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The view outside is sterile

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Chelsea and Gerard finally talk

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The bell rang and we were released from our final period of the day, though I wish it was longer. At this point I could barely think. I didn't know what I was going to Gerard, or what he was even going to say to me. The more I though about it, the more I was going insane.

"Chelsea! Hey wait up!" I turned around to see Frank running my way. I saw that Becca was already by my car across the parking lot taking long drags of her cigarette, but I figured she could wait a minute while I hear out Frank.
"Yes, Frank?" I smiled half-heartedly.
"you going to see Gee after?" he asked dead serious.
"Yeah, uhm....why are you making sure" I was curious.
"Because you two need to talk things out. I'm making sure you don't bail on him." the real reason.
"Why would I do that?" which was a stupid question because it is something I would do, and should have considered before now.
"Just cause, I know how you get in stressful situations and I'm making sure you follow through." he made me feel like a little kid.
I turned and started walking away a little irritated.
"Thanks Frank, just...thanks" I said over my shoulder as I continued to walk away. I didn't need to be told what to do.
"Don't be mad at me, Chelsea." he sighed, because he too, knew this bothered me more than anything. It's was just like my mother telling me what to do. Not cool.
I continued to my car where Becca was waiting and unlocked the doors. I threw my shit into the back seat, rolled the windows down, and lit my cigarette before hopping inti the drivers side.
"Let's just go, ok?" I said calmly to Becca. She understood my frustration considering I texted her my whole last period about the situation. She just smiled and buckled up.
I took Becca straight home then headed over to West Hudson Park. The park was closer to Gerard's house, so I figured he would be there already. As I pulled onto the street leading up to the park I could already see his car parked on the side of the road. I parked right behind him and proceeded to make my way to the picnic table that lays underneath one of the large oak trees. We use to meet here every weekend when we were kids, and I'm even surprised we are meeting here again.
I approached the table and saw Gee already sitting there smoking a cig with his head a little down. He immediately looked up when he heard me crunch through the leaves while walking.
He smiled what appeared to be a sad one, "Hey Chelsea, you came. Good. Uhm..."
I could tell he was at a loss of words, because he knew something was wrong.
"Gerard, don't, just..." he then cut me off.
"Chelsea, I think we it's time we talk." he said.
"Talk? Why the fuck do you think I'm here right now?!" I didn't understand.
"No, Chels. Talk about the 'accident'." he was serious and I didn't want him to be.
Remember before, when I mentioned the horrible abusive boyfriend, the 'accident' he had caused, and me waking up in the hospital to the sweet sight of Gerard's face? That night when I had woken up, I made him promise me, that we would never talk about it again. Ever. So why now, was he putting me through this?
"Gerard I can't..." he stopped me
"Can't or won't?" he seemed mad.
"Both." plain and simple.
"Why won't you? It is eating you up inside I just know it! Goddamnit, Chelsea talk to me!" he yelled.
"I can't! I just can't!" I started to cry.
"And why can't you?" he kept picking for an answer.
"Because we may never be friends again if I tell you the truth." I looked away from him.
"What do you mean?" he questioned very concerned. I didn't want to, not at all. But knew I had to confess what had been eating me up inside for years.
"Remember the night of the accident, how 'he who shall remain nameless' and I were in a terrible fight? Which was the cause of everything?" I started.
"Yeah, but I don't see how that has anything to do with me..." he wondered.
"Well, Gerard...our fight was about you." I said.
He looked up from the cigarette he just put out and just stared at me.
"What do you me your fight was about me? How was I involved in any of this?" he was worried and a little scared it seemed. Gerard could never imagine being involved in something that could hurt me as bad as that night did. And to mention that he was involved, upset him more than anything.
"That night I was going to end things. Break-up, I was through. With the hitting and yelling...I...I couldn't take it anymore. But I had another reason besides the abuse..." Gerard looked at me puzzled and anxious.
"I was also ending things, because I was in love with someone else, and had to be with them or nobody." I said.
"Oh yeah? Who?" he asked.
I finally made eye contact with him and said it.

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