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Chapter 10

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!” I was shaking, hard. Frank put his arms around me, to try and calm me down. He kissed my cheek, and whispered it was going to be okay.

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Chapter 10

“Frank? Please… I need to talk to you…” I wept down the phone. It was answering machine again, what on Earth could that man have been doing? Whatever it was, I wished he would hurry up.

I slumped down on the sofa, waiting for him to call, hugging Bandit’s teddy. I started crying, I was fed up of tears. Looking around the room, I saw how happy we once were, as a family, pictures of Bandit everywhere. My eyes were like waterfalls, hell, they were waterfalls.

Someone knocked on the door, great.

“Fuck off.” I yelled. The door unlocked, and I knew it was Frankie, so I ran to him. “Oh, Frankie. She’s taken Bandit…”

“What? I knew marrying her was a bad idea, I told you afterwards, Gerard. But this is going to get better,” he rubbed my arm. “I promise, you,” his smile warmed me up, and my eyes stopped watering.

“I know it will,” I sniffed. “She said she’s never going to sign the papers, so what are we going to do?” He took me by the hand and led me to the sofa, where he sat me down and handed me a bag of Skittles. “What the fuck, Frank?”

“That’s not all! Be right back…” he sprinted outside, and when he came back, he was sweating a little bit. “Ta-da!”

“You’re sweating…” I pointed out. Not that I was complaining, he looked fukken hot.

“I know, I did just run down the block to get you this,” he grinned, handing me an extra-large coffee from Starbucks.

“Have I ever told you that I love you?” I smiled back. He laughed at me.

“Many a time, Gerard,” he giggled.

He sat next to me and we discussed our options. We decided to buy a VIP ticket to one of the gigs in New Jersey, where backstage we’d meet with Lyn-Z and try to sort things out with her. Frank said it was stupid, but there was a possibly it would work. Funny, considering it was his idea.

His phone rang. It was a text from Jamia.

Hey, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I think you should phone Bob. He just called the house asking for you and I don’t think it’s a good thing… Sorry!

Great. Now Bob was against us. Frank handed me the phone.

“Why do I have to call him? He wants to talk to you!” I exclaimed.

“Gee, it’s obviously about Lyn-Z, you call him. And if he gives you shit, I’m here,” he smiled. It gave me the confidence to call him.

I dialled the number and held the phone close to my ear, it was cold.

“Hello?” asked the familiar voice.

“Hey, Bob. It’s Gerard…” I trailed off into silence, waiting for him to rant at me.

“Oh. I was expecting Frank. But this is better. Why chose Frank over Lyn-Z, eh? She can give you things that Frank can’t, you won’t get shit for being with her. You know I’m not homophobic, because of how close me and Frank were, but this just takes the fucking piss, Gerard. Seriously, Frank over Lyn-Z,” he yelled. He was getting more and more aggressive as he went on. The tears almost returned.

“I can’t help the way I am Bob! This is how it is, and if Lyn-Z can’t handle that, then maybe it really was a big mistake to marry her. I don’t regret it, because she made me happy and she gave me Bandit. The only thing about our marriage that I regret is turning down Frankie,” I looked at him, sitting next to me. His head was facing down, but I knew he was grinning, that perfect smile.

“I know you couldn’t help it! But if you knew you loved Frank, why did you marry her!?”

“Because I was ashamed of who I was becoming. I wanted kids,”

“Oh, so you only married her to have children?” Bob was sly, very sly. He should have been a lawyer, always paying extreme attention to everything people said. I could imagine his red, sweaty face on the end of the line; I bet his blood was bubbling. He’d always had a spot for Lyn-Z, and I knew it, but to take her side over Frankie’s was something I’d never have expected from him.

“No, it’s not like that Bob, honestly. I married her because I loved her too, and I didn’t want to be with Frank then,” I couldn’t fight back the tears any longer, and they slowly came dripping out.

“Don’t give me that bullshit. You married her to have a kid and make him jealous. Like he did with Jamia. Why else would he have had that massive wedding? Hmm?” He was smirking, evilly, I knew it.

“Why are you on Lyn-Z’s side? I thought you and Frank were best friends, Bob,” I asked him, biting my lip, in fear.

“Because she came here. Crying her eyes out. That’s why. I didn’t see Frank come here, when things got too tough for him. Shows how close we really are, doesn’t it?”

“She’s there? Tell her I want to see Bandit! Please, I need her. It’s not fair taking her, I have rights, y’know!” I was shaking, hard. Frank put his arms around me, to try and calm me down. He kissed my cheek, and whispered it was going to be okay.

“I’m sorry, Gerard, this is how it is. If you can’t handle it, you only have yourself to blame,” he hung up.

Frank looked at me, his eyes were hopeful. I shook my head.

“She’s there. I’m going to get my baby back, I will,” I said, angrily.

“Gerard, we can only do so much…” he told me. My phone beeped, and not long after so did Frank’s.

That meant that it was either Mikey or Ray.

Guys. I need you. All this fighting, it’s driving me mad. Alicia hates you because of Lyn-Z and I can’t take it. I really can’t. Please stop. Please…

It was Mikey, calling for help. We both looked at each other, with the same expression. Like a mirror, we both got up and ran to the car.

I feared for the worst.
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