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The parade!

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I suck at summary's its the story i made you audition for :)

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So this is my first Fanfic, hope you like it. Don't forget to R&R :) xoxo

Hayley's P.O.V.

I felt my heart pounding in my rip cage as I ran down the blacked out hall way, it seemed to go on forever. With Aiden, my boyfriend of two years, running by my side. ‘Smart Hayley, real smart you know what your dads like when he drunk, plus you know he hates Aiden and you bring him over to the house and let him into your room? No wonder why he chasing you. If you don’t stop now he’s going to kill you.’ ‘Well if I stop his going to kill my anyway, so might as well run.’ I argued with myself, we ran thought the front door into the storm. Rain hit my face making my mascara and eyeliner run down my pail white face my long ginger hair was soaking from the minute I ran outside.

“Aiden where are we going?” I yelled over the thunder. He smirked “What do you call a middle of a song?” I looked behind me, my farther had fallen to the ground too drunk to carry on the chase. We slowed down in to a walk. Then it finally clicked “THE BRIDGE!” I yelled and pointed. ‘The bridge of course the middle of a song is the bridge and the only way in and out of town, duh!’ We slowly made our way along the bridge where Aiden stopped in the middle of the road. “Aiden what’s wrong?” I asked.
“I-I want to ask you something” He stuttered
“Baby, know you can ask me anything?” I cooed as I walked towards him. He hung his head low, I took his hands.
“I know but im worried that you’ll say no,” He sighed. “But I have a good feeling that you’ll say yes,” He said as he got down on one knee. “Hayley Elizabeth Adams will you….” Aiden started but stopped due to the earth moving from beneath us. We began to fall into the unknown that was the abyss. It felt like I was falling forever. Suddenly I heard a crunch, everything went black.

:) sorry its short but i wanted the first part up :) xoxo
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