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Ryden One-Shot

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This is my first Ryden. And my first smut. Feedback would be nice, both good bad =)

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The two boys crashed into the hotel room, kissing each other furiously. Ryan kicked the door shut and locked it behind his back without breaking his hold on his boyfriend. Brendon moaned loudly as Ryan dominated his mouth, claiming it as his- practically tongue fucking it. And his hands- oh gosh his fucking hands seemed to be everywhere, yet Brendon felt they weren't touching enough. Not yet at least. He managed to remove one hand from Ryan's hair try to unbutton his infamous rose vest. After many feeble tries Ry separated his mouth from Bren's and rested theirs foreheads together as they disrobed themselves of shirts. To impatiently, Ryan pushed the younger man onto the bed. But instead of going back to his mouth, Ryan began sucking on Bren's neck while rubbing circles on the crotch of his pants. Brendon gasped and his hips lifted up, begging for more. Ryan smirked against Bren's pale skin. He slowly lick, bit, and kissed his way down Brendon's stomach until he reached the waistband of his jeans. He slowly pulled them down, Bren lifting up his hips to help. Ry grinned to himself at Brendon's lack of underwear before using his mouth for something else. He gripped the base and slowly started stroking. Tightening as he went up, loosening while going down, then suddenly swirling his tongue around the slit at the head before lowering his mouth completely down. Brendon screwed his eyes shut and gasped, thrusting his hips upwards as he gripped the sheets. 'Fuck, Ry... Fuck!' Ryan pushed his hips down and held them down with one hand while stroking the part he was missing when he went up, making sure no part was untouched. Brendon moaned so loudly he thought the entire hotel could hear. Ryan stopped at the head and licked slowly around the tip while undoing his belt and pulling down his pants. He stood up, his mouth sliding off Bren's huge cock, must to his dismay. As Ryan crawled back on top of his lover and straddled him, he bent down and whispered in his ear 'Mmm, Bren- you taste so fucking good,' smiling when he had got the response he hoped for, a dark room full of his lovers slutty moans. He couldn't help but groan a little himself, slightly picking up the pace which he was rubbing their crotches together, only the thin white piece of fabric preventing them from full skin-on-skin ecstasy. 'Why are you wearing under-' his protests were silenced by a moan that would make any porn star jealous. Ry softly laughed, 'Well, I'm civilized unlike some people.' Brendon knew Ryan would keep torturing him with his slow, steady movements, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Surprising Ryan, he put one hand on his side and flipped them so he was on top. Ryan's beautiful honey eyes widened as Brendon took both his hands and raised them above his head. He used his other hand to pull out the equivalent of a prize in a cereal box. He got an idea and quickly moved his hands from Ry's wrists. He bent down and got his pants from the floor, pulling the belt out of the loop. Before Ryan could even process what the hell was going on, he was tied to the bed by his own belt. 'Sadism, Brenny?,' he shook his head, 'not a good look on you.' Brendon rolled his eyes. His man was such a damn drama queen sometimes. Brendon ignored his partner as he pulled his underwear completely off. He threw them off to the side and climbed back on Ryan's lap. while he was down there getting the belt he had gotten some lube. Since his hands were tied, he took the liberty of grabbing Ry's long, hard cock and rubbing it down before positioning it at his entrance. as he pushed the head in, they gasped simultaneously. He slowly pushed down so it was in all the way before pulling slowly back up. Brendon's eyes fluttered shut as he rose and fell, rose and fell, riding him so hard he didn't notice Ryan get out of his makeshift restraints. His hands slowly grasped Brendon's hips and pulled him forcefully down. Working together they created such a blissful friction that they both had the bite their lips to keep outsiders from thinking there was a murder going on in here. Brendon slowly got off of Ryan and starting nudging him onto all fours until he got the hint and did it himself. Brendon looked at the glorious sight. How'd he get such a great man on his knees waiting for him to take him, he would never know. Brendon slowly kissed his back before spreading apart his cheeks and letting his tongue slide over his puckered entrance. Ryan gasped and arched his back in pleasure. Smirking, Brendon pulled back and grabbed the lube bottle,pouring a little on himself before tossing the bottle in the corner. One hand on his back, he used the other to guide it to his lover's tight pink entrance. He pushed in slowly, letting him get adjusted before moving both hands to the hips in front of him and pulling them back. He and Ryan thrust simultaneously, letting the waves of pleasure overwhelm them. Brendon loved the tight feeling and Ryan loved that full sensation. Both were content. Brendon expertly shifted his hips until he got that fantastic groan in the pillow-and-scream my name reaction. keeping his hips there, they rocked back and forth on each other, trying to get that moment. Ryan fisted himself while murmuring all kinds of filthy things into his pillow. Brendon felt the familiar clenching of muscle 2 seconds before Ryan's cry of pleasure erupted and filled the room. Brendon pulled Ryan to him even faster and not long after, was releasing his seed inside him, burying it deep in his flesh and painting it before he pulled out and finished on his beautiful pale ass all the while screaming his name. They collapsed next to each other one the bed and Brendon pulled Ryan into his arms. 'I love you' he whispered to his other half. Ryan nestled into him and smiled. 'I love you, too.'
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