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Furtive Fiction

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Gerard Way tells a tall tale. Oneshot.

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A/N: Oh dear god... I don't even know what this is. I couldn't keep a straight face while I was typing it, and my boyfriend was just looking at me like "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Anyway, just bear with me till the ending. It's short, and I do hope you'll get the symbolism.

Furtive Fiction

Once upon a time, there was this sad boy who lived in a land called Abidos. His name was Garret. Garret was always very sad. He had no friends, and no one to talk to. All he did was draw and sing, because he loved to do those things. But he was lonely, and had no one to share his talents with. He wanted to help people, but there was no one to help because no one would talk to him.

Then one day, he met an evil witch. The evil witch told him to drink a potion she was making. She said, "If you drink this potion --- you'll have lots of friends, and all the girls will like you! My potion will make you feel great, instead of being sad all the time!"

Garret could not resist. He thought it was only one time. So he drank the witch's potion. At first, it just tasted gross! But after a few more sips, Garret began to feel great -- just as the witch had said!

Also as the witch had said, Garret started getting popular. He had friends! He met Ron, Mitch, and Fred, and they became his best friends. He showed them his singing, and they were all shocked to hear how good he was! They showed more people, and then Garret had even more friends!

But Garret didn't want all these new friends to go away. Afraid that they might, he continued to drink and drink the witch's potion -- until he realized he could not stop! The potion started making him feel sick instead of good, but still he kept drinking it! Then, he started feeling sad again. So sad, that he wanted to die.

His friends noticed he was sad, and wanted to help him. So, together, they tracked down the evil witch and demanded that she cure Garret.

"There is no cure!" she laughed, "You'll drink till you die, and you'll be miserable forever!"

And with that, the evil witch grabbed some of her supplies, and disappeared in a cloud of dust.

"It's hopeless!" Garret cried. "I'll never be cured and I'll never help people!"

"That's not true." Fred told him. "You can fight the witch's magic, Garret! We'll help you!"

"But Fred! She said there's no cure!" frowned Ron.

"I think if Garret just believes in himself, he'll defeat it! We believe in you, Garret! Right guys?"

"Right!" said Mitch with a smile.

"Yeah, we believe in you Garret!" said Ron.

"Okay, I'll try." nodded Garret.

And he did try. Garret ate healthy and took good care of himself. He tried to stay away from the evil potion and drink water instead, whenever he was thirsty. It hurt sometimes, because he wanted more of the potion so bad! But his friends reminded him that it was bad for him, and that helped him stay away from it. He spent more time singing and drawing instead. He reminded himself that he needed to help people, and that he was important. And in 2 weeks and 3 days, Garret forgot all about the potion.

With the help of his friends, he was free at last. He moved on with his life, and became very successful! Still he never forgot the witch and her potion, remembering that: Even when someone tells you there's no hope, with enough love and determination, you can always find a way.

The end.

"Wow, daddy, that was a great story!" Bandit stared up at her father with wide and curious eyes. Gerard chuckled at her fascination.

"Really? I wrote it myself you know." he boasted.

"You're the best writer ever!" Bandit chirped.

"Oh, I don't know about that." Gerard smiled as he tucked Bandit into bed properly. He pulled the sheets over her little body before saying, "But if you think so, it must be true."

"But daddy..." said Bandit.

"Yes honey?"

"The witch said that girls would like Garret if he drank it. That never happened!"

"Oh don't worry, he found one that liked him plenty."

"Oh, okay -- goodnight daddy. I love you!"

"I love you very much, my sweetheart."

Gerard gave Bandit a kiss on the forehead. He got up and made to leave, taking one last look at her and smiling before he shut off the lights.

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