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Half Full

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Gerard makes one of the worst discoveries in this reality -- for him anyway.

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Chapter Six: Half Full.

"It's cute you guys are doing this, really. I can't remember when was the last time you and Mikey had a little slumber party." Frank teased. Gerard nodded uncertainly as he put on an outfit.

It was not a complete lie --- Gerard was indeed planning to possibly stay over at Mikey's house, but they had a certain concert to attend before he did so. He hadn't lied --- he merely excluded a detail, right?

Mikey had only recently called to say he was on the way. Gerard was not entirely sure why he was doing this. He knew Lindsey would not recognize him either way. Maybe he partly hoped she would somehow. Maybe he hoped that the power of love was strong enough to break the boundaries of different dimensions. Maybe he just wanted to see her and feel a bit closer to home. Maybe he just missed her. This Gerard still loved his wife -- that was not something that was going to change overnight.

"He's here babe!" Frank informed him as he peered out of the window.

Gerard nodded and grabbed his backpack that had the stuff he might need. As he went downstairs to go meet Mikey, Frank followed him.

"You have your medicine? Your cellphone? Your toothbrush?" Frank nagged at him as Gerard hurried to leave. Mikey honked his horn impatiently from the driveway.

"Yes babe!" Gerard said in exasperation. He turned the doorknob, but Frank stopped him. Gerard seemed slightly annoyed, but his expression softened when he turned around. Frank was packing him what looked to be a lunch bag.

"I packed all your favorite munchies, just in case they don't have anything good to eat." Frank handed him the bag.

Gerard chuckled. "Thanks Frankie.", he said before they shared somewhat of a long kiss. As he left, Gerard wondered why Frank would think Mikey's place had nothing good to eat. He shrugged it off and hopped in the car.


The floor shook as people jumped up and down to the sounds of Mindless Self Indulgence. People screamed along the lyrics. Mikey stared at his brother, who seemed transfixed on nothing else but the band's bassist.

Yet it was not just Lindsey that Gerard was feeling nostalgic about. It was the entire scenario, really. The scenario of a concert, of a rock show. He had already missed it so much. It felt amazing to be here, just for that. It took him all of his willpower not to run up on stage and start singing.

He watched Jimmy Urine instead, who still had the spiky hairdo, blasting out obscenities at the audience. A black haired, pigtailed Lindsey stood around smirking, flirting with the audience as she knew she was the candy of the band.

Meanwhile Gerard just stood in the audience like everyone else, hoping to catch her eye. It felt strange, going to a show and not being approached by crowds of people. Not getting any special treatment. Going to a show and being there for the music, and praying to the gods that maybe -- just maybe -- you might get some interaction with the legends that ruled the stage. Gerard had forgotten what that felt like.

However, Gerard did know the band a bit more than most people there. Therefore, he also knew the best ways to meet them.

So, when the show was over, Gerard dragged Mikey out to where the backdoor was. There were a few other fans there as well, perhaps people who had met the band before. Mikey put up a bit of a fit (seems he was not that impressed with the band to begin with), but nonetheless waited with him for about an hour. Finally, the door opened.

Immediately Gerard and Mikey were squished by younger, more aggressive kids who tried to get at the band. Gerard looked around and saw Jimmy, Kittie.. and at last, Lindsey. His heart pounding in his chest, he tried to make his way over to her. It was difficult, with all the people clambering to meet her as well.

Gerard could not help but feel a little angry. Didn't these people know this was his wife? Well of course they didn't, Gerard corrected himself. Still, it was quite annoying that someone he had worked so hard to build a strong relationship with was someone he had to now wait in line to even say hi to.

Finally, Gerard got up close to her. Her scent was the same, intoxicating scent she always had. Like cherries. She was as beautiful as ever. Radiant after having played a show and being surrounded by her adoring fans. Gerard couldn't help himself --- instinctively, he reached out and grabbed her by the arm.

"What the fuck?!?" she screamed. "No touching unless you ask first! Fucking pervs.."

Lindsey threw him one of the dirtiest looks he had ever seen.

"I -- I -- um, I --" Gerard stammered, realizing he was making a fool out of himself. Still he squeaked out, "Lindsey.. don't you remember me?"

"No." She said coldly.

"Well um..." Gerard did not know what to say, so he simply blurted out the first thing he could think of.

"I love you." he blurted out.

She rolled her eyes at him. "You're way out of your league, kid."

