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What Goes Around Comes Around

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One-shot R&R A small slight figure curled up in a ball in the corner of the small damp dusty room as the blows of the woman's fist unrelentingly rained down on him, soon they died down to an insist...

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Gerard turned and smiled demonically at the prison officer as the squat man shook his head in disgust and slammed closed the cell door.He turned and surveyed his sparse surroundings.There was a bunk on either wall, a toilet and a small chipped sink.He lay back on the narrow bunk laughing softly to himself.He pulled a small bunch of photos out of the cardboard box that contained his meagre possessions.

The first was of him and his best friends at their first concert.Their faces were flushed with happiness.Ray and Mikey ginned at the camera, The boy next to Gerard, his face was lit up with a megawatt smile as he squeezed Gerard tight ,the obvious reason for the blush on Gerards face."Frankie" he whispered as he stroked the photo.A single tear trickled down his cheek and landed on the photo.He shook his head and frowned to himself,Frank will never know of Gerard love for him. The next photo was of his younger brother,frozen forever at 10 .Mikey gazed out of the photo at him smiling like everything was alright, his big green eyes full of love and hope.Gerard smiled back at the photo "Guess what Mike’s i did it -all for you ,We're free now" Clasping the photo tightly to his chest,he finally allowed himself to drift back into the past knowing that he was finally safe , finally free.

A small slight figure curled up in a ball in the corner of the small damp dusty room as the blows of the woman's fist unrelentingly rained down on him, soon they died down to an insistent patter and eventually, they stopped.There was the tap of her heels as they crossed the bare wooden floor and the slam of the door as it rattled in its frame.Silence.Tears rolled down he's face as the young boy sat up gingerly pushing hes untidy black hair from his face and inspected the damage.Wincing he gently lifted the edge of his t-shirt. Purpley-black bruises were already beginning to flower over the ever present fading yellow bruises that spread across his stomach.He lifted himself slowly of the floor and sat on the edge of his bed on the old faded green duvet.Hot angry tears spilled down his cheeks as sobs racked his chest.This was not the first time and was certainly not the last.Gerard didnt know how much more he could take.

He froze as the handle of the door slowly turned and the door creaked open. He breathed a sigh of relief as.His younger brother slipped around the door and gently closed it behind him.Mikey turned to face his older brother."Gee are you okay ,i heard Auntie screaming at you",he whispered anxiously as he hugged his brother carefully.He handed Gerard a card with 'Happy 12th birthday to the best big brother in the world' painstakingly crayoned across the front in his favourite colours "My teacher helped me spell it but i wrote it all by myself" he said proudly.Gerard looked at his brother as he innocently smiled up at him ,He worried about him,Mikey was only six he was too young to know what inevitably awaited him."Make your birthday wish",Mikey commanded. Gerard wished fervently that the same fate didn't await Mikey as he returned the hug ,hoping Mikey didn't notice the tears that were welling up in his eyes threatening to spill over.

“Aunt” Adicia was their guardian which Gerard found ironic.The definition of guardian was a defender, a protector, a keeper -the opposite of Adicia.She was their fathers half sister who had been entrusted with their care when their parents were killed in a car crash when Gerard was eight and Mikey was two. She was tall and spindly with fluffy blonde curls and ice blue eyes.An ever-present silk cut dangled from her collagen injected lips which protruded from a skeleton-like face with razor sharp cheekbones.She made their lifes a living hell and so did the strange men that frequented their house. A different one every night as Gerard got older he realised the
weren't friends,the were her customers.

A 16 year old Gerard stood in front of his old chipped dresser and ran his fingers through his long shaggy black hair. Long finger marks stretched around his throat,he craned his neck to get a better view.She hadnt been careful enough this time"How can i hide these" he mumbled to himself,A high pitched blood curdling scream tore through the house and straight through his heart .Mikey.He flew through the bedroom door and down the stairs.Mikey cowered on the kitchen floor as the monster towered over him with a large silver frying pan .’You filthy brat ,how dare you’, she spat as Mikey sobbed at her feet .Gerard skidded into the kitchen ,‘What are you doing!’,he cried. ‘I caught this filthy little bitch stealing money from my purse - and this isn't the first time’ Mikey looked at me with pure fear in her eyes’ I swear i didn't -i wouldn't’, Adicia drew herself up to her full height her face contorted with rage. ‘How dare you lie to me’ she hissed as she raised the frying pan above her head and brought it down with a sickening crunch on Mikey's head. Again and again she struck him, Gerard threw himself at Adicia and tryed to push her away from Mikey but Adicia glanced the side of his head with the frying pan and Gerard fell the the floor dazed. Adicia raised the frying pan a final time and Mikey crumpled to the floor unmoving. Adicia flung the frying pan on the floor and grabbed her car keys. ‘Clean up that mess’, she commanded, as she strolled out the front door.

Gerard waited for the sound of Adicia’s car starting and breathed a sigh of relief as he heard the car pull out of the drive and the sound receding in the distance.’Its okay Mikes shes gone you can get up’ Mikey didn't move. ‘..Mikey??’,Gerard called panic rising in her voice.Gerard fell to his knees beside Mikey.He dropped his head to Mikeys's chest there was no movement ,no sound of breathing. He felted for a pulse but there was none.No it couldn't be. No. Dead.That monster had killed him.Something snapped inside of Gerard, rage contorted his features as he grasped at his hair, clumps of black fell to the floor .How dare he. Sweet innocent Mikey ,He wouldn't hurt a fly and that monster had taken him from him. Mikey had been the only person who had cared for him the only family he had left.Blinded by rage Gerard tore through the house like a unstoppable hurricane ripping and smashing whatever came to hand.An inconsolable thirst for revenge seeped into his body changing him into something not quite human.He would wait for Adicia to return and then he would let karma take its course.The front door opened and clicked shut. It was time. He crept down the stairs holding her breath listening to the sounds of Adicia dropping her keys on the kitchen counter and cursing as she surveyed the damage in the kitchen and coming back into the hall and clicking her way across the hall towards the stairs. ‘Its now or never’, Gerard whispered to himself as he stowed the butcher knife under his jacket.

‘This is for Mikey !!’ Gerard screeched as he launched himself of the stairs at Adicia throwing punch after punch.The monster backed up against the wall cowering away from im ‘Now you know how you made us feel’.Gerard drew a long blade from inside his black leather jacket he threw back his head and laughed uncontrollably. Gerard blindly stabbed at Adicia the suppressed rage of 16 years consuming him, swallowing him whole,taking control of his senses .In the distance he heard the neighbour, Ms Ryan a paranoid pensioner with a fondness for cats, banging on the door and threatening to call the police but that couldn't stop her. Now it was Gerard that towered above Adicia, Now he was the one in control and Adicia was the one cowering in fear on the floor.He stabbed her in the throat then Gerard raised the blood encrusted blade above his head one last time and drove it full force straight through Adicia’s ice-cold heart.Adicia’s lifeless blue eyes rolled back in her head as blood gurgled up her throat and dripped from her mouth on to the tarnished cream carpet.Gerard head spun as he shakily drew the knife from Adicias chest and slowly got to his feet .His hands coated in blood ,he painstakingly began to write on the pristine butterscotch walls.He heard sirens in the distance growing louder and louder and closer and closer. He smiled , tilting his head as he stood back to admire his handiwork. The front door swung open and two armed policemen entered guns drawn. As he was handcuffed and dragged out the front door he took one last glance at the bloody scene before him, his aunts maimed body lying lifeless in a growing pool of blood and a phrase scrawled across the wall in blood that read ‘What goes around comes around’.

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