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Two of Us

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10 songs, 10 shots in the relationship of George and Paul, all in 200 words or less *SLASH*

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Title: Two of Us
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Paul/George
Summary: 10 songs, 10 shots in their relationship 200 words or less
Warning: angst, implied sexual relations, some fluff, slash (obviously)
A/N: honestly I was cleaning out old documents on my laptop and I found this onE piece I was writing. I never got a chance to finish it, but after reading through what I had written I decided I should finish this, after all I just had one last oneshot to finish. I actually haven’t written a beatles fic in FOREVER!! I have been busy writing wrestling slash, but I do adore this pairing so I couldn’t just leave this unfinished or worse yet delete it. I hope you enjoy it
Disclaimer: unfortunately I do not own anybody mentioned in this fic nor did anything mentioned in here happen (well to the extent of which I wrote it) however, if string theory proves right there’s nothing saying that this couldn’t have possibly happened in one of the many other dimensions…possibly (a girl can wish right?)

1- New Day’s Dawn

George slipped out of the bar flipping his collar up to provide some shield from the wind. It’s damp outside and the measly excuse he calls a jacket is not nearly enough to keep him warm. Rubbing his hands together he tries to create some friction, anything to warm himself. Turning around he smiles seeing Paul standing in front of him, “I thought you found a bird for the night,” he teases. Paul’s eyes twinkle in the light provided by the street lamp. He ignores George’s comment and instead tosses his coat over the younger man. “You really should wear more than that thin thing out here Georgie.” Shivering slightly George nods in agreement. Paul sighs reaching for George’s hands “here lemme see,” he whispers. Cupping George’s hand in his he softly rubbed them trying to get the blood flowing again to warm them. George bit his bottom lip blushing slightly, the feel of Paul’s hands on his made his stomach flutter. Gulping George murmured softly “Thanks.” Retracting his hands Paul smiled at George “come on let’s get you home before you freeze to death out here.”

2- Dirty Diana

Paul commanded attention. It was a known fact that the bassist thrived on the attention that was given to him by everyone. What wasn’t known was the attention he strived to get came from the boys in the band. He succeeded at receiving adoring looks and drunken whispered phrases, and the occasional grope, but it wasn’t what he wanted. He always played a second seat to the birds the boys would inevitably take home that night, it didn’t help matters that he often teased them along but I guess you could call him an attention whore. That all changed when George took an interest in him. To say he finally grew out of the attention seeking phase or that the lead guitarist had gotten under his skin no one was quite sure. What was known was Paul no longer teased the others and now took to rooming with George.

3- Jet

The whole plane lay quiet, it was the only time in this hectic schedule that the boys could relax and catch up on sleep. George’s mind however was preoccupied by a certain bassist who was motioning to the back of the plane. Nodding in response, George stood up maneuvering his way out from the seat so he didn’t wake up Ringo. Making it to the aisle he quickly jogged back to the restrooms, knocking on the middle one lightly. The door opened up slowly revealing one Paul McCartney leaning against the frame. “What took you?” George quickly cupped Paul’s face kissing him roughly as he pushed to gain entrance to the bathroom. It was a tight fit with both of them inside, but that didn’t seem to faze either. As they pressed up against each other, battling for dominance George found another reason why he loved flying so much.

4- I’m in love with my car

Paul rolled over seeking out extra warmth only to find he was in a cold bed, alone. Almost immediately Paul knew where George had wandered off too, the roar of an engine helped prove that point. That damn car. He was always with that stupid thing. He had to keep it shiny and clean, and spent more time with its upkeep, making sure it ran smoothly, than he did with Paul on their days off. Rolling back over Paul groaned trying to muffle the roar of the engine; he needed time too! If only he could see that. They had such few moments together now, and most of the time he was off messing around with that damn car of his. Paul sighed pulling the covers up to his chin, he should have known, Geo had always had this fascination with cars, why should now be any different?

