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Every You Every Me

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Sucker love is Heaven sent.

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First of the Gang to Die
Every You Every Me

Frank yawned and rubbed his eyes as he awoke,back cracking as he tossed in the clean sheets.He only really woke up when he realized he was naked.

Sure,it's not a big problem for most people who are happily-more than happily,fucking ecstatic-married and are not virgins,but since our dear Frank was a bit squeamish when it came to all things sexual,he got a bit freaked out.So freaked out,actually,that he squealed and fell off the bed.

He landed with a thump on the floor,swathed in the black bed covers,straining to remember last night.To the best of his memory,they had exited the top floor,tugging and pulling at each other and their respective clothing,and as far as Frank knew,had shed their clothes upon entering the bedroom.They had done it for the first time in a painful amount of weeks,and it had been fucking amazing;soft and sweet,yet raw and passionate at the same time.Frank supposed,in hindsight,that at first he had been rather reluctant and self-conscious,but had been allured and dragged in by Gerard's utterings of adoration and flattery,and had inevitably ended up moaning the gangster's name just as loudly as on their wedding night.It had shown the boy he was loved,this was where he belonged,where he was at home-not that he was some sex object to be paid for and reclaimed,some cheap prostitute to pay off debt.

It felt good,as a matter of fact.Making love to someone you actually love.

Frank scrabbled to his feet,getting dressed quickly and running out the door.He had the ultimate sex hair,tousled and thick,and his lips were red and swollen.He didn't mind though-and he was sure Gerard wouldn't either.

"Gerard?"No answer,but he heard music wafting from upstairs;a good sign."Gee?"

Without thinking,and under the impression they were alone (like yesterday) he made his way to the stairwell,freezing instantly when he saw around twenty armed bodyguards surrounding the steps.It wasn't that they were enemies,of course not,but it's still generally embarrassing when you bump into your husband's gang-mates after you've just had sex.

Jesus this happens to me all the time y'know I mean goddamn

"Oh."He could feel his face burning off.Seriously,frying egg shit,legit."Hello."

"Oh.Hello."Good one,Frank.

One of the guards,Soprano,who had been talking to Gerard the night before,was taken aback.He certainly wasn't gay,with a loving wife and two beautiful children,but the boy was gorgeous.Chocolate hair,lean,toned stomach,tugging on his bottom lip like that-goddammit.Way was fucking lucky.

"Hey Frankie,"Bob cracked up,"lookin good,man."

Frank was under the impression no one could blush this much.He was starting to think Gerard was right about lighting up LA.

"Looks like the Coro got a bit o' action last night,guys,"another said,a tall guy Iero didn't recognize.

"Dude,it was his birthday."

"What,seriously?!I didn't think he had one."

"Are you fuckin retarded?Everyone has a birthday,dumbass."

"Yeah,but I mean...he's always been secretive and shit,y'know,it's not like he told us."

"We're not married to him,we're his fucking henchmen."

The tall guy looked to Frank.

"You know how old he is?"

"Well-yeah.We're married."

"You mean you've,like,seen him,like,naked?"

Frank nearly tore his lip off.

"Obviously,man,they fucking did it last night,you fucking special or something?"

"So what's he like?"

"Does he kiss you?"

"Has he ever hit you?"

"Is he good in the sack?"

"Guys,guys,shut the fuck up and leave Frankie alone,"Bob chided,like a mother,giving the nearest a sharp shove that looked like it hurt,"Jesus Christ,you fuckin perverts."


"Swear ta God,Fratelli,you are cruisin for a bruisin with your bullshit."

"What the fuck is worng with you-"

"I fuckin like the kid and I don't like tha fact you're fuckin scaring him.So shut the fuck up right now or I'll blast your goddamn balls off."

My favourite character in this is definitely Bob

"Aw,come on,kid,just tell us how old he is-"

I have just come to the conclusion that I really don't like Nicki Minaj.I mean,she could be an absolutely lovely person,but Jesus Christ her fucking voice is so irritating.

"I don't think he'd want me to say that,"Frank whimpered,feeling horribly exposed and on show,but desperately grateful to Bob.His ribs were tight and enclosed.

"Why not?Does he beat you?You know what I heard?I heard you used be some fucking cunt whore,some slut who slept with all those bad blood shithead Romano's-"

"Dude,stop,that's fucking horrible-"

"I ain't fuckin kiddin you,Fratelli,shut the fuck-"

"You know why he calls you bunny?Because rabbits act all innocent and meek,but then all they're good for is fucking.Fucking worthless shits-"


Forty three pairs of eyes-Bertochinni lost one of his in a gas attack four years ago-darted to the Don,standing on the stairs,one bejeweled hand resting on the rail,tapping at the metal.The cane was back;for the last few days he had hobbled around,but had come to his senses after Frank worried constantly about him and his well being.

"Why are you harassing my husband,Hugh?"He began to descend the staircase,and the line of men thinned at the front as he approached them,the stick clacking on the ceramics.Frank noticed with an odd pleasure his hands were dipped in paint,striped with chalk."What did you just say to him?"


"It certainly did not sound like nothing to me,"he said in that deadly whisper."It sounded vulgar and rude and hurtful.I will ask a second time-what did you say to him?"

All men within the room waited with baited breath for the guy's answer.Frank,on the other hand,was trying to go unnoticed;tears were sliding down his cheeks at a slow but steady pace,from the true confessional that Fratelli had screamed to the heavens.

He knew for a fact that Gerard had heard what Hugh had said,after all,he had probably been there for a few minutes,and he had particularly good hearing at the best of times.He was making the fool repeat it so that he could get even angrier.

"No answer?"His voice was light;he could snap any minute."No matter.Robert-tell me what he said."

