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The romantic Sight!

by DeepS8ter23 5 reviews

I am so proud of this poem its the best i have written !!!

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Pebble Beach!
By: Nicole

I can still recall standing on Pebble Beach,
With the main land far out of reach,
The sound of the pebbles crashing in the waves,
It would be impossible to save,
This vivid picture in my mind,
As I left this landscape behind!

I can still recall the sweet smell, of salty ocean air,
And the rocky ledges toppling to the ocean
That no one would stand on even if they were dared,
The cries of the pine trees songs blowing in the wind of the west,
This sound did not give your ears a rest,
Only if I keep this memory in my mind,
I can remember for many years, the day I left the landscape behind!
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