5- Sexy Love

George licked his lips nervously as Paul smiled giving him that look. George marveled how amazing it was the way Paul was able to melt him to his core with just that one look. The bed dipped a little as Paul crawled his way across the bed moving to straddle George. Eyes locking George subconsciously brought his hands up to grip Paul by the waist. Smirking Paul looked down at the younger man settled beneath him. “So now you want to touch me Georgie? What about your precious car?” Flipping their positions in one fluid motion George softly nuzzles Paul’s neck. “Now Paulie, you know you’re the better ride.” Paul laughs before pulling George into a kiss, “was that supposed to win me over?” Shrugging George grins, “seemed to work.” Reclaiming George’s lips for a gentler kiss Paul whispers “that it did.”

6- Which to Bury Us, or the Hatchet

Lips roam slowly up his neck, it’s supposed to diffuse the tension of the moment, but it just seems to make George angrier. He jerks away from the feeling of Paul’s arms encircled around him. “Cut it out,” he grumbles sending a glare over his shoulder at the bassist. “Oh come off it Geo, just relax, enjoy the moment we have together.” He said something wrong, as George stands up and storms out of the room slamming the door behind him. Paul winces at the sound the slam sends throughout the hotel room. Unbeknownst to him George is out in the hallway sitting against the door, knees held to his chest as he mentally curses himself. They were falling apart at the seams, he shouldn’t have flipped out at Paul, but between her smell and the words thrown around earlier he didn’t know what else to do but walk out.

7- We Can Work it Out

It was a stupid reason to argue, that much was for certain. What was even worse was the fact the fight was caught on tape. Now the world would see the hostility that passed through the two of them there in the studios. And over what, a song arrangement, they had let themselves get tied into the heat of the fight and now had to live with the video forever. It was near the end, they were falling apart as a band, and now they themselves were self destructing as well. George looked down at the ground as the realization hit him. Was this really the end for them? He didn’t want to go out this way, but was it worth salvaging anymore?

8- Jumper

Tears streamed down his cheeks, his eyes red rimmed as he stared downward at the long descent from the balcony. His breath was ragged and that annoying sniffle was making its presence known. “I’m sorry.” The words seemed hallow. He looks down at his hands, which are gripping the railing, turning white at the knuckles; he doesn’t want to look Paul in the eyes. It’s too far gone for that, if he looks into those brown orbs he’s liable to loose control. He needs some solace right now, to process everything that’s happened in the last half hour. “Leave,” the command comes out just above a whisper. “George, you have to understand--” “Just leave Paul! Haven’t you done enough already? Just go back to Jane.” Paul ducks his head and steps back through the door leaving George standing on the balcony as the rain started to fall.

9- Forever and Always

The door opens and a red faced Paul walks into the room. “Do you think I don’t care about you anymore, is that it is that why you have that gloomy look on your face? Is that why you’ve been avoiding me when I come around? Cause I’ve got news for you Geo, I love you, and I’m not giving up on us.” George pulls Paul into a hug, just breathing in his scent. He slowly feels himself break, the walls come crashing down. Why had he fought so hard at making himself forget Paul, it just wasn’t possible to do. Paul lifts George’s chin to look up, “I want to stay here forever and always,” Paul declares as his lips descend down on George’s. George smiles kissing back with a sense of neediness, as he pulls Paul back towards the couch.

10- I Hate Everything About You

The silence that envelopes the room is deafening. Both bodies are awake, but facing in opposite directions, neither wanting to face the other. They were over, well that had been the consensus they’d reached the night before, yet here they lay in the same bed after a night of drinking at the bar downstairs. It was a mistake, they both knew it was. They had drifted away for a reason, but it seemed that they wanted to grasp onto the relationship, in all its battered issues. Heavy breathing can be heard from the right-side of the bed as it slowly breaks into unrestrained blubbering. They could never truly be over; they were hooked on one another. A bond of love and hate forever keeping them connected in this mess of a relationship.
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