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The Memories That Haunt Me

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Gerard; a teenager who keeps having reoccurring flashbacks of his childhood, but he doesn't know that's what it is. They keep scaring Gerard to the point where he can't take it anymore. Is there an...

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Well here's my first ever story! (Just a warning: It probably sucks.)
Well tell me what you guys think! If you like it, I'll keep updating. If not, I won't continue it.
Screw it I'm not gonna write anything else. (Haaaaa thats a lie.)
Well, read away.....


Gerard's POV

I keep having these reoccurring flashbacks or "dreams". Whatever you want to call them. I wish I wouldn't. They make me paranoid about everything all the time. I can't drive or do anything anymore without going into one of these "phases." They are really creeping me out. And the kid I keep seeing kind of looks like me when I was was younger. It's so weird. But it can't be me? Right? Uh oh...

There is a boy lying on a couch. He seems to be all alone in an old, abandoned house. He looks like he is about 6. Fairly young. He's blindfolded and his hands are tied behind his back. His feet are also tied together so he can't move or walk anywhere. Poor kid. A man then walks into the room. I can't quite make out what he looks like though because it's really dark and very scary. The man is now walking over to the child. The child looks terrified. He's crying. He is like freaking out. What kind of dream is this? The man sits down next to the little boy and rubs his back. He's saying words trying to comfort him and calm him down. It's not working. The boy just gets worse. The boy will not calm down. The man starts to get angry. He pulls out a-......

"Gerard! Gee! Snap out if it! Earth to Gee!"

It's Mikey. He's waving his arms in front of me like a lunatic.

"What Mikey?" I asked him.

"You were creeping me out! You were just staring into nowhere! Were you having another flashback? Besides I wanted to ask you something."

"Yes Mikey! I was having another flashback! You shouldn't be one who's scared! I shou-..."

He cut me off.

"Dammit Gee! What's with you and all of these flashbacks! Are you drinking to much coffee before you go to sleep? "

"No Mikey! They just keep happening out of nowhere. And it's creepy! I don't know what to do! Now what did you want to tell me?"

"Ummm... Hmmm... Uhhh...."

He thought for a minute.

"OH YEAH! Frank invited us over to go hang with him and Toro. Wanna go? And maybe one of them knows what's going on."

"Sure. But I have one question."

"Yeah, sure! Anything big brother."

"Can you drive! I don't want to be driving down the road and then all of a sudden go into another phase. I'll lose control of the wheel and that would not be good at all."

I was freaking out.

"Okay Gee. Tell me when your ready and we'll leave."

"Thanks Mikey."

Mikey darted out of the room. Oh god. Please no more flashbacks.

Sorry if it's short! I just want some opinions so I know if I should keep writing or not! Trust me, future chapters will be longer!(:
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