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Chapter 7: Savouring Each Moment

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Uncontrollable butterflies wreak havoc once more

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" The bathroom's right at the top of the stairs, just use what you need" I shut the porch door after myself, and pointed up the stairs.
" Thanks Tasha, my mum would go mad if she saw me like this. I'll be back down in a minute okay?" He smiled at me again, (god, how many times will I see that gorgeous smile in one day?) and went up the stairs. I waited until I heard him locking the door, then pelted up the stairs, shutting the door to my brother's empty bedroom, and bursting into my own. I wasn't a tidy person at the best of times, and after my "Start of Term" panic this morning, my bedroom looked like a shit-hole. I stuffed my ancient pink-flower rug under my bed, straightened the sheets, moved all the make-up and hairpins off my dressing table/ desk, and put any plates, bowls and half-empty glasses of water in my brother's room. I stopped for a second to look in the mirror. In my mad dash, my hair had gone all straggly, and I still had my school Blazer on, which was two sizes too big in order for the arms to be long enough. Not an attractive item of clothing. I heard the click of the bathroom lock and my heart started pounding again. No time to sort my hair out, shit! I really need to calm the fuck down.
" Tash?"
I composed myself and went out onto the landing to see him stood there, his blazer in his hand and his hair wet.
" Hey, did it come out okay?"
" Yeah, I've had worse than egg thrown at me before now, I'm pretty good at cleaning stuff. Sorry about blanking out there by the way, teenagers scare the living shit out of me"
He laughed,a really cute laugh. Damn.
We stayed in my room for the next half an hour, playing music, talking about school. Eventually I looked at the clock, 5:55. Dad would be home soon. Gerard saw me looking and said gently, " well, I guess I'd better make a move. It's been great hanging round with you today. See you at school tomorrow"
" Yeah, thanks for coming. See you tomorrow" I showed him to the door, my mood beginning to sink. I handed him his bag, and those electrical buzzes in my fingertips went off again.
"see you" He looked me right in the eye, smiled,threw his bag over his shoulder and walked out the front gate and off down the road. I closed the door and leaned against it for a moment. I needed to savor that moment. I needed to keep the image of his smile in my head...just for one more moment....
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