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Where am I, what happened. I cant remember a thing. Blurry as it was when I awoke things where starting to clear up now. Off in the distance I saw Never laying on the beech and a few feet away from her I saw Tigg laying lifeless.
“Never! Wake up!” I yelled as I ran towards the spot where she laid.
“huh, what happened.” moaned Never as she arose from where she had laid. Then my attention turned to Tigg as he arose and appeared to be missing an arm.
“Tigg are you alright! Your missing an arm!” Screamed Albri, but just as soon as Tigg look at his severed arm it started to reform right before our eyes.
“How did you do that!” yelled never.
“I have no idea.” replied Tigg.
“Do ether of you know how we got here?” I asked knowing that they don’t know, just to change the subject.
“I was hoping you did” said both Never and Tigg.
“Look around for some food Tigg and Never look for a stream or river so we can have some fresh water.”
“Albri what are you going to do?” asked Tigg.
“I am going to figure out were we are and if we can get off this place.”
How did we end up here and why cant I remember anything? Off in the distance out side the cave was a stick impaled in the ground with a letter attached to it. As I approached the letter it seemed to have been there for only a short time.
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