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Kelsey - ONE SHOT

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It's morning, about 8 o' clock. It's pretty warm in my room and the body heat coming from Kelsey isn't helping. I throw the covers off of me and onto her, hoping it would wake her up, but it didn't. I sit up and stretch, exposing a little bit of belly. When I look over to Kelsey she seems almost dead. Her skin is more pale than usual, and her breathing is hollow. I go to shake her from her sleep when she sits up fast, turns to me, and starts screaming. Not like an 'oh my god, you scared me' scream but more like an 'I'm possessed by a demon' scream. The color of her eyes start to fade until they turn completely white. She reaches for my throat and holds on. I try to scream for help, but not even a whisper escapes my mouth. Soon enough, everything gets cold. I start to lose my sense of hearing, then my sense of sight. The only thing I can do is feel. I feel her ice old hands around neck, and the feeling of life draining out of every cavity. Then, I lose all sense of feeling.

** * * * * * * ** ** ***

I wake to the sound of my buzzer. I turn to see it's still 8am. I hurry out of bed and into the bathroom to look for any marks left on my neck. None. I walk back into the bedroom to see Kelsey still fast asleep, but with her skin and breathing normal. I come to the conclusion that it was just a dream. I sit next to her on the bed and watch her sleep for a few minutes before waking her. I shake her softly, but nothing happens. I shake her a little harder, and still nothing. I decide to let her sleep for a little while longer while I call Amy.

ring ring ring


"Amy!!!" she sighs.

"Oh, hey, Taylor.." She says tiredly.

"Did I wake you up? Oh! I had this weird ass dream. Kelsey was like a demon or something and tried to kill me! It was weird cause like, it felt real, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's great and all, but I'm going back to bed."


Bitch... Oh! I'll call Lisa! She loves paranormal shit like this.

ring ring ring




"I had a weird dream."

"Was it the one where you had sex with your English teacher again?"

"What? No! Even better.. My girlfriend was a demon and tried to kill me!"

"Too bad she didn't really." She giggles.

"Bitch! I hope she comes to you in your sleep and eats your face off!"

"That'll be the day..." We continue to talk for another 30mins before exchanging good-bye's and hanging up. I go back into the room, and to no one's surprise, Kelsey is still asleep. I shake her once more, and still no reaction. I move away from the bed and get ready to jump. Before I know it, I'm on top of her, and she's yelling at me to go away.

"Babe! Wake up!!"

"Please... five minutes!"

"Wake... UP!!!!!!!"

"Okay, fuck!!" I smile and kiss her on the cheek.

"You have to get ready for work, I'll start your shower, kay?" It takes her about another 10 or so minutes to get up. When she leaves for work I do my usual house-wife stuff. I clean the kitchen, vacuum the living room, and do the laundry. After all that is done I sit on our dark red couch and watch TV. Every time I turn it on it's set on channel three news cause that's usually all that's on in the morning, and I like to keep in touch with the world, or at least Arizona. They're talking about some kid beating the record for most socks on some ones feet at once. Kinda silly, but it's better than Dora the Explorer.

"Tommy, how does it feel to be in the Guiness book of world records?"

"It's cool, I guess." Ah, kids.

"Well, that's all we have here, Patty, back to you."

"Thank you, Bill, for that interesting report. In breaking news, a man working at a local Phoenix gas station has been brutally murdered. Looks like he was half eaten by some sort of beast. A witness described a young female in a dark green SUV." When the picture of the wrecked car comes on screen I notice that it's my car. The driver side of the front window is broken and the door has fallen off. I turn up the volume and keep listening. "From what we've heard so far, the closest suspect we have now is a 23 year old, Kelsey Petrakis." The picture of her from her last birthday appears on the screen. I immediately reach for my phone and dial her number.

ring ring ring ........ ring ring ring ..... ring ring ring

"Hi, you've reached Kel-"

Oh, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. There's no way she would (or could) kill some one! Especially eat them! What the fuck! Maybe that wasn't a dream last night...

"If you have any information about Kelsey, please call 602-122-3221 or call emergency line 911."

I call the 602 number, and get a detective.

"Hello? Yes, I'm Kelsey's girlfriend. What happened? Do you know where she is?"

"I need you to calm down ma'am, when was the last time you saw her?"

"Um.. About 2 hours ago, when she left for work."

"Okay, ma'am, that's all we'll be needing from you. Goodbye."

"What?! That's fucking bullshit!"


