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Kobra Kid's DIY skills

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"Crimson Ghetto, Sliversun Bullet, Mystery Revenge..." Dr.D was sat by his Radio control, announcing his daily 'Exterminated-Killjoys' list. It stung his heart, as he read out each name of the Deceased Killjoys fighting for the same cause as him. Both Killjoys and BL/ind were losing members of their rebellion, and each was feeling the side effects.

Dr.D himself had felt first hand what loss feels like.

His son, Nostalgic Rainbow, had been Exterminated by Korse's lead Bounty Hunter. Rainbow had been on the run for around 2 months, with his poster plastered around the walls of Battery City placed by his best friends: Jet Star, Party Poison, Kobra Kid and Fun Ghoul. Doctor Deathdefying always felt a warm spot in his heart, whenever he saw a remaining poster of his son, he'd look upwards and smile, speaking the words, "You did me proud, son".

"Purple Oxide, Blind noise, Sixth December and Burning Promise. It's sad to hear you've gone, but your spirits will live on forever, Killjoys." Dr.D's extermination list cam top an end, has he hung his head. This was his most hated part of his job, reading out the deceased, "I'll leave you with a favourite song, of a family member of mine. Its called 'This is why we can't have nice things' by a great band 'The Blackout'" He flicked a switch and the song started to be transmitted over the radio waves.

"I'll never forget you, Rainbow, Never"


"PARTY! WHERE ARE MY CHOPSTICKS!" A young voice rung out, through the small living area the four killjoys were currently in.

"Why do I always get the blame?" The red-haired killjoy mumbled to his brother, sat by him. His brother shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes in reply.

"Because you and Missile are the only people in the group, that can use them" Fun Ghoul spoke up, from the sofa.

"Nuh-uh. I can use them too!" Jet Star protested

"Jet? The last time you used chopsticks, you ended up using the pointy end to jab the food. I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as 'being able to use them'" Ghoul raised his eyebrow, in a cocky way. Jet star's lip jutted out, so he was pouting.

"Well Party? Where are they?" The group of four killjoys all turned to see a young, fluffy-haired girl, standing with her hands on her hips and a disapproving look on her face.

"Look, Missile Kid, I haven't even used them this past week. I can't eat dog-food with chopsticks, remember? It just flies out, from between them and lands on the floor" Party put is hands up in defence.

"Well then where are they?" An annoyed tone began to seep through into Missile Kid's words.

"I have no id-." Party Poison was in mid sentence, by a hand rising in front of him and a voice speaking, quickly cut him off.

"Have you tried in the shower?" Kobra Kid lowered his hand again, as he finished his sentence. Four confused looks crawled onto the other four Killjoys, whilst an inquisitive look stayed upon Kobra's.

"Kobra? Why would they be in the shower?" Missile was now speaking through gritted teeth. She may have been barely 11 years old, but she could still scare the other grown-up Killjoys, when she was angry.

"Because I was attempting to re-vamp the shower. I've finally given up on attempting to get hot water to flow through, so I was trying to make the water flow more powerful." Kobra started, "It didn't work."

"Right?" Missile sighed, and span around on the spot. "I'm going to go and check in the bathroom. If they're not there someone is going to pay" The little girl then walked off, around to the back of the Diner.

"Sorry Grace!" Kobra shouted behind her.

"Kobra?" Jet spoke up

"Hum?" Kobra acknowledged the voice, and turned to face him.

"What do you mean 'It didn't work'?" Jet's eyebrow rose up, as he questioned Kobra Kid's words.

"Well. Lets just say. I wouldn't turn the shower on for a while, unless to want water to spray out of the valve"

Just as the DIY-expert finished speaking, a small-sized, black-haired Killjoy jumped up from his seat and ran towards the door.

"Fun ghoul? Where are you going?" Party poison spoke up.

"I'm going to go and try to trick Grace into turning the shower on" A mischievous smile rose across his face, as he darted out the door, in the direction Missile Kid walked.

"It's official. If Fun Ghoul manages to pull that prank off, Missile will kill him" Party sighed, before he picked up a magazine and slumped down in his seat.

_In The Desert_

A small, red cross appeared on the top left hand corner of the GPS system that Nuclear Poison was currently holding. Her dad, Korse, had given it to her after she had achieved her tenth bounty kill. Nuclear had never left BL/ind, for a job, without it.

She peered back up; to scan the desert plains she was currently walking on. It was around 12 in the afternoon so the sun shone down heavily. Nuclear dreaded to think how long she had been walking for, but from the pain emanating from her legs, she guessed somewhere near 2 or 3 hours.

Nuclear swung her backpack off her shoulder and plucked out a BL/ind, White bottle of water. She then unscrewed the cap and drank it all in one. She hadn't realised just how thirsty and dehydrated she actually had been, but with the tempreture it currently was, she wasn't too surprised.

Nuclear peered back down onto the screen of the white GPS system, she currently had in her hand, to see the red cross becoming more and more near to her current position.

She could start to feel her stomach growing hungrier, but what was the point of stopping for food, when she was so close to her goal? Anyway, she could always eat afterwards, after she had completed her job.

After ten more minutes of walking, her destination came into view and a smile appeared onto her face.

Surely her mission couldn't be as hard as everyone had said? But then again, even Korse had his doubts, when Nuclear Poison had told him whom she was going to try to Exterminate.

The Building she was walking towards grew bigger, as she walked more and more closer.

A Diner. What a great place for a shoot-out?
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