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Chapter 1

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Pattie and George have a huge argument and George is grumpy at work.

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DISCLAIMER: The only things I own that are anyhow related to the Beatles are books, shirts, and posters. This is all fiction, luvs, thought of by yours truly!

The citizens of Liverpool were always happy to see the sun come out. But when George Harrison came into Abbey Road Studios one morning in 1965, he seemed to have brought the storms back with him.
He grumbled as he walked in, soaked from the English rain. In the studio, his other band mates, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, as well as their manager, Brian Epstein, looked at him.
“What’s up with you?” John asked, tuning his guitar.
“I never want to see that… that… that prissy beast again!” George shouted.
“Who, Pattie?” Paul asked. George cursed her under his breath.
“Listen, George, as much as I’d love talking about your social life,” Brian said, “I think it’d be best if we started working. We need to start planning songs for not only the new album, but for the new movie!”
The other four slowly got their instruments ready to start recording. George kept making mistakes and overreacted to them. He cursed himself.
“George, it’s ok- we have more guitar strings! That’s not your only one!” John teased as George took the broken string off the guitar. Certainly, he was not in the mood for John’s jokes.
At lunch, George grumbled as he ate his sandwich. He cursed at himself when he bit his lip.
Paul was happy when the day was finally over. He didn’t like seeing George this way. Oh well, whatever happened last night between him and Pattie will probably be settled by tomorrow, he thought. With this thought in mind, Paul left the studio and drove home.
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