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The day after Gerard and Rachel's date.Frank vents to Mikey.

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A/N: Hello my beautiful readers well here is the next chapter! FINALLY! I hope you all like it. Its a bit shorter than the rest but only because its just setting things up for a time jump that I am going to have. Its gonna probably be about a month of a time jump in the next chapter just to move stuff on a little bit. Hmm what else...Oh yeah go check out my other story if you like this one! But rate and review, I love your reviews they make me so happy! But I love you all so much, thank you for reading this far it really makes me feel like I am doing something right!

Chapter 13: Not Knowing You Changed From Just One Bite
Rachel's POV:

The next morning I awoke to a pounding at my bedroom door.

"RACHEL I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE OPEN IN UP." I heard Laura's voice bellow on the other end. I could recognize her voice anywhere.

I cracked my eyes open and slammed my hands on my mattress, it'd just be nice to sleep in on the weekend, but that obviously wasn't going to happen.

"Uh Laura its like 10 am what do you want?" I groaned out rubbing my eyes.

"We have shit we need to discuss, and don't act like you don't know." she commanded.

I got up from my bed and accepted the fact that I wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon. I sluggishly walked over to the door and turned the knob and Laura pushed herself through the door.

"Okay so I know that you are having trouble deciding but ravaging Frankie in the middle of the night while Gerard is right down stairs is totally insane!" she blurted it out, walking straight towards the bed.

"Can I come into consciousness before we do this please?" I asked rubbing my head.

"No. No you can not." she retorted. "Now explain what happened." she demanded.

"Well we were both really drunk, and we just made out...a lot, and I am so glad Mikey came in when he did, because I don't know what would have happened." I confessed as I sit at my couch staring out my window at Gerard's.

"Okay I have feeling Frank might back off for a little so....just put this in the past and never think of it again. Got it, because if you dwell on it then you won't be able to have a good relationship with Gerard."

"But the thing is...I liked it." I confessed...again

"Which why you can never speak of it again." she said firmly. Now I'm gonna go, but I will see you tomorrow at school. Where you will not be near Frank. Okay?" she directed me basically.

"Yeah yeah." I said absent mindedly still focused on Gerard's window.

"Rachel." she urged.

"Yes, okay. I will not talk to Frank." I said a little frustrated.

"Okay. I'll be on my way now." she smiled, and looked me over one last time, pretty much inspecting me.

"Bye Laura." I sighed as she walked out the door.

"Ahhhhhh." I flung myself flat onto my couch and pushed my hands over my eyes.

I honestly had no idea what to do. Maybe I should just swear off both of them until I get my head on straight. Well whatever I decided I would still question it. Ah what the fucking fuck, why does shit always have to complicate itself? The best thing for me to do right now is go to the closest Starbucks and drink away my sorrows in coffee.

Frank's POV:
"Mikey Way why you no smile." I chuckled at him. "Come on you've been glaring at me all morning. What's going on?" I asked a little bit more seriously as I grabbed my coffee from the barista.

"Come one man, don't think I didn't see you the other night." he sighed taking a sip of his latte.

"Ahh, can we not talk about this. Your girlfriend already ambushed me about it." I sighed really just wanting to have one day where I didn't think, speak, or hear about Rachel.

"Well we're going too, because if you haven't noticed she is kinda involved with my brother." he said shyly. Mikey never really spoke about anything, but in a way I could see where he was coming from, but I did feel a little anger rise up in me.

"Oh come on Mikey I know at that party he must've been flirting, kissing, or FUCKING some other girl. Don't even say that it wasn't a possibility." I said frustrated.

"I know Gerard can be ...well..."Mikey stopped in the middle of his sentence and looked up at the door of the Starbucks.

"Dude." was all he said as he shifted his head up towards the door.

I cocked my head around and looked towards the door and saw Rachel walk in. Of course this had to happen, just when I was trying to get away from her she shows up into my life. I quickly turned back around and shielded my face with my hand.

"Hey Ra--"

Without thinking I quickly threw my coffee at Mikey to shut him up. I watched it spill all over his pants and his face turn bright red.

"DUDE WTF THAT FUCKING BURNS. OH MY GOD ITS SEAPING THROUGH MY FUCKING PANTS." Mikey screeched as he rose up from the couch trying to wipe his pants off.

