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Chapter 12: Raindrops and Puddles

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Cleaning up cuts can sting.

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We stayed like that, locked together for about ten minutes before I realised what time it was. "we'd better go, they'll shut the gates on us soon. I don't know about you but I really don't want to spend much longer here..." He laughed, loosening his grip on me and looking into my eyes. " Yeah, come on. Can I come back to yours again?" We slipped out the back gate of the school and ran, laughing. We reached the front door to my house, panting and out of breath. I let us in and closed the door behind him. The blood on his face had been washed away by the downpour, but his hands were still badly cut and even slight facial movements made him wince, despite him trying to hide it. " Come on, I'll see if we've got any first aid stuff in the cupboard." I led him through to the kitchen and rummaged through the drawers, finding some plasters and then ran a cloth under the cold water. I gently pressed it against the dried blood on his hands,
"OUCH! Man that stings like a bitch!"
"Oh, come on, don't be such a pussy," I smiled up at him, "I scraped half my knee off when I was ten and I didn't make as much noise as you"
"I don't care Tasha, this stings." He laughed, gingerly holding his hands out again, biting down on his lip at the pain.
I was just washing the cloth in the sink when he turned to me, suddenly serious. " Thanks you know. I don't really know what I would have done if you hadn't come looking for me. I had actually know...what Alex said." He looked down at his shoes, I dropped the cloth back in the sink and went over to where he was standing and said "Don't you ever take anyone's shit ever again, okay? Promise me. You ever even think about doing anything to yourself and you get straight on your phone and call me, got it?" My heart was burning, every bone tingling. He nodded, then reached down (thank god he was taller than me, I hated being so damn tall...) and kissed my forehead, then kissed my lips. Puddles began to form on the tiles of the kitchen floor. I'd clean them up....just a couple more minutes....
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