking. When we passed one house, a very strange person walked out. He had an afro, a big brown poofy one, with large lips and using them in a smile. He smelt of the beverage, Dr. Pepper, oddly enough, smooth but spicy.

"Hey Frank, what are you doing with two girls on your shoulder", he ran to meet up with us, "Last time I checked we couldn't get one near you". Mel and I chuckled at that.

Frank pouted at us, and stuck his tongue out at the stranger, "Your just jealous of my gorgeousness".

The guy just rolled his eyes, "Sure", and then stuck his hand out at me, "Nice to meet you, I'm Ray Toro-"

"Torosaurus", coughed Frank. Ray glared at him and continued, "And I'm guessing you're Maude?".

I nodded and shook his hand, taking notice of the callouses on his fingers.

"You play guitar?", I asked, and watched his eyebrows rise.

"Um, yeah", he smiled, "My brother started practicing 5 years ago, and I got interested, been playing for about 3 years", he said proudly. I nodded, "Cool, I know how to play the flute a little". We shared musical experience, until another stranger finally appeared.

A bulky blonde guy, with a lip ring, icy blue eyes approached us. He was wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt, with jeans ripped at the knees, along with a pair of gray Vans. As he got closer, I got the smell of snow, a fresh, crisp scent.

"Hey Bob", Ray greeted him, "Did you see Gee or Mikey on your way?"

Bob spoke with a gruff voice, "Nah, I talked to Mikey last night and I guess Gerard was driving them". As soon as he said that, the bus rolled up.

I moved closer to Mel, and sat next to her, to her disappointment. Frank was trying to sit next to her, but I was too quick, and he politely sat on other side of the bus. Every few seconds he would shoot Mel a wink and make her giggle.

I would've left the two to themselves, but I was wary of sitting next to Ray and Bob. They seemed like really nice guys, but I was kinda still nervous, and sitting next to Melissa made me relax a little.

I'd been talking to Mel about some subject about school, when I heard someone breathing heavily and I looked across the aisle and saw Frank breathing on the window and drawing an obscene body part.

"He's a charmer isn't he?", I pointed at him, and saw Mel start giggling. He heard her and turned to us.

"Ooh, I think someone was talking about me, were you complimenting on my perfectly sculptured ass", he asked, with a smirk.

Mel and I shouted, "No!".

He widened his eyes, "Well you should, along with my long, thick-", Ray was in the seat behind Frank and clapped a hand over his mouth. The two of them started wrestling while Melissa and I were chuckling.

And then the ride was over, and Belleville High was in front of us.
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