Wow! I don't know what the fuck is going on right now! I go back to my phone and text Amy.

Dude, I'm coming over right fucking now.

I leave before getting a text back. Since I don't have a car I have to resort to walking. Luckily it's only a five minute walk. When I reach her street I look down to see her standing outside, like she was waiting for me. I continue down the street. Before I reach her, she looks at me and yells.

"Taylor! Oh my god I heard about Kelsey!"

"Who told you? I know you don't watch the news too often."

"I heard it from Ely! Apparently he was there when it happened. He's the one that recognized her and called the cops. He said she looked different though. Like a zombie or demon or something." I become speechless. Instead of trying to find something to say, I burst into tears. Amy comforts me and we go inside.

"It's like the dream I was telling you about..."

"What exactly happened?" So I told her. How she looked, how she sounded, and how she almost killed me. "Jesus, dude. I don't know if I can believe that she's some sort of demon."

"I don't think I can either, but what else could it be? She wouldn't kill anybody! I think I need to just lay down for a moment..." without a comment from Amy I start toward her bedroom. Her bed is probably the most comfortable one I have ever slept on...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * **

I wake up in Amy's bed. The sheets are covered in red. Dark red, almost like dried blood. I rush out of the bedroom to find what's left of Amy on the kitchen floor and Kelsey on top of her. Digging her hands through Amy's insides, pulling out organ after organ, and occasionally eating one. I stand and watch. I don't know what to do. I want to cry, pretend it's not happening, and run away... but I also want to confront her. I'm just scared I'll end up like Amy, or the gas station guy. Before I can reach a decision, Kelsey turns around. Her eyes still empty and her skin whiter than mine. Without a second thought she jumps at me. One hand digging into my stomach, and one again around my throat. I look down to see the crimson red blood flow out of me. This time my sense of feeling goes first, then my sense of hearing. I can only see her pulling out pieces of me. She doesn't eat any of it, maybe stares at it for a moment, then throws it down by her feet. The last thing I see is her grabbing ahold of my jaw, and pulling forcefully down.

**** ****** ***** **** *****

"Taylor! Get the fuck up right now!" I wake up to Amy shaking me, then pulling me out of bed and into her car. By now it's 7pm, and finally dark outside. I don't know where were going, or what Amy is saying. I still feel cold, and my stomach hurts real bad.

"I had another dream..." She looks at me sternly. "You were dead. Sh-she killed you, then me... again." I go on explaining exactly what had happened.

"So what you're saying is I'm going to be next, is that it?!"

"No! Well, I don't know... where the fuck are we going?"

"Lisa's. She called and said there was some one in her house, then hung up. I knew you shouldn't have stayed with Kelsey."

"Oh, so you're going to fucking blame me cause my girlfriend turned into some devil bitch and is killing and eating every one? Oh yeah, that is ALL my fucking fault!" No one says a word after that. Within 20 minutes we get to Lisa's apartment. We run up the stairs and burst through the door. The place is trashed. I mean, her TV is busted and laying on the other side of the room, her couch was upside down, and there was blood everywhere. I run into her bedroom to find her laying in her bed. I turn on the light, but quickly regret it. Lisa has no face. It was eaten off her head or something. Amy and I look around for Kelsey, but have no luck in finding her. Amy falls to her knees and starts crying.

"She's going to come after us next. I just fucking know it, Taylor."

"Stop it! We'll find her, alright?"

"Oh yeah? And how do you expect we stop her?"

"I don't fucking know, okay? I'm just as lost as you are!" A grudge-like sound comes from outside the window. We both freeze, and Amy signals to not talk. "Fuck that, Kelsey! Where the fuck are you?!"

"Tayl-" Kelsey grabs her by her hair, rips her scalp off, and shoves a finger in each eye socket.

"Kelsey, fucking stop! It's me, Taylor. You remember?" She looks at me, and back at Amy. She picks her up and throws her at me, causing me to fall. Kelsey comes up to me and grabs my head. She looks for a moment before screaming a familiar demon-like scream. First to go is my sight. I feel her shove her arm down my throat, then all feeling leaves me. The last thing I hear is her sweet little girl giggle, and the tearing of my insides.


I woke up at 8 o' clock. Looked over at Kelsey then around the room. We're home. Nothing has changed from the day before. I shake her a bit before she wakes up.

"Hey, baby" She says as she puts her arm around me. "Did you sleep well? I had the weirdest dream!"
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