"Holy shit Mikey I am so sorry I wasn't thinking I just didn't want Rachel to come over." I said loud enough for only Mikey to hear me.

"And you thought the only way to do that was to throw piping hot coffee on me!" he yelled back. "And too fucking late here she comes." he sat back down, still looking a little pissed.

"Hey Rachel! It's so weird seeing you here like this. Come sit down." Mikey ushered her in to the seat next to me. But she refused.

"Uh you know I really shouldn't." I watched her as she looked at me; her brown eyes showed a feeling of discomfort.

"Yeah she probably has things she needs to do. Girl things like buy tampons or something. Ya know. Girl things." I could hear the word vomit spew out of my mouth, sounding beyond awkward.

I saw Mikey and Rachel both give me the 'what the fuck' look and I decided I should shut my mouth so I did as I just sank into my chair.

"Okay well it's was good seeing you two. But I'm off to do...girly things." She smiled coyly and walked out the door.

"Girly things. Really Frank?" Mikey busted out in laughter.

I just sank even further down into the chair. Things with Rachel and I had never been that awkward, maybe it's because I just need to be away from her right now. Like Laura said. I know this sounded bad I was hoping Gerard would fuck up sooner or later.

"I can't talk to her at all Mikey, I need your help okay?" I said pleading, as I handed Mikey some more napkins.

"If it involves me throwing coffee on you I'm so in." he hoped, as he wiped off his jeans.

"No sorry. But whenever she comes near me or I go near her I need you to interfere in some way." I said. "I'm not gonna let a girl come between Gerard and I, its dumb. Plus I really didn't like her that much anyway." I lied about the last part, but I really didn't want Gerard and me to fight about this, because I knew we would eventually.

"You got it. We can have a code word!" He said excitedly.

"Code word? Like what?" I almost laughed at how serious he was.

"I don't know what about Ka-Kaw! Like in the crow."

"Dude yes I love it!" I laughed.

"Oh and we can have code names too! I'll be the Steel Eagle, and you can be the Metal Wolf!" he was getting a little too excited now.

"Mikey we are not having code names." I said realistically.

"Whatever you say Metal Wolf, Steel Eagle out!" he yelled and ran out of Starbucks.

"Mikey! You don't have a ride home without me!" I yelled out to him.

He obviously heard because he walked back into the coffee shop and sat next to me tomato faced red.

"Oh yeah that's right, but uh can we leave now since I just seriously embarrassed myself." he pleaded.

"Nah, I just wanna relax and smell the coffee." I smirked at him and laid back in my chair.

The Next Day:

Frank's POV:

I pulled into school the next day and climbed out of my car only to be greeted by the cold September air. I reached back into my glove box and grabbed my skull hand fingerless gloves. I knew my finger tips would still be cold so I just shoved them into my pockets. I locked my doors and shut my door, I looked around and saw the leaves dismember themselves from the trees and float slowly to the ground. Watching the mixture of brown, red, yellow, orange, and rarely green leaves relaxed me a little bit. I kinda forgot about all of problems for a little bit until...

"KA-KAW! The rooster is in the coop! WE GOTTA MOVE METAL WOLF! GO GO GO!" I felt Mikey grab my arm and pull me towards the school.

"Mikey what the fuck are you doing? I need my books and shit." I said irritated.

"We gotta auburn haired girl alert, and it's not Mikey it's the Steel Eagle!" he said heroically.

I pushed Mikey away from me and stopped walking.

"Oh shit you were serious about this Steel Eagle shit." I sighed out.

"Uh yes I was serious! Because without all my pulling and nagging you'd probably be over talking to Rachel right now." he said seriously.

"No I wouldn't" I breathed out.

"Frank." Mikey stared at me.

"Fine you're right." I admitted. "But before you spring back into your crazy hero mode I am going back to my car and getting my fucking books."

"Want me to come?" he asked eagerly.

"No Mikey. I'll be fine." I sighed again, pulling a cigarette out of the pack in my back pocket. Since I was walking back to my car I figured I'd have enough time to smoke it.

"Well what are you gonna do about Rachel, cause we can't do this everyday." he said realistically

"I don't know." I said my voice a little muffled with the cancer stick in my mouth as I lit it. "Only time can tell.
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