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Come On Angel Don`t You Cry

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His eyes narrowed, but his chapped lips curved upwards to form a smile. "You`re a funny kind of angel, aren`t you?"

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-07-20 - Updated: 2011-07-20 - 786 words

HI, this is the story the auditions were for, like I said, if I don`t use you in this, I`ll try to in something else, kay? This is just the begginning chapter, so I know it kinda sucks,but it should get better. crosses fingers I`m not too sure what direction this is going, still thinking, but I must say this: I got part of the idea (I`ll say which bit later, don`t want to give away what happens yet) from a book my friend was reading/obbsessed with. It is called "Dark angel" by L.J smith and is part of "the night world" series. I`ve personally not read the books, but she has so yeah. Anyway, hope you like the intro, sorry it`s a bit short, I normally write over a 1000 words for a chapter. Let me know what you think
Gerard`s pov
My name is Gerard Way, my brother, Mikey calls me Gee sometimes. I have really irritating, long dark hair that never lies flat, odd hazel greeny coloured eyes and I love music. And oh yeah, I didn’t mean to die that day.
I was angry, I guess, about a lot of things. I was sick too, not ill, but just fed up , fed up of everything. I was sick of being invisible. Mikey and I used to be inseparable, but ever since he started dating the new girl, Megan, he had been acting so distant; it was like he had suddenly just given up caring about me. I couldn’t blame him of course, I was nothing special. Even one of my closest friends, Alex had been spending more time with her new boyfriend than me as of late. It was actually because of her that I was now walking home from the shithole I called school, in the pouring rain, alone on a Monday afternoon. I was supposed to be getting a ride with her, but her boyfriend had surprised her with movie tickets for the new Harry Potter movie, something he knew she couldn’t refuse.
Sighing, I kick a grey, crumbling stone that was lying on the pavement in front of me, watching as it skids along and into the path of a beat up looking, white car. The driver, an old grey haired woman with a beak like nose rolls down the window and shouts abuse at me before driving off, clearly unaware of the meaning of the words “speed” and “limit”. It was just your typical, shitty day in the life of me, lonesome and boring. Sighing again, a longer, more drawn out one this time, I kick another stone, wishing I had some way to take my mind off of everything. Needless to say, nothing miraculously showed up to help, then again it wasn’t like I had expected it to. I was still the same, picked on, hopeless, lovesick teenager that just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Chances are I never would either. I longed for acceptance, not popularity as such, just to be accepted by everyone else, something that seemed damn near impossible, at least in this shitty town. Dragging my feet, I cross over the partly flooded road and onto my street, dripping wet ebony hair plastered onto my pale face, cursing myself and the whole world fro not remembering a jacket. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. I had a jacket, it was just lying rotting in some school dumpster, where the little shits had thrown it, I hadn’t dared try and retrieve, at least not while she was there.
By “she” I obviously mean Jasmine, the shy, pretty girl in my art and English class. She was beautiful, in classic, subtle way, kind, everyone in school always had something nice to say about her, despite her not been overly outgoing and shy. I had had the biggest crush on her for ages, but I doubted she knew my name, let alone that I even existed.
I just wanted to get home, change into clean, warm and preferably dry clothes, curl up into a ball under the covers with my sketch book, comforting music blasting from the speakers.(by comforting I mean Misfits, Iron Maiden, ya know, something with actual meaning, stuff I can relate to)
I keep walking, muddy black converse clad feet dragging along the pavement, not really aware of where I was going, I travelled this route everyday to and from school so I knew where I was going.
I just wanted to get home.
That was when I first heard it, that was when I first heard the screaming, then it all went dark…
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