It was then that Jimmy came over, and for a moment Gerard thought that it was to his rescue. In the other reality, Jimmy always had his back. He had saved him in awkward or bad situations countless times, and Gerard often looked to him for guidance. However, Gerard was about to get a tough reminder that this reality and that reality were two different things.

For when Jimmy came over, he came to Lindsey's side instead, asking "This guy giving you problems babe?"

"Nah, it's nothing." she scoffed.

Jimmy threw him a suspicious look, then proceeded to grab Lindsey by the waist and kiss her deeply. Gerard's jaw dropped, his heart sank, and his hands curled into fists. Choosing to get out while he still had an ounce of control, Gerard just ran off, leaving Mikey screaming after him.


On a sidewalk not too far away from the venue, Gerard sat sobbing. His experience had left him feeling heartbroken and humiliated, and it was even worse that there was no one to blame other than himself. Why did he ever have to make that stupid fucking wish? Why, why, why?

"Because at the time, it was in fact what you wanted."

Gerard looked beside him to see Kenneth sitting next to him. He still had the same clothes on, and the same smug smirk.

"You again!" Gerard yelled. He wondered if the bystanders around him saw what he was seeing, or if it looked as though he was just talking to himself. Either way, he did not care. He was far too angry to care about anything right now.

"Calm down, dear boy, you're going to make a scene." Kenneth laughed.

"Calm down? Calm down?!? You've ruined everything! The woman I love is in that building, and she doesn't know who I am! And she's fucking one of my best friends, who also doesn't know who I am, and you want me to fucking calm down?!" Gerard stared at him with wide eyes.

"Gerard Way, do you never see your glass half full?" Kenneth sighed.

"Not when some guy fucking comes along and murders my entire reality, no!" Gerard threw his arms up in frustration.

"Think about that though, Mr. Way. Is it I who murdered your reality? Or is it you who murdered this reality?" Kenneth raised an eyebrow at him.


Gerard looked behind him to see Mikey running up to him.

"There you are!" Mikey yelled as he approached his brother. "I've been looking everywhere for you. What the fuck happened back there?"

Gerard looked to side to see that Kenneth was gone. He sighed and got up, blinking back more tears. He didn't want to alarm Mikey. He said, "It was nothing --- but I'd like to go back home please.."

"To my house?"

"No, to Frank."

Mikey looked at him apprehensively before nodding. He knew something was going on with his older brother but he knew he wasn't going to get it out of him if he didn't want to talk.

"Okay, Gerard."


"Gerard, what's wrong baby?!? What happened?!?"

An alarmed Frank Iero held a sobbing Gerard Way in his arms. He had no idea what was happening. Gerard had just showed up unexpectedly and collapsed into him, crying loudly.

"Fr -- Frankie... I'm so sor--rr-- rryyy...." Gerard wailed.

"Sorry for what honey?" Frank frowned as he stroked Gerard's hair, trying to get him to calm down.

Gerard could never truthfully answer that question, so he simply cried more until he could muster out the words, "I -- I don't wanna talk about it..."

Now, what Gerard didn't know was that this was not that unusual. As this Gerard still dealt with bouts of depression, Frank had become used to Gerard feeling miserable for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, what Frank didn't know was that Gerard really did have a reason, but just couldn't tell him.

So Frank took a deep breath and did his best to try to heave Gerard back upstairs and to their bedroom. Once he got him there, he coaxed him into laying down on the bed. Frank then pounced on top of Gerard like a puppy on its owner.

"It's okay sweetie. I'm going to make it alllll better." Frank reassured Gerard. He gave him a loving kiss on the forehead, and then began to undo Gerard's belt buckle.

Gerard suddenly stopped crying, his sad expression exchanging for a surprised one as he realized what was about to happen. Frank was undressing him slowly but surely, teasingly tracing his fingers over Gerard's skin. Gerard shuddered from the sensation. Frank seemed to know every sensitive area. Gerard felt himself getting erect.

Frank's fingers worked down to his aroused genitals, and Gerard moaned. Frank pulled down the boxers that concealed him, and Gerard blushed as Frank exposed him. Of course, this Frank must be used to seeing Gerard, but this Gerard was not used to being seen by Frank.

Frank then proceeded to flick his tongue playfully on the tip of Gerard's penis. Gerard gasped and moaned again, unable to stop himself. Frank wrapped it in its entirety with his mouth.

And soon enough, Gerard could not even remember Lindsey's name.


Next chapter: In the next counseling session, Gerard learns a valuable life lesson.
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