"I ain't so sure what he said exactly,mio Coro,but he said summat along the lines of prostitution and sexual abuse involvin Frank."

Gerard narrowed his eyes.Then he did something no one really saw coming.

He kicked him in the balls.

yeah I kinda ran out of options and see I'm watching The Simpsons and there's a short film in it called "Man Gets Hit With Football" and well yeah pretty much

"ARRRGH!"The man shouted,falling to the ground,clutching his manhood,"argh,fucking God-"

"Don't you swear at me,Fratelli,or take the Lord's name in vain.Now stand up and stop rolling around like a toddler."

The man got to his feet,grimacing and wincing,only for Gerard to repeat his actions.

"Oh,I'm very sorry.I'm a bit uncoordinated,you see,and sometimes the prosthetic plays up and jabs people randomly in the genitals."He shrugged as the rest of the onlookers heaved with laughter.

"I'm sorry,sir,for what I said,it was-"

Gerard grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the center of the hall,flinging him back down again.

"What are you apologizing to me for?You didn't call me a fucking cunt whore or some slut who slept with all those bad blood shithead Romano's."

The man peeped with surprise.


"Don't act innocent with me,Hugh,"he scoffed,"you know I hear all and know all.Now.Apologize."


"Strange,I was under the impression he had a name.I have been calling him that for over six months now and Robert called him it just a second ago.Surprising how we're both wrong."

"Sir,I'm so-"

"Get down on your knees,motherfucker,"he seethed,"get on your fucking knees and beg for his goddamn forgiveness."

His head was yanked again.Each man in the room was glued to the sight.

"I'm sorry I-"

Gerard cleared his throat.


"The name?"

"Frank,I'm really sorry-"

An ear-slitting screech,literally.Gerard had pulled a quill from nowhere and punctured Fratelli's ear drum.


"Shut up and stop whining,"Gerard snapped,"you are only deaf in one ear.Be disrespectful again and I will do the same to your other ear and your eyes."


"Who the fuck said you address him by his first name?"

"But you just said-"

"Sir.You call me sir."

"Sir,I'm sorry,sir,you just said yourself and Robert-"

"Well,you ignorant cunt,I am married to the boy standing in front of you and Robert is the personal protector I have assigned to Frank.Of course we address him by his Christian name."

"Oh,sir,I apologize,what should I-"

"I don't know.Let's see what you come up with,hmm?"

The man was sleek with sweat.Gerard still possessed the face of a calm passerby.


A sharp rip.Some hair was gone.

"He's fucking married,you twat,that is his former surname."

"I'M SORRY!I'M SORRY,SIR!"He steadied himself."Mister Way,I am extremely sorry that I insulted you in such a way,I-"

Gerard kicked him,and he groaned in agony.

"You shouldn't use two of the same words in a sentence,"he said,"that's incorrect grammar."

Frank,shaking and silent,pale as a ghost,tried to meet Gerard's eye.


"My surname and the word 'way',you fuck.They're the same words.That's a linguistic grammatical error."

Robert,along with most others,was smiling.Fratelli was some nasty prick,who beat his wife,and all that,raging alcoholic,all unknown to Coro-or maybe known.He seemed to know more than he let on.

As well as that,only Gerard Way would torture someone because of a "linguistic grammatical error".

"Do it again.And do it right."

"Mister Way-I am-so sorry-that I was so-er,no!Very,uh,rude to you and made incineration's-"



"What the fuck did you just say?"


"Jesus Christ,I get the feeling I am the only educated motherfucker in this shit,"Gerard growled."Incineration is to destroy something by burning it.Insinuation is to suggest or hint at something negative in an indirect and unpleasant way.It's a motherfucking implication,not a method of destruction."More yanking."Again."

"Mister Way,I-I am so sorry about disrespecting you in such a manner-it was horrible and rude-and everything I said was false,I was just repeating street gossip,Mister Way,and I beg that you accept my most humble apologies,because I made such a big mistake,Mister Way,please,please,please.I am so regretful for hurting your feelings in such an aspect,Mister Way,and I hope that you can grace me with your absolution,Mister Way,please,I implore your compassion."

Frank blinked and tried to gasp back his tears,swiping his tear tracts away with the side of his hand,whimpering and sniffing.He knew the apology was for Gerard,who couldn't help but get over-protective when someone insulted and degraded his bunny rabbit,goddammit.He didn't know what to do-twenty something men were staring at him intently,including a half-dead guy in front of him.Blood streamed down his neck.

"Wuh-was that alright,sir?"

"It is not my opinion you need to fucking seek,stop fucking asking me."

"Oh-Mister Way?Was that satisfactory?"He looked up at Frank,before making one of the biggest mistakes in all his thirty one years.

He took his hand.

It wasn't sexual,or even amiable,but simply mandatory;or so Hugh thought.After the wait of about a millisecond,the thing that was Fratelli's right hand was suddenly writhing,crawling on the ground.He screamed in pain before being thrown on the floor again.

"You-do not fucking-touch him-like that-not my husband-you fucker-"

The shot rang throughout the hall,and the man was in too much pain already to groan.The boy was still shaking,still nervous,still terrified;despite feeling better in the past few days,this was bringing it back,reminding him,of what he had done.Plus,his husband had just basically killed a guy in front of him.

"Frankie?"It was Gerard in his ear,his arms around the boy's waist."Are you okay,baby?"

"No,"he squeaked,feeling the tears welling up,trying to stay as quiet as possible."I want to go."


And with that,Gerard stepped over the dying man,tugging Frank along by the hand,keeping the boy close to him,murmuring words of comfort to him on the way.He turned around and muttered something in Italian to Bob,and continued to unlock the door to the secret corridor.The minute they stepped in Frank began to sob openly,collapsing on the floor,wracking into Gerard's chest.
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