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Weird day huh?

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Tegans pov
'mpfff'was the sound I made I didn't fully understand why my sister was so excited /nervous about our new school it was probably going to be the same as the last one full of douchebags and sluts
'what time is it ' I asked sara '6:40' she replied
'ima go take a shower tell yo momma i'll be up in 20 minutes for some pancakes'
'whatever'i heard her mumble
I stepped in the shower and turned it on and squealed it was freezing I waited for it to warm up whilst I stood singing to myself

Time Lapse
We stood outside the new school and I'm not gonna lie it didn't look half bad
'ready?'i was snapped back to reality 'uhh yeah'
we went to the front desk and asked for our timetables
'what you got sis?' I heard sara ask
'um maths with Mrs Gates
Double science with Mr McColgan ,what do you have?
'i got all the same classes as you except art ,bummer'
'yeah well sorry too burst your bubble but were not in the same home rooms either and i gotta get goin byee ,love you bitch 'and with that I kissed her forehead me and my sister had a really close relationship but I hate when she's nervous and not in a good way
I got to Science 2 and knocked on the